W201 rear electric window regulator motor will only rotate in one direction.

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Apr 5, 2020
S210 320cdi w201 190d 2.5
Just successfully replaced a front window regulator on my w201 190d so thought i would chance my luck and take apart one of the rear window regulators which stopped working a while ago.

Took the Brose branded mechanism apart and the cable had become detached. Re-routed the cable onto the splined wheel which attaches to the electric motor. Rotated the wheel manually and the regulator moved as it should to allow the rear window to go up and come back down down again.

Tried the motor and it works so i connected the splined wheel back up to the electric motor but the motor will only turn the wheel in one direction, meaning the window will come down but not go back up.

I have tried both switches, the one on the rear door and the one on the centre console. Neither switch makes the window go back up.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can an electric window motor 'fail' in only one rotational direction (spin clockwise but not anti-clockwise)?
Check with a multimeter to see that the motor is getting power when the switch is operated in each direction.

Or apply 12v to the motor wires and check it moves in each direction by reversing the polarity.
Window switches are not all the same .Needs to be the right one for that side .

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