1. R

    Nokia 5800/ Viseeo 1000

    Hello All, Mrs E's Comand system has gone away for some TLC and when it returns I'd like to get everything working. Her Nokia 5800 works fine making and receiving calls, but will not sync the phonebook to the Comand/ dash display. We have no problem with the phonebook for her old 6300/ my...
  2. culpano

    Just bought an RAC 1000 sat nav but don't know where to download POIs

    The forums say there is a folder where you put them but they always refer to an SD card. It has an SD slot but the slot is empty. In explorer it shows up the flash memory and I assume I cannot place the CSV file anywhere there. So do I need to buy an SD card and copy them on there ? I assume I...
  3. G-Force

    ViseeO MBU 1000 problem?

    Greetings people! My old phone was a Nokia 6300, i connected it to my Command through a viseeo bluetooth "thingy", all functions worked fine. I now have a Nokia N95 and the phone does pair up with the car but the phone book doesn't seem to upload....even when i try the "forced upload" funtion...
  4. The Boss

    1000 posts and counting..

    yay.. im now a 4 digit member.. im proud.. Great Forum .. 1008 posts and counting.. :bannana:
  5. M

    I havent made a 1000 miles after last service and ASSYST say I need service D WTF?

    Hi I have 2002 E-Class (the newer one). I did last service in MB service centre last September. I made about 900 miles since that and in late March I started to get reminders from my Assyst saying that xx days left to service D. It become xx days since missed service D since mid-May. I...
  6. W

    Bloodhound SSC (1000 mph car)

    Not new news I know but I don't think it's been mentioned here before. Richard Noble is managing a successor to the Thrust SSC, the BloodHound SSC, which aims to be the first land vehicle to exceed 1000 mph. It's a really worthwhile project that aims to inspire the next generation of...
  7. butty871

    Anyone Got A Car For Sale For Under 1000 Gbp

    Anyone Got A Car For Sale For Under 1000 Gbp Pref Vw? Diesel ?
  8. masher_uk

    CLC230 – the first 1000 miles…

    Hi all. Following Chris Akabusi’s excellent review of his CLC, here’s my two penneth… I’ve tried to briefly cover the whole ‘ownership experience’ - hope somebody finds it useful. Background After living happily with my 9-year old 323i for several years I decided it was time for a change...
  9. S

    ViseeO 1000, CL180K & Audio10

    Hi Everyone! Brand new to the site, being a MB owner and already need help! (argh!) I bought a ViseeO 1000 after doing heaps of research on BT connectivity with the phone system in the 2002 CL180K I bought recently (which I love incidently!) ... The ViseeO seems to be connecting with my...
  10. BlackC55

    Can anyone make me a 1000 rear window stickers?

    As above. I need a 1000 window stickers for my customers rear windows. Just with the PCS writing and the web address. I have had a couple of scary quotes. Does anyone on here make them or has a mate who makes them for a decent price? Thanks all.
  11. BaldGuy

    1000 woohoo

    Well i'm one of the original 5 who started this forum back in May/Jun 02 and after 4.5 years I've hit 1000.... And after reading the post by Stats about his Maserati clock it goes to show how many seriously nice people we have on here... I mean you TELEVISION!!! Regards..
  12. G-A-R-Y

    1000 miles on a tank of diesel.

    I'm a little bemused, a few weeks ago I talked my daughter (18) into buying a Peugeot 206 1.4HDi (03 plate) As a present I gave her a tank of diesel. I keep asking how's that new car going? Still on the same tank of diesel dad. How many miles have you done? 911 and I'm on a quarter of a tank...
  13. mercmanuk

    new porta cable 1000

    http://www.autopia-carcare.com/ultimate-detailing-machine-car-polisher.html £75 bargain
  14. L

    My service B is overdue by 1000 miles,does this affect my warranty and mobilo

    Anyone know
  15. grober

    McLaren SLR 1000 UP!

    Yes today McLaren produced its 1000th SLR. Common as muck then!:crazy: http://www.emercedesbenz.com/Feb06/15OneThousandthMercedesSLRProduced.html
  16. WLeg

    Dell Inspiron 1000 For £249

    The following are included in the Base: - Mobile Intel® Celeron® 2.20GHz - Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition - 256MB shared DDR SDRAM & 30GB Hard Drive - 8-cell NiMH Battery - DVD/CDRW Combo Drive - Microsoft® Works 7.0 - 60W AC Adapter Inspiron 1000 - 14"XGA Screen The link to...
  17. V12

    The big 1000

    Finally made it to the big 1000 posts... Made it immensly quick to 500, but always busy now-a-days and have crawled to a triumphant 1000 :bannana: Along comes Graham with his 3000+ posts :rock: I'll get back on with some real posting now :D
  18. M

    Member 1000

    Will there be a prize for the 1000th member If there is I may register under a new name to collect it :bannana: :bannana:
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