Thoughts on this V6?

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I guess this comes down to how you define ‘better built’

In the context of this thread, it began with someone anecdotally referencing electrical issues, rust, turbo problems etc - which would be no better/worse on either 203 or 209 of comparable age. The level of luxury goes up of course in terms of ‘class’. A reasonable spec CLK is obviously more plush than a base model coupé, but it’s not exactly better built as a car IMHO. A CL or SL makes a CLK feel cheap, in the same way as a no doubt a Maybach does to an S-class. But of course no more reliable or better built when it comes to common electrical issues, engine problems etc.

But I struggle to see how a CLS is ‘better built’ than an E-class, everything being equal (model/engine/spec) - they are practically the same car! :)

And interior quality/specification doesn’t affect the reliability or build quality of the majority of the car which is after all a collection of individual parts, most of which are shared amongst many models. I guess I’m thinking of the build quality of the overall car, the nuts and bolts, and not just the choice of fitted steering wheel, seats or door cards etc.

You are as usual correct :)

But me personally, it's all down to physical contact and how my bod connects with the car. To me a quality steering wheel, seats and door cards are more important than anything else especially as a V6 CLC is more expensive than the equivalent Clk just because of the rarity value. Horses for courses and all that, everyone is different.
Even years back, compare say a 201 and a 124.

Seats and door cards etc better in the 124, nicer trimmed, a little more spacious and solid, even more luxurious perhaps in average trim/specs of both but not a better built car overall really - how can it be? And again obviously not when it comes to the shared items like engines and gearboxes, electrical parts etc :)

I’m not saying I prefer something like a 203 to a 209, but I can see past the trim and underneath the skin both cars are pretty much the same ;)

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