W124 Anti Roll Bar bush - Sportline?

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  1. mrnick969

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Mercedes W124 300E 24v
    Just a quick question. One of my anti roll bar bushes failed today on my 1991 300E 24v Saloon. I am looking to buy a new pair of bushes. I don't think my car has sportline suspension, it doesn't mention it in any of the documentation that I have and also it certainly doesn't feel very sporty! The probably I know it is fitted with the control arms found in the sportline package (I believe due to fitting with the larger brakes). I don't know if it is just the control arms or the complete package which is sportline on my car. If anyone could shed some light on the matter it would be very appreciated.

    If not then I will probably end up ordering both types of bushes and sending back the ones that don't fit so it's not really too much of a problem.

    My VIN is WDB1240312B458942.


  2. hotrodder

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    Sep 28, 2008
    south east
    '93 320te
    The sport chassis is only 'sporty' relative to the standard set up i.e. less supertanker more wafty barge
    The control arms with integral ball joints have nothing to do with sportline, it's just about brake clearance on the larger engined models as you say

    Anti roll bar bushes are only around £7 each from MB, give them your VIN and you'll get the right ones (provided no one has modified the car say by upgrading the anti roll bars to sport chassis sizes). Can also measure the bar itself too, different sizes listed here along with part nos... http://www.w124performance.com/docs/mb/W124/124_swaybars.pdf

    Assuming you're happy to use them Euromerc usually sell genuine bushes for around £3

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