So how did you choose yours? (username that is!)

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My real name, influenced also by the fact there are so many Charles Morgans on Google (an author, prominent civil rights lawyer, eponymous car firm MD, a whaling ship (oh the irony), an estate agent, a property scammer, a dubious racing tipster, and an Inverness fashion house (oh, even more irony) among many others, that it gives me as much anonymity online as a made up name.

Unfortunately, that is singularly untrue...
Because I am..........Supa:cool:

It was the name I thought of when I joined my first Forum ( Honda :ban:Revolutions ) Back in 2001. Been using it since all over.

lol no that's bronze like a badly painted statue. I'm yellow like runny honey.
My parents chose mine for me ;-)
KillerHERTZ said:
Sorry, I apologise: :D


Lol you jammy b@stard. I nearly choked on my drink. I'll have to get you back some day ;-)

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The name of my engineering consultancy and race team:)
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Druk. A nickname given to me during a drunken night 30 odd years ago. No idea why but it stuck.

'Tern' on the Owners Club forum. Named after the boat.

Just my name with added letters :rolleyes:.
Trainer because when I joined I was a personal trainer.
My affectionate :rolleyes: nickname at work was "Bill The B@st@rd", which became shortened to "BTB". Erm, and I've got an SL500 :)
Unfortunately, that is singularly untrue...

More of a throwaway line than a statement of fact del320, which you are right to pick up. Having seen recently on a wine forum how easy it was to identify all the principals behind a wine investment company of dubious status, I think it very straightforward. However, on the two occasions (of which I am aware) my identity has been stolen, both came from me stupidly not shredding my name and address on envelopes, from which they were able to set up bank accounts and attempt to contract for a mobile phone.

To word it differently, I am very comfortable just being me online.
Years ago I set up my ebay account,my name had been taken so I looked out the window and the start of my red W202 number plate was M359 so Marty359 it was:)
My username is my initials and my location.


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