1. E

    2012 face lift c63 headlight ballast

    As above looking for the ballast or complete light for the passenger side front if possible cheers:thumb:
  2. zenman63

    ML63 2012 retro fits

    ML63 coming in a couple of weeks now so looking at fitting the missing bits I have on my 164. First is cooled seats, I will miss that, looking on epc and have most parts on a quote at parts, seat harness supports the wiring I think so might be plug and play after coding, the dash switch has a...
  3. MOR8A

    2012 w212 e63 amg ppp

    Calcite white 57000 miles Benz Warranty PPP Full MB history Recent Large Service Vented Seats Folding rear seats Etc etc £29995 ovno If you are interested email me at alfa155fan@hotmail.com Many thanks
  4. zenman63

    c63 w204 2012 Engine for sale

    For sale is this running C63 Engine with 28,000 miles, fully rebuilt and documented accordingly. Ideal if you want to upgrade your engine. Includes revised SLS Tappets and other upgraded parts to fix the "Rattle" on start up. This engine came out of a 2012 C63 AMG. Complete engine just...
  5. zenman63

    c63 2012 power steering pump

    Removed from 28000 mile car so not much wear at all. Like new condition. Any questions please ask. Ebay link: M156 C63 AMG Mercedes Power Steering Pump A0064668801 C Class ML63 CLS63 E63 | eBay
  6. Gary Beale

    Air Filter W204 C200 Diesel 2012

    Hi All For the life of me, I can't find a definitave instruction on how to change the above. There are loads on the 250 and the 350 but nothing on my model year. Can anyone help please?
  7. M

    2012 C63 Saloon For Sale

    2012 Mercedes C63. Silver, 47900 miles, full service history, new tyres and brakes within the last 2000 miles, excellent condition, full black leather. All the usual C63 spec, command navigation, switchable driving modes, intelligent lighting, 18 inch wheels. This is our first AMG product and we...
  8. Jonsyb

    2012 C250 cdi air intake pipe rattle

    Hi all new to the forum Just have the car about a month now and when it's sitting idling The air intake pipe is making an awful racket anybody else have this issue and How did you fix thanks
  9. O

    2012 onwards ML350 Bluetec

    Would be interested to hear from owners what they're like?, I was thinking about getting a slightly older GL but would rather have the later generation ML for not a lot more money. From what I've read they seem to have pretty positive reviews and are all Euro 6 so I shouldn't need to worry about...
  10. PaulXC

    E Class Cabriolet 2012

    Quick question - does anyone know where the VIN number locations would be on a 2012 Cabrio?
  11. BlackC55

    2012 E350 Estate for sale from Turnbull & Oliver

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0 E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Avantgarde 7G-Tronic 5dr Its a cracking looking car with a great spec.
  12. Wjk167

    W204 C180 2012 - vibration/noise on auto reverse

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here. Got my first Mercedes a few weeks ago. 2012 C180 - 1.6 Turbo - AMG Sport Plus. Really nice car. Enjoying it immensely. Very smooth. Surprising nippy for being such a small engine. I do very low miles, mostly city so happy with the petrol. Car is 4.5 yr old with 28K...
  13. S

    c350 2012 centre console exchange

    Hi all I have just done the deal on a 2012 c350 cdi with pretty much everything on. I had the new 65 plate c220d am line but apart from it looking a bit prettier the build quality compared to the older models I found to be crap. Also I love the 3 litre kick. Anyway it has the centre console...
  14. Bajie

    2012 E350 CDI Coupe Newbie

    Hello All I'm moving from my Audi B7 S4 Cabriolet to a rather nice E Class Coupe. Had to go diesel due to increased mileage and wanted to get back in a Merc coupe after spending a couple of years in my younger days driving a 220 CE. Car is Cavansite Blue with tan leather interior, lots...
  15. V

    Battery issue on 2012 C63 AMG

    I picked up a 2012 C63 AMG on Monday, have driven it without issue for ~400 miles since and today I have some (what I think are) battery-related issues. Boo! Basically, the car seemed to start OK but it was clear the power steering was not working (very hard to turn the car around on the...
  16. zenman63

    Ml63 2012

    Hi, Just looking at possibly changing my 2009 ml63 for the later w166. Looking at a couple now and found one but not sure if it has the performance package, the add says it has but no red callipers, is that the only clue? I am getting the vin later and will look at the data card.
  17. A

    2012 C63 diff oil change

    Hi all. My C63 hunt continues and has led me to researching whether a missed limit slip diff oil change is something to worry about (no not your car Eddy :thumb:) Should I be? Engine oil I guess is a different beast but this thought has cast my mind back to my old Z4M's 'running in service' at...
  18. N

    2012 C250 Coupe Black Smoke Problem

    Hi all, first post so hoping you guys can help. I've recently purchased this car and it has a full Mercedes service history and has been really well looked after. 114,000 miles I've had it for 4 weeks and 2 weeks ago I had the car remapped from a well reviewed garage and I've noticed great...
  19. fuzed

    Servicing - C350CDI - 2012 - Milton Keynes and Surrounding areas.

    Some of you might have seen my post about picking up a car where I thought the mileage had been messed around with, after doing some hard background checks I was satisfied that there was no issue. So I picked up the car, and have been pootling around in it for the past few days, and I love...
  20. I

    2012 w204 c class n/s lower wing mirror cover (not-foldable).

    Hello everyone so glad to be back on this site after so long with previous 180 Merc....I have recently got a 2012 w204 c220 cdi, really happy with it...alas some blurt at some point smashed my n/s mirror housing whilst parked on half on pavement outside my house (no garage). The weird thing is...
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