1. M

    1999 E300 3.0 Turbo Diesel ABS ASR Light only when headlights switched on

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and i'm experiencing a problem whereby I switch my headlights on and I get a dash light ABS ASR. If I switch to full beam the speedo stops working and maybe i'm being paranoid but the steering seemed that bit heavier too. I even noticed this evening that the gear...
  2. H

    My C250 DT 1999 won’t start. EIS problem?

    Hello everyone, Problem: when I put my electronic key into the ignition the steering wheel unlocks (I can hear the click). I can turn the key towards the position were the car is preheating the glow plugs (second position). I can hear the valve on the fuel pump unlocking. When the glow plugs...
  3. S

    1999 clk door replace

    Hi guys I had a little accident and need to replace the left door, my door is a normal door with no electric seat buttons , i found a door for the electric seat, can i fit the electric seat door on my car and fit the old door panels or is there a difference since mine is without the electric...
  4. K

    1999 E55 needs work

    I'm selling my E55, it was in an accident in july..only a small one N/S front wing (which I have a new wing painted in 744 silver), crack in the front bumper below the O/S front fog light & lost the small front tow eye covers & the N/S headlight. This was the condition before the ding...
  5. rockits

    R129 sl500 black 1999 top example 1 previous owner

    I have a very nice example up for sale now if there is any interest. I had bought it as a keeper as desperately wanted an R129 SL back in the garage again after missing my old SL60. A couple of things not working out as I had hoped means it really has to go. My brother is selling it for me...
  6. A

    w202 1999 c240 v6

    Can anybody please help in any way . Where is the idle control valve on a c240 v6 motor .(engine number 11291062274128)
  7. H

    Merc Benz 230 SLK Kompressor 1999 Model

    Good evening all. I have owned the above model of car for the last 5 years and have been delighted with it. Of late ,over the last 3 weeks, the car has refused to start on 3 occasions,1 at home after overnight standing,2 following journeys of 15 miles. After 5 minutes of attempting,the car...
  8. D

    upgrade w220 s430 1999 radio unit

    i want to try and upgrade my radio to digital and also the satnav along with Bluetooth, phone, and DVD etc etc, ive seen this but i see it states that my style is the s500 Mercedes but i have a 1999 s430 but that's shown as a later model, i would like to have the later 2002 model unit upgrade...
  9. edtzxr

    1999 w208 windows

    OK i need to try and explain this correctly. No major issue here but a small function that I would like to get working. Firstly all my windows open and close fine with no faults. However all windows will open with the one touch feature (the full press of the button) but none of them will...
  10. edtzxr

    Couple of fixes on my 1999 CLK320

    Hi all just thought I would share a couple of fixes rather than just requesting help. I bought a 1999 CLK 320 elegance auto convertible recently from a back street dealer in Leeds. 77,000 miles with full service history £1400!!! yes I know there must be some major fault?! well yes and no as i...
  11. J

    1999 230SLK for £19,995

    I'm not sure how you'd value it...........I know I wouldn't pay it. What do you think? Used MERCEDES SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR CONVERTIBLE AUTO, ALUMINIUM/SILVER, 2.3, Convertible | Phillip Welch Regards all John
  12. haggis2768

    1999 sprinter with auto gearbox

    Does anyone have any advice re a 1999 sprinter 312 with an auto g/box? It's the auto box I'm interested in hearing about? Thanks.
  13. uumode

    1999 E240 auto (W210) for sale - 2.5 owners

    I say 2.5 owners because the first owner only had it for a very short time, think it may have been dealer. I've had the car since 2003 Mileage is 141,200 Full Mercedes Benz Service History, Mobilolife is intact with MB breakdown cover. Services and repairs all carried out with Mercedes in...
  14. B

    Vito 108 1999 replace rear park brake shoes?

    Hi Does anyone have diagrams and instructions on how to replace the parking brake shoes on a Merc Vito 108 1999? Thanks,
  15. K

    1999 E55 front wings

    Hi can anyone tell me if the W210 E55 wings are a specialist item or a standard W210 wing but with the arches rolled out. Thanks Ken
  16. G

    C43 AMG 1999 S reg. £2500

    C43 AMG 1999 S reg 112 k from new 11 months mot Tons of history and masses of paper works Original books,tools, over carpets etc Completely standard Silver with full black leather Glass sunroof Electric folding mirrors Factory xenon' with washers Fire extinguisher All the...
  17. I

    1999 w210 e55 amg low mileage 60k

    Selling my W210 e55 amg 1999 model, i have had this car for over 2yrs,it has low mileage of 60k, i have just put 12 months mot on it. The car has every extra. It has an cat and resonator delete.I have put a x pipe on it. Mechanically the car is sound. When i got the car i changed the spark...
  18. T

    Will these wheels fit my 1999 ml320

    Am looking to change my wheels on my 1999 ml320 to atomic turbine 20 inch , 9 inch wide ,cb 66.6 , with offset either 35 or 45 not sure if these will fit and what offset would be better,Any help would be gratefull.
  19. R

    Where can I buy a abc suspension Pulsation damper for my 1999 CL500

    Hi there im new to this forum, Can anyone point in the right direction to where I can get hold of a pulsation damper (part number 150 on their system) for the abc pump on my 1999 cl500? Phoned mercedes parts dartford and i was quoted roughly £400. Just wanted to know if there are any cheaper...
  20. R

    Where can I buy a abc suspension Pulsation damper for my 1999 CL500

    Hi there totally new to this forum, Just wanted to know where would I get the best price for a pulsation damper for the abc pump on my 1999 cl500? (part number 150) getting that vibrating sound when idle Phoned mercedes parts in dartford and they roughly quoted me £400. Would like to get this...
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