1. hearsse.driver

    Mercedes C124 230CE 1987 Poland

    Hello! I own a C124 230CE from the first year of coupe production, that is 1987. I bought it in 2011, earlier I had W124 300D. I decided to register on this forum to practice my English a little bit. Also I presume it will be fun to see feedback from abroad regarding LPG installation and a...
  2. hearsse.driver

    New member from Poland, C124 1987

    Hello there. I'm from Poland, currently living in Wrocław. I bought my C124 230CE in 2011. Earlier I've had W124 300D. I'm into classic car meetings, especially old Mercs meetings. I'm a DIY kind of person, like to work myself on 124 as much as I can. I registered on this UK forum because I...
  3. I

    MOMO AMG in 560 SEC 1987

    Hello, I have a 1987 560 SEC, and I am wondering if I can fit the MOMO AMG steering wheel. The only issue is that that my SEC,s current steering wheel has an airbag, will I be able to fit the MOMO steering wheel?
  4. brucemillar

    Very early (1987) 124 Wagon question.

    Team Can anybody please tell me how my sills are fixed to the car? This is a 1987 Wagon-pre Saco Panels. From what I see I have tin sills with holes for the jack tubes. I then have weather plugs on each jack tube (not clipped into the sills) Are the sills welded on? Are they expensive...
  5. M

    1987 230E alarm problem

    Car alarm just started going off. despite not operating for over 1 year. Battery was low, but when charged continued to go off even when engine started (obviously no immobiliser), disconnected siren, engine runs but i can hear a relay ticking behind the dash on the drivers right side. No...
  6. R

    Camshaft Problem - R107 300SL 1987

    Newby in seek of advice... My camshaft needs replacing on my 300SL, however I cannot find a supplier with a new camshaft, or camshaft kit in stock. Everybody on eBay UK seems to buy from a Co named Fibi in Germany, but they dont have one in stock. Can anybody advise if I can get my camshaft...
  7. GilesB

    1987 sl300 silver only 59k miles

    Hi there all I have a very nice SL300 which has only done 59K, its almost perfect and has never seen the rain, I wish to sell her so if anyone is ntreteded please call me at work, Battery Megastore 01684 298 800 Thanks
  8. M

    1987 w201 190e 2.3-16 cosworth

    1987 Mercedes 190e 2.3-16v cosworth Colour:blue/black 199 Interior:recaro half leather/cloth Transmission: manual dogleg 5 speed Mileage:87,100,00 Previous owners:1 from 1987-1989 then company owned from 1989-2013 where it passed through 3 family members(all documented) within the business.and...
  9. DanMorgan

    1987 300CE W124 California?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 1987 300CE W124 with just 28K miles on the clock from a friend at a good price. However, compared to my 1990 230CE, this one had a bigger spec and I also noticed a sticker in the glove box with "Zung Fu Company LTD". Which I believe is a Mercedes dealer in...
  10. bmthnick1981

    Trying to trace any service history for my 1987 560 SEC

    Can anyone help with MB service history checks? Reg: D454 GDD Vin: WDB1260452A318098 Thanks in advance!
  11. M

    1987 2.3-16 190e cosworth

    hi guy's ive put my car up for sale,i have decided to throw the towel in and admit defeat.:thumb: 1987 W201 MERCEDES 190E 2.3-16 COSWORTH 86K FSH T&T RARE *REDUCED* | eBay i know the advert is long winded but atleast it's honestly described.
  12. bmthnick1981

    1987 W126 560 SEC rear calipers

    I need some new rear calipers, can anyone tell me if the 560's have specific calipers or do they use generic W126 items? Thanks
  13. swannymere

    1987 Mercedes 500SEL £800

    This is for sale on another forum i frequent. Mercedes 500SEL
  14. 300CE

    Mercedes benz 190 2.3-16 cosworth 1987 year - Start £500 (BIN £1000.00)

    Needs (a lot of) work but currently no bids - could be worth a punt for the bits alone at £500.00?! Mercedes benz 190 2.3-16 cosworth 1987 year milage 87000 | eBay
  15. Mblinko

    560 sec, 1987

    I've pondered a while but the lure of my next car is too much and this one has to go to make way. it'll still be Merc though. I'll be sad to see it go, I've had some fun with it and it's a great car. All the details are here..... 560SEC_For_Sale
  16. The _Don

    RS500 Cosworth - build no 499/500 Original, Pristine, low miles (1987)

    Ford : RS500 Cosworth - build no 499/500 Original, Pristine, low miles
  17. C

    G Wagen 1987 drivers seat needed .

    Hi All Bought a G wagen last week old but sound its a 300gd 1987 3 door swb am needing a drivers seat might any of you have such a thing , been quoted a hundred quid for a seat cover from merc unfortunately its the seat itself the base, rest of it is fine , was wondering if by chance...
  18. 2

    1987 w126 420se

    My 1987 420SE owned now for nearly 2 years, ex Marks and Spencer of London car, high specification, mileage now only 40,000 miles.
  19. 2

    1987 r107 300sl

    Here is my 1987 300SL owned since 2006, with only 7,000 miles on then, now has a shade over 20,000.
  20. S

    Retrofit tachometer 1987 W124 300D

    Can anyone help with information on retrofitting a tachometer to my 1987 W124 300D? - this is the first car I have had without one and I hate the big clock where the tachometer should be.
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