1. J

    2005 clk 180 kompressor

    Hi guys, Just new here and lookin a bit of help. Got a car here that has no compression on (from fan) cylinder 3&4. I've been told it's bent valves?? Only running on 1&2. Big job, many tools needed to do, cost if left in some where??
  2. cooks

    A Class 180 sport

    I went down to Brentford Mercedes Middlesex at 16:00 appointment to pick up my A class 180 sport what a plavor,4 hours and then to find out after going over it there had been previous damage to the car, window door trim out of line, passenger door had a gap at the pillar, the rear quarter paint...
  3. TimBobJo

    A Class 180 CDI, W169 Engine warning light.

    Hi Ive got a 05 plate A Class W169 and the Engine light keeps coming on. It has been to a MB independant workshop and it comes up with the fault "P2359 charge pressure control". So far it has had a new turbo charger, air temp and pressure sensors. There seems to be no cracks or leaks...
  4. O

    2011 A W169 180 diesel Parktronic

    I am interested in above vehicle, £8,750,(34,000) but am a wee bit concerned that it has Parktronic. In my view this is an unnecessary addition which may lead to expensive repairs if it upsets the electrics. Is it something that can just be switched off and forgotten about ? Any other...
  5. O

    2011 A W169 180 diesel

    I am interested in the above car FSH etc. It only has 34,000 miles on the clock - is this too low ? I only do around 10000 a year am I risking any problems with diesel ? I know I need to test drive but would like to know from someone who has had one for a while - is it noisy ? Not sure...
  6. P

    CLK 180 kompressor under the bonnet layout

    I am very old and do theory but cant find the diagram in the hand book, to give me the under bonnet locations for servicing, HELP ! Just bout the car, absolutely fantastic vehicle, much better than the Jag.
  7. B

    W245 B 180 cdi P0408 error

    Every 2/3 weeks when I start my 2011 B180 cdi car I get an engine warning lamp come on. It gives a p0408 error which resets and the car is fine for another 2/3 weeks. This has happened about 10/15 miles after a motorway run so it is not driving condition induced. Any ideas or do I have little to...
  8. J

    C Class 180 Kompressor Sport Coupe 2003 won't turn over

    Hi all all help appreciated here :( my sons Kompressor was running fine, 75000 miles on the clock, well looked after, the car wouldn't start at all, not even turnover at all, called out Breakdown Comp, no engine management light appeared, plugged in and the code that came up was Cam shaft sensor...
  9. Timster

    iPhone 5s 16gb - Used / Boxed / As new £ 180

    Hi Folks. £180 - or offers. Was persuaded to upgrade for some reason so I have my iPhone 5s for sale. It's the 16gb slate grey model. 18 months old, but always kept in a heavy duty Otterbox defender case so appearance is as new. Fully working. Boxed, complete with all parts / charger / plug...
  10. rex911

    Race Chip Pro 2 - W204 180 CGI

    For sale due to selling car. Race chip for 1595cc petrol engine. +24% BHP to 193 and torque up to 313nm +25%. Really changes the car. Two connections only. Easy fit. On car since March this year. Call 07450214023 if you require additional information. £100 posted.......
  11. ian6

    Correct oil for clc 180 komp

    Referring back to an earlier post of mine, where I mentioned that the level of oil appears higher than prescribed, I now wish to add that it seems pretty thin, and after reading other posts on this informative site was wondering could this be the reason for the rattle on start up. The oil is...
  12. ACID

    Cla 180 ecu remap

    Today we mapped a CLA 180 - 1.6 turbo Car Had Induction but will be back in for the IPE Exhaust System. Not sure if this car have been tuned via the ECU before but made good gains., Stock 134.04 whp 165.11 wtq Mapped 165.11 whp 209.60 wtq
  13. Jadee

    2008 CLC 180 Subwoofer

    Does anyone know if the A2038200202 subwoofer unit - (housing and speaker) will fit in a 2008 CLC which is based I believe on the W203. I would like to install a subwoofer to give a little more bass than the standard door speakers but do not want a big box in the boot - or to change the door...
  14. nickjonesn4

    Tuning C Class 180 Kompressor - 1.6

    Hello New to the forum so would really appreciate some help. Want to get some work done to sort out the low end gutlessness of my otherwise lovely, low mileage 2010 car. Want to get to 200BHP and 200 lb/ft ideally (from 156bhp/170 lb/ft). I know this will take more than a remap - exhaust...
  15. M

    where is the thermostat on a c class 180 kompressor 2006

    Hi, please help, I'm trying to find where the thermostat is located and any ideas on changing it, Many thanks
  16. F

    180 c chatter on start up

    hi everyone,im new to this forum,in fact new to mercs,never had one in nearly 40 years of driving.Anyway I have bought a 52 plate 2003 180 c elegance estate,got it at a very very good price,and seems a lovely car.my question is should it chatter for a couple of seconds on start up?when I...
  17. L

    C-Class 180 Sport Blue-Eff Sport

    I rang the local dealership and inquired whether I could upgrade my headlights to Xenon.... they advised they had called the factory and it was a no? would this be correct? seems a bit odd to me? my car is a C180 December 2013 model.
  18. E

    Estate 180 sports 2005.

    I have just brought sports 180 estate 2005. I saw in car , it comes with phone options, though speaking to previous owners . They are not aware if this has worked or requires to be connected . Can anyone advise if I can connect phone option.. Many thanks
  19. R

    CLC 180 Wiper Sensitivity

    Hi, I have a CLC 180 and wanted to know if there is anyway of changing how sensitive the auto wipers are? At the slightest bit of rain they go on to intermittent and then to spend continual 1 and don't seem to stop unless i turn them off. They are also quite clunky/noisy which is annoying...
  20. S

    Should I be put off by 180,000 miles

    I've been saving for a 107 SL and finally I'm at stage where I can afford one. I fancy a V8 as it won't get used much but I wouldn't be adverse to a 6 cylinder. The majority on the market vary between 80 - 120k miles which is fine but as the title of my post suggests is 180k a problem waiting to...
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