W202 C180 Indicators keep blowing the fuse

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Aug 9, 2015
North West UK
1995 W202 C180
well title says it all really, this is wifes daily driver and has started to blow no1 fuse the 7.5 brown one every 3 or 4 days.
Not sure if something else is triggering this issue but wife says she has not used any other instruments..wipers or anything that could cause issue.
I know the first time it happened one of the flasher bulbs had been playing up and finally blown but she says bulbs are fine now.
Just thought I would ask advice and see if anyone has had similar problem before pulling the car apart.
Maybe check the wiring of the bulb holder which blew. Wire may be cracked/nicked/damaged and has an intermittant short to earth?
Thanks, will have a look and see. Gives me somewhere to start.

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