1. R

    PARKTRONIC false positives (E-class 2012)

    Newbie alert! :) My 2012 (212) E-class has a problem with the PARKTRONIC, the front end (usually just the driver's side, sometimes both sides) gives false positives. It started out as an intermittent problem, mainly in wet weather, but has gradually got worse and is now pretty much constant...
  2. G

    C300 2012 w204

    Long story short, the alternator charges when i leave the car for long (a whole night in most cases), start it and don't switch it off. Once it is off and started again, the alternator stops sending power, until a long wait or the next day. Please what could be the problem and what do you guys...
  3. S

    W218 CLS 63 (2012) Brake Discs

    Hi Guys, I will need to replace discs soon on my CLS 63 AMG but i'm finding it difficult to find decent ones at a good price, Mercedes wants £1117 for a set of 2 discs :wallbash: I found rear discs on Eurocarparts for less than £110 (Pagid) and pads no more than £90 for the front and £66...
  4. V

    2012 SL350 noisy engine after service

    Hi all, The SL went in for it's 4 year service (>8,000 miles) with no issues before it went in. It came out with a tapping sound from the engine, as shown in the video below, but MB York have told us there's nothing wrong with it, and "it's just a characteristic of that engine, they're a bit...
  5. B

    2012 W204 Wheel Speed Sensors

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a wheel sensor fail which took out ABS ESP runflat system and loss of eco & cruise control. the warnings stayed orange so I was ok to drive. When a new sensor is installed, does anyone know if it needs to be callibrated or does the vehicle need to be connected to...
  6. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 2012+ facelift bonnet in white

    Selling the above, original bonnet in white No dents or filling needed, storage marks so would need whatever work required It's a saloon facelift bonnet, will also fit the pre-facelift (2007-2011) Looking for £300, fair price I think I'll get some pictures up asap, currently stored away in...
  7. A

    2012 (A207) E-Class Grill

    Hi all, I've recently changed my grill to a single bar design and will be looking to sell the double bar that came on the car. It came off my 62 plate E250 Cab. Overall it is in very good condition and none of the clips were damaged in removing it, I've only got the one picture at the minute...
  8. N

    Advice buying a 2012 E Coupe with Driving Assistance Package

    Hello, After years of aspiring to own a Mercedes E Coupe, I'm finally looking to make the plunge and have found a 2012 model that includes the driver assistance package: Distronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Tracking. Now here's the Q: Does the Distronic Plus on 2012 models automatically...
  9. S

    Can I put larger tyres on a 2012 C Class

    Hi I have a c class Mercedes which has low profiles . I have had 6 punctures in 3 months as the lanes where I live are so potholed I have 225/40/18 on the front 225/35/18 on the back Can I put larger tyres on without affecting the ABS etc. Can anyone suggest what tyre sizes I can put on or...
  10. J

    2012 ML250 Digital TV

    I've got the W166 version with digital TV fitted. I get some digital radio stations through this but it's pretty ropey. Is there anyway I can upgrade the software to get proper DAB radio? Also is there an upgrade to get split screen on the front display so that passenger can watch the TV while...
  11. W

    How easy to change the front passenger speaker of a 2012 E class

    Hi This weekend am attempting to change my front passenger door speaker as mb dealer would charge £271 which I find is outrageous and that's just labour. Does the door card come off easily? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  12. Max Shine

    Interior Boot Lights 2012 W212

    Is it possible to upgrade the 2 boot lights to LEDs and what fitment are they? Thanks
  13. Dannyallen89

    2012 c220 alloy wheel upgrade

    Hey hope some1 can help or advise I'm looking to change my alloys soon I'm wanting the c63 19" will they be a straight swap? These are what I have on at the moment poor photos BTW thanks Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. U

    Help! engine shake/cough 2012 c220 cdi w204

    Hi guys, Really hoping someone can help me here. Bought a c220 cdi sport 3 weeks ago with 89k on clock, privately. Test drive was fine, paperwork all ok, so did the deal and drove it home, no issues. The very next day, when i started the car i felt a shake from the car...then again...
  15. Haven't a clue!

    Best VFM detachable tow bar & 7 pin electrics for late 2012 C220

    Hi, looking for suggestions from anyone with experience of above for a Nov 12 w204, it's a saloon (AMG Sport) variant. I live in east Midlands area and would look for it to be fitted, now out of warranty. Appreciate the bodykit makes slightly more difficult but presume with a detatchable...
  16. H

    2012 W204 C180 (M271) cam adjuster @ 39K ??

    Hello, newbie here, have recently purchased a 2012 C Class C180 Coupe, full MB service history. At 39700 miles engine light appears on dash, fault code P0340 Camshaft position sensor. Diagnostics narrowed down to intake side - sensor duly replaced fault code cleared - approx 100 miles later...
  17. kris1981

    2012 t0 2013 command colour change

    Hi anybody know if the command screen can be updated to the 2013 colour scheme iv seen a thread on a American forum basically go from the yellow brown to the chrome and red Thanks
  18. M

    2012 CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake - Battery qty & locations?

    Hi, i know its bad form for my first post to not be one that includes photos of my newly acquired pride and joy, but i have an urgent question... Does anyone know with 100% certainty how many batteries the car has and where they are? So far, two are located, one under the bonnet under a...
  19. kris1981

    2012 to 2013 coo mad nav screen colour upgrade

    Hi ca anyone do the 2013 command silver and red colour scheme upgrade to a w212 thanks
  20. Strange8

    2012 E220 estate sat nav

    I've just put a deposit down on a nice e220. The car is exactly what I want but I discovered that when checking the car over and selecting the sat nav option, the message "sat nav module not fitted" (or something along those lines!) was displayed. From a quick search on here I've noticed...
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