W124 coupe ignition barrel Warning!

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    feel like the luckiest man alive today!

    my key was sticking from time to time and refusing to turn, requiring jiggling and coaxing. Jumped online heard the horror stories of drilling and cutting and astronomical bills to replace barrel if key doesnt turn to position 1!

    You can see in the pictures in the attached pdf (sorry wont let me upload the pdf diy!)what my barrel looked like, it broke in two and as it popped out!

    so warning to all if your keys are sticking or jamming etc just replace the barrel asap before you regret it! its pretty simple

    1. just pry up trim around ignition barrel, just two clips to on the left edge and one right side of trim.

    2. Turn key to position 1 to line up holes

    3. insert coat hanger bevelled to 45 or so degree angle in both holes (the release spring is actually only located in one of the holes, the other is for lining things up.

    3. push and the barrel should pop out.

    4. replace with new barrel is reverse of removal, make sure to insert and set key to position in barrel before installation (remember ignition in car is still set at position 1 when you took the barrel out so you need to do this to line it back up, it clicks in the spring locates.

    5. remove coat hanger, remove key, place on top the black metal shroud (mine wouldn't go on solidly was just loose) place trim back (clicks into place rubber boot of it will fit around black shroud and it wont move around.

    Took 10 mins, dealer in southend wanted 77£ for ignition barrel, and then £30+ for keys, plus see the car, v5 and photo ID. I just went with a febi replacement for £9

    I have made a diy in pdf format but for some reason it wont let me upload, keeps saying security token is missing

    Nb: apologies if posted in wrong section, happy for mods to move it

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