So how did you choose yours? (username that is!)

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Because that's what I am!!!
I joined just after I ordered my new e class coupe, surprised the name wasn't taken!
I'm sitting here at home idle on this Friday evening watching Upsy Daisy and the Ninky Nonk to keep my one year old from squeaking. Basically, I'm bored.

Reading old posts got me wondering what peoples forum username says about them, and why they'd chosen that name. There's some fascinating usernames on here.

Mine's easy. Somebody else had already bagged the name Howard, and I couldn't think of anything else. So, I just added the initial of my surname.

As the title says, how did you choose yours? :)


My sons name.
I heard an ole' southern boy drawling once on the tv "Hey there Jonnyboyyyyyyy" and it kindof stuck. Well, stuck in the virtual world anyway as I hate anybody calling me jonny in real life - it's John, four letters, no more (grump!)
Loved the movie MASH, the TV series too. If I could be any character in the world I would be - trapperjohn
Nearly went for "Viper" as in "Top Gun" but it was too similar to that rapid brand of car and anyway this is a Mercedes Forum not a GM one. Was the Viper a GM brand? Dodge I seem to recall.
Hawkeye Peirce everyday for me! :D
I keep my online names short - usually PW, my first and last initials. But this is a posh forum and won't accept 2 letter usernames, so I stuck an X in the middle (a bit random, as I do have a middle initial, and it isn't X).
Based on a Drum & Bass album with Bass that makes my Rear View Mirror shake so much it is unusable

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When I had a Lexus LS400 the only forum at the time was a US one.

Jonny - because I'm Jonathan, CJ short for "crapjokes" full name is Jonny Crapjokes, or just CJ to my friends.

Originally cristened by my mate Jamie after me having told yet another joke, who said "he's like something out of Viz - Jonny Crapjokes"

Quite proud of it really, although some of my jokes are actually quite funny.
My real name, influenced also by the fact there are so many Charles Morgans on Google (an author, prominent civil rights lawyer, eponymous car firm MD, a whaling ship (oh the irony), an estate agent, a property scammer, a dubious racing tipster, and an Inverness fashion house (oh, even more irony) among many others, that it gives me as much anonymity online as a made up name.
Patrick had already been used, so used to my initials.

Waiting for scumbag to join this thread. :D
Honey bear because my girlfriend says that I am honey coloured - slightly yellow skin lol :p

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