So how did you choose yours? (username that is!)

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Nov 1, 2008
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I'm sitting here at home idle on this Friday evening watching Upsy Daisy and the Ninky Nonk to keep my one year old from squeaking. Basically, I'm bored.

Reading old posts got me wondering what peoples forum username says about them, and why they'd chosen that name. There's some fascinating usernames on here.

Mine's easy. Somebody else had already bagged the name Howard, and I couldn't think of anything else. So, I just added the initial of my surname.

As the title says, how did you choose yours? :)

First car. The TS had high back seats , a twin choke carb and Gordini style wheels. Fascinating?
I'd recently come back from France with a boot full of Pelforth Blonde, Brune and Amber... Blonde bier was in my hand.

Yummy. :thumb:
Sadly my very first network was named around LOTR characters! Shame I could not spell.....
Everyone just called my car lil.smartie (leftie original fortwo Smart) and it kinda stuck :) Also 1st used on a Smart forum but I'm pants at remembering logins so use the same!

Mine is simple - my initials (BP) plus the name of my business (sorrel).. :) Also, it's the username I use everywhere including my email accounts etc.
Easy here D is the first letter of my name and D124 for my car
I'm sure there was a logic to my username but it escapes me :confused:
What an ex-girlfriend called me ;)
Mine comes from being the hands on type of guy, and I can (and will) try anything. I am an extremely logical and very observant person and suffer greatly from "tightwadophobia", always have done, It gets my back up when people charge the earth and deliver squat. If I observe something for long enough, eventually I get the gist, and Roberts your uncle, so to speak. I love to get my hands dirty, ergo; the Oily Rag.;)
wemorgan - William Edward Morgan

wemorgan was also my first ever email address when at university, so it's kind of stuck with me.

the car I had when I joined up

Got wed a few years back half way up Mount Cook on the neve of Fox Glacier, Aoraki is the Maori name for Mount Cook, simples!
I'm sure there was a logic to my username but it escapes me :confused:

There was absolutely none to mine :crazy:

Actually this one's a bit left field, but it's my youtube account username. I chose it as I'd recently been to a 10 year high school reunion (I'll not be going to the 20th! :rolleyes:) where I met an old friend of mine called Peter. He turned out to have balded, sagged, and become more of a bore in those 10 years that I felt truly sorry for him.

Like I said, a little bit left field lol :D.
Mine's made up because of my piping & another piper colleague of mine. BEN (1st 3 letters of my village) NESS (the last 4 letters of his town) PIPERS (because we are !) When we played gigs together we used it as our title,& although we dont gig anymore,we still have the occasional practice together to keep us both tuned up.

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