1. Timster

    Visseo MBU 1000 - For sale

    No longer needed as I'm selling my car. Fully working visseo mbu 1000. £80 - open to offers.
  2. HughJarse


    10 years to get to 1000. Reminds me of Television, didn't he get to 1000 in his first week! Well will it be 1000 when I post in a post count area.
  3. fab1975

    1000 sec??

    While browsing eBay I found this hidden (thanks goodness) gem: 1990 MERCEDES 1000 SEC (560 SEC) AUTO very rare car | eBay I cannot believe that somebody has already offered 10k for it :crazy:
  4. M

    1000 SEC w126 is this real?

    http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151786671575&globalID=EBAY-GB I seen one as a kid thought it was 10 litre lol...
  5. astamir

    Viseeo mbu 1000

    Hi As per tittle mbu 1000 needed If you have one for sale drop me a line please Thanks
  6. T

    Viseoo 1000 & Audio 10

    Used it in 51reg CLK for 6 months. Car's gone so don't need it anymore. Viseoo: £70 + p&p Audio10 + code: £50 + p&p
  7. BIG_G_1979

    visseo mbu 1000

    Hi just a quick question, recently bought a mbu 1000 can someone advise me whether the unit automatically turns on and off with the cars ignition? Or do you have to manually switch on/off via visseo unit everytime?
  8. BIG_G_1979

    viseo mbu 1000 and 3000

    Hi guys in the market for one of these units not looking to spend a fortune can someone tell me the differences between the 2 models? Thanks
  9. BIG_G_1979

    visseo mbu 1000 or mbu 3000

    As title suggests im looking for mbu 1000 or 3000 for my w211 if selling please pm me thanks
  10. poormansporsche

    1000 sel

  11. D

    The first 1000 miles in my W211 E55...

    ...so I took her out for a country road blast and grabbed a few photos while I was at it... I love this car and it's engine, it can carry five people in comfort yet retains the capability to bring the distance to the fore in the blink of an eye. I've...
  12. 24karrat

    1000 sel boot badge for sale

    I guys posting original brass 1000 sel boot badge for sale before I put it in eBay if you know any one interested let me know. £150 07828285247 Manny
  13. D

    viseeo mbu 1000 or 3000

    Anyone got the above they wish to sell?
  14. MOR8A

    Is it possible to use an iphone 5 with the mbu 1000?

    Is it possible to use an iphone 5 with the mbu 1000? Just changed phones and don't want to buy an mbu 3000 unless I have to. Info please. Many thanks.
  15. B

    Wanted: MBU 1000

    Hi all, Currently looking for an MBU 1000 for my 2003 SL 350 - have been let down countless number of times on fleabay (dud units & most recent someone sent me an MBU 2000 even though advertised as a 1000) - looking at paying £70 max (including P&P) Thank you in advance.
  16. The _Don

    1000 Miles in a black

    http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=96&t=1273706&mid=90567&nmt=1000+miles+in+a+Black C63
  17. T

    Viseeo MBU 1000 V1

    Hi People I have a ViseeO MBU 1000 for sale, it is 3 years old and works well, currently using a Galaxy s3 with no issues make me a sensible offer andf it is yours!!! :thumb:
  18. M

    MBU 1000 for sale

    One like new MBU 1000 for sale, in box with dummy antenna and instructions. It has sat in my drawer for a year, it is working perfectly, and as said, like new. I paid £110 for it, will take £80 + £3 postage. Many thanks
  19. Billy albert

    Mbu 1000

    Cheap as poss
  20. alistairgd

    First 1000 with my new C-Class Saloon [Large Photos]

    So, passed the first 1000 miles with my C-Class AMG Sport Plus, and have been comparing it to 3-series trade in. Pros Car looks fantastic, far superior to the new 3 series Ride comfort far superior, tight but not rough. Just perfect going over speed cushions. Lighting, bi-xenon headlamps are...
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