W201 ABS diff sensor: how to remove?


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Aug 29, 2009
Near Lancaster UK
190E 2.6 Sportline, W203 320 CDi SE Estate
Prior to removing the diff from a W201 2.6, I'm trying to remove the ABS sensor from the diff. I have the cable disconnected from where it enters the loom under the rear seat and pulled through the hole beneath the seat. I also have the screw removed from the clamp/plate that secures it to the diff itself. The sensor doesn't want to come out and I'm wary of damaging it. Once the retaining screw is removed, does it just prise out?

The car also has ASD. I've removed the ASD pipe from the diff, but the nut securing the brake line to the top of the diff is stuck fast and I'm in danger of rounding off the nut. Any tips/advice welcomed.

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