1. zoros

    Heater blowing cold

    Had all the fluids changed at my last service: Engine Gearbox Diff Supercharger Brakes Coolant About a week later with roof down, no hot air, anywhere at any setting in any mode. Just cold and very cold. I'm guessing air blockage in coolant system, probbaly because mechanic forgot to bleed...
  2. Charles Morgan

    W124 heating issue - not blowing to windscreen

    A puzzler. My W124 estate produces heat very nicely and the air con works. But when on defrost there is no airflow to the upper vents to clear the screen at any fan speed. Any suggestions for the likely fault and best way to sort it? It's a pain in winter. Edit - the heater control panel...
  3. th3h1ghlander

    270 CDI injector blowing after MOT

    Hi all, after picking up my W203 C270 CDI after MOT I noticed exhaust gas smell and put it down to the testing at the time. Driving the car properly for the first time since I still had the smell so I got to my destination and opened the bonnet to a very distinctive sound of "PFFT PFFT PFFT...
  4. J

    W210 Fuse Keeps Blowing - any ideas please???

    Hi, My car is a 2002 E320 CDI Estate, W210 model. Fuse number 10, a Red 10 amp fuse in the engine bay fuse box keeps blowing, leaving me without the horn, trip computer, passenger airbag, radio constant live (well the radio now has to be turned on manually every time I start the car, rather...
  5. C

    W202 C180 Indicators keep blowing the fuse

    Hi, well title says it all really, this is wifes daily driver and has started to blow no1 fuse the 7.5 brown one every 3 or 4 days. Not sure if something else is triggering this issue but wife says she has not used any other instruments..wipers or anything that could cause issue. I know the...
  6. R


    Can anyone help? I recently had the engine management light appear on my dashboard and the van went into limp mode. The garage carried out a diagnostic check with the star software and told me a 10 amp fuse had blown. They replaced the fuse and reset the system, however after 24 hours the...
  7. chilsta

    S124- front windows blowing fuse

    This started yesterday. Bit of sunshine down here on the south coast, so pressed both front windows down to the 2nd position so they auto-roll all the way down. When we came to do them up they weren't moving- replaced the blown fuse and they went up OK. Today I had the same problem again, so I...
  8. brucemillar

    Fuse blowing. Help please.

    Keeps blowing heater fuse. Why? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  9. B

    W169 A180 Blowing Noise from Engine bay

    Hi all again. Beginning to doubt MB's quality. I took my wife's son to Gatwick before Christmas and had to stop off in Fareham on the way which is about 40 miles from where we live. As we went into a car park in Fareham, on the way up the serpentine ramp, (I had the window down as I had just...
  10. S

    Central vents blowing low & windscreen

    I've noticed the windscreen on my w140 will not demist unless I put the ac (windscreen button) on-it would demist before without using this. Also the cabin vents are blowing really low, hardly any air comes from windscreen-unless I press the recirculation button. So I cleaned & replaced...
  11. C

    ML270 2.0 Tid Fuse Keep Blowing

    Hi Guys im new on this forum and need your help Have ML270 2.0 2000 is keep blowing stand alone fuse can any one tell me what this fuse stand for Regards Chris
  12. S

    Blowing 40 amp fuse

    Hi, I will try and keep it short. My wife's ML320 2006 keeps on blowing the 40 amp fuse for the air compressor and putting the car in sport mode. We bought the car 18 months ago and after 6 months the original compressor picked up. I got one from work and everything was fine until 3...
  13. ckember

    aircon blowing hot on driver side, thermotronic 4 zone

    I Know there are several reports of many models having seen this fault over the years, where the drivers side blows hot or warm air and doesn't cool down. I have now had two duovalves replaced under warranty, the second as the first was replaced under warranty and now the warranty has expired...
  14. M

    Fuse keeps blowing

    Hi I'm new to the forum i own a 94 e320 convertable the problem is when i lower the roof it blows the fuse for the rear windows fuse h i believe any help would be appreciated
  15. J

    2011 W218 CLS A/C not blowing cold

    Hi, Noticed that the A/C is not blowing cold in my CLS W218 with the analog A/C panel. The red A/C light comes on and off when pushing the button as normal and no warning messages are displayed. Simply said, all seems well, except the air does not get colder than the outside air. When...
  16. A

    Start enable fuse 52 on c200cdi 07reg keeps blowing

    Hi I would appreciate advice about my C200cdi. A month ago it would not start. I checked the fuse and replaced fuse 52 with a 20 amp fuse. It has been fine since until it blew again. I have replaced the fuse and it's starting again without any issues. Any ideas on what's causing this?
  17. S

    Air con blowing hot

    Hi, I have a 2004 c180 coupe. The problem I have is the air con will only blow hot (28oC) regardless. It has the non digital dual zone via 2 temp dials. I took it to a garage and the re gassed it. They said the system was empty, they checked it for leaks and said there were none. But this...
  18. C

    W203 - Climatic blowing warm air even when set to cold

    On my W203 the vents are blowing warm air on all but the minimum temp setting. I've tried doing the blower vents-reset (to no avail) and will be getting a diagnostic done mid-week, but what I have been told is that it's likely one of 2 sensors - either the temp sensor housed behind the vent in...
  19. C

    Fuse 8 keeps blowing

    CLK 200 Kompressor w209 Hi all once again and thanks for any advice. One day out of the blue my central locking would not work at all with the remote and I could not open the car. I used the "secret" key :-) and it all works from the inside. Driving along and the radio will not pick up it's...
  20. N

    Glow plug relay blowing

    Hi anyone can help I own e270 w211 52 plate it keeps blowing glow plug relay any suggestions please.
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