1. C

    2012 C63 Coupe service reminder cancel

    How do I remove the service reminder from the display at start up?
  2. S

    Replacing DRL W212 2012

    My drivers side DRL is cracked, due to a stone. How easy is it to swap, can't seem to find any info Thanks
  3. W

    2012 C220 (w204) correct wipers?

    Hi guys I have a 2012 C220 (w204) and was trying to figure out what the correct parts number is for the front wipers? I have it narrowed down to A2048202300 or A2048201845 Anybody know where I can check this? Thanks
  4. E

    2012 C63 with PPP / LSD Saloon

    Selling my 2012 C63 AMG with Performance Pack Plus and factory AMG LSD. Ordered a new car for April delivery so needs to move on before March. 62 plate September 2012 33600 miles Fire opal red with 507 Platinum edition wrap. Saloon Performance Package Plus (487bhp SLS engine) AMG LSD...
  5. V

    2012 w204 c220 cdi

    Hey guys, after abit more power from my c220cdi after coming from an older E60 535d to this really missing the power ontap. Are these brabus tuning boxes the way to go anyone recommend them with no problems ect?
  6. LiveForever

    2012 c class coupe boot carpet

    As in post title, I am looking for a 2012 c class coupe boot carpet. Managed to get half a tin of emulsion on mine, managed to get it out before it ran onto anything else. Thanks
  7. W

    2012 S212 E350 estate

    I have had my E class for a few months but in the last couple of weeks the rear washer jet has stopped "spraying" and now takes a few seconds before you get a deluge of water all over the rear window. Has anyone any ideas what has happened and if I am going to have to replace the whole jet...
  8. E

    Vito 109 2012

    Tempted to by a vito 2012 109 from a friend. It has just had a recon block flywheel and new injectors for some reason the crank broke at 92000 Does the 2012 models still suffer Black Death injector seal failure? Any reason for why the injectors went and crankshaft snapped? Cheers
  9. B

    2012 c220 elegance front lip

    Hi all, I am looking to see if anyone has one for sale or recommends anywhere to get a black front lip for my c220? I have checked eBay and such but they seem awfully dear for what they are. I picked up a boot lip for 40 quid but front lips seems to be 200+. Cheers in advance for any replies!
  10. Das Khan

    2012 (12), C63 AMG,Coupe, Black, 69k

    Hi all, With much regret I have decided to part with my C63... details below and also advertised on eBay item number 232151858382 2012 (12) Mercedes C63 AMG Limited 125 Edition, Coupe, Obsidian Black with Full Black Leather Trim, 69,000 Miles with Full Mercedes Main Dealer Service History, MOT...
  11. A

    C63 2012 aircon probs!!

    Hi all fairly new to the scene.Anyone good with aircon on here?,got gas,got light on switch but no cold air.....any help appreciated please.
  12. W

    2012 C220 (w204) Service B cost?

    Hi guys I have a 2012 C220 w204 with around 35k miles that has come up with a "Service B" message. Just wondering how much this should cost from an official Mercedes dealer and if I can negotiate the price down? I know someone who has a E63 which has come up for a service A would we get a...
  13. H

    E350 CDI Estate 2012 - 85k

    Mercedes E350 CDI Avantgarde Estate September 2012 1 owner 85k miles (mainly motorway) Diamond Silver Black Leather Becker Map Pilot Factory tow bar Immaculate bodywork, only blemish is on the rear bumper Refurbished wheels Very good Continental tyres Immaculate interior Full MB...
  14. S

    2012 220 CDI Fuel Filter replacement

    Does anyone have a guide to replacing the fuel filter on a 2012 E220 CDI? I'm particularly interested in whether the water sensor is transferable or do you have to buy a filter with one already on and does the filter prime itself by turning the ignition on a couple of times after fitting...
  15. E

    Fluid for 2012 MCT C63 Transmission

    Anyone know the specs / titan equivalent fluid required for a flush service on a 2012 C63 MCT? Also any parts required. Eddie
  16. grober

    Oh Dear! TOTAL RECALL 2012

    Watched this last night. Special effects have vastly improved but not a patch on the original I'm afraid. [YOUTUBE HD]sWMhADqlPYg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  17. L

    Change Fuel Filter W212 E220 (2012)

    Hi All, I am considering changing my fuel filter but I need some advice. I don't have access to Mercedes part numbers but I have managed to find the different filters on the Mann catalog so I will have to use the Mann part number to try and explain my questions. 1./ When you change the fuel...
  18. S

    DIY Servicing, 2012 E350 CDI

    I am about to pull the trigger in the next 2 wks on a 2012 eclass 350 cdi. On my current car, I do an in between service at 10k, with oil / filter / pollen / and air filter once a year. Once a year it goes to an indie to do oil / filter via sump, fuel filter and all the other checks that is...
  19. T

    2012 C Class Boot Carpet

    Hi! I noticed on my inspection of my new car that the rear of the boot carpet is missing the clips to hold it in place. Can someone point me in the right direction in how to find these please? With my BMW we had realoem site that had it broken down so I've no idea on my Merc :) Thanks!
  20. C

    WTB C63 Estate - 2012 on

    Hi all, I'm looking for a facelift C63 Estate (but will also consider the coupe & saloon). The spec I'm after is: Magnetite Grey preferred or Tenorite Grey 19" Multispokes Porcelain or Sand single tone leather Carbon or Dark Wood (forget the name) interior trim pack HK Audio <30k...
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