1. RyanMuller

    Any Audiophiles here to help me choose some headphones?

    Hi all, I regularly work from home and enjoy listening to music. I am after some over-ear headphones to listen to music and also watch films when the other half is asleep. Does anybody have any recommendations for good phones under £500 which are similar to products like the Oppo PM3's ...
  2. C

    Undecided on which boots to choose

    My baby had her MOT yesterday and came back with 3 advisories, oh no! All 3 of them were for tyres. Oh yeah! :0) Gotta love a 12 year old car that still aces her annual check-up eh? AMGeed, it looks like I'm gonna be getting those Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics 2's sooner than I thought. But...
  3. Abcan

    Choose a thread prefix

    Hi all I'm trying to post in the interior section (on an iPhone using the app) but when I go to start new thread it says 'choose a thread prefix' and then won't allow any input of the keyboard, I have to close the app to reset it. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  4. E

    R129 - what wheels? Help me choose...

    Some of you will know that I recently bought an R129 in Azurite Blue. It is fitted with 18 in Carlsson split-rim wheels, but I don't like the style of them much, so I'm looking to change them, and probably go down to 17 inchers to give a plusher ride. The question is, what style? I don't want...
  5. I

    What to choose: Koni STR.T or Sachs Super Touring

    Hello! I recently bought a W203 C 270 CDi Estate and the shocks are dead. I want to replace them and my main goal is comfort rather than sportiness/stiffness. Does anyone have any experience with these? I found the Koni shocks at a slight cheaper so that might be a plus if it all comes...
  6. Charles Morgan

    Choose the colour you like

    I can't post a poll in my W114 project thread so posted it here - if an Moderator is so inclined, it could be merged in there. Just as an interesting exercise for me, I would like to canvass opinions on my colour choice for my car. The original white isn't going to happen, so these are the...
  7. I

    Should I choose diesel or petrol?

    Been looking to get a C or E class however I am not quite sure whether to go for a diesel or petrol version. Currently I do about 9-10k miles per year and the bulk of my driving is in town, short distances (3-5 miles) (although i do a minimum of 3 long distance journeys per month (20 miles and...
  8. R

    Which one would you choose?

    Going to look at both of these cars today: MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS 1.6 C180 BlueEFFICIENCY Kompressor Sport 4dr Saloon for sale in Heywood | Auto Trader Mercedes-Benz C Class C200 CDI Sport 4dr Auto 2.2 Which would you choose and why???
  9. R

    Which period headunit to choose?

    I decided to get rid of the Alpine headunit that came with my 1999 SL. A contact has a few units in stock and I wanted to get your opinions on which is the one to go for. I want one with navigation, I probably won't use it much but its so damn cool on an older car. My options are: Mercedes APS...
  10. Reggie-rock

    If you lived in the USA what wheels would you choose.

    Quinton Wilson has just returned from America where he refuelled a Mustang from empty to full for £26. That got me thinking, I wonder what I would drive if I lived there? A big engined car is tempting but what is the point with the max speed limit being only 55mph. I must admit I have drawn...
  11. DanMorgan

    Virtual Tuning - Lots of Mercedes to Choose from!

    Pretty good site to waste a few hours on and it has a lot of Mercedes's to choose from which is a plus! 3DTuning
  12. C36fan

    What car would you choose?

    I find myself struggling with some gadgets my cars come with , sometimes drive me mad !! When I buy a car I look for performance , good cruiser , but I like it simple . So I ask would you rather have a car with all the toys and gadgets or a car simple with outstanding performance ?
  13. S

    934 lb ft vs 703 lb ft but which one to choose???

    2 very different graphs at Eurocharged today which one would you choose?? and can you guess which Merc's produced them. Both are being tested further this week and back on the dyno before the end of the week...
  14. S

    E class W212 drivers - what made you choose over BMW/Audi/Jag

    Hi Guys Was just wondering to those of you who were driving the W212, did you consider the other brands and if so why did you still choose the Merc? I've test driven the XF so far and although the interior looked good, it felt a bit cheap and not as solid as the Merc..
  15. P

    What size tyres to choose?

    I have a set of 20" Cades Ixion wheels in the 9x20 and 10.5x20 to go on my CLK, I will more than likely have to spacer them to fit. They have currently 255/35/20 and 275/35/20 tyres on. Not 100% sure these tyres will fit so what size should I be looking at? I was thinking 255/30/20 up...
  16. FunkMasterJay

    Which W203, a 320 or 240?

    Dear all. I am back after a brief hiatus. I used to have a lovelu W202 C200. My heart has always been with Japanese cars, but after a few and baby number 2, I feel a W203 ticks more boxes than my superb Lexus IS300. My lexus is equipped with a 3.0 Litre straight 6 with semi auto. The car us...
  17. I

    Help Me Choose Please

    Hi I'm ready to pull the trigger on a 2014 e class saloon e350 the problem is i have narrowed it dow to 3 colours can you tell what you would go for the colours are palladium silver tenorite grey or black i currently own a c class in palladium silver however was just looking your opinion on what...
  18. crockers

    what would you choose

    OK this is a Mercedes forum, but if Mercedes stopped making cars aka Saab, and therefore you couldn't buy a Mercedes what would you choose and why? Not what would you buy if you won the lottery. ::D I chose a Volvo V60 - its (IMHO) stylish, very comfy, well equipped and with Polestar 225...
  19. S

    What interior colour would you choose for your next car

    What colour of leather or cloth would you pick. Mercedes do limit cabin colours these days, but you can comment on what you would like
  20. S

    What colour would you choose for your next car

    Given the reaction to this thread I feel a fact finding gathering mission is in order to what makes members tick paint wise for their cars. Vote please
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