1. W

    Lowering 202 Class

    Looking at getting a C class 202 shape as a daily driver workhorse probably a early 230k elegance. What aftermarket suspension have you guys got fitted to your c classes? Dont want nothing to extreme no more than 60mm. TIA
  2. B

    BAS ESP Warning Light on 202

    I know that this issue had been discussed a lot but I just want to get opinion from you guys. Previously had the warning light and thought that it was caused byweak original battery ( 5 years old). Sent the car to indy to check the fault and changed the battery but the indy can't determined the...
  3. Doodle

    202 front brake pad change

    The C250 is due new front pads (and probably discs) very shortly. I've been reading through the Haynes manual just to see if there is anything unusual waiting to catch me out, and came across this. Haynes advise that the lower guide pin on pre-facelift models is replaced with a new one. Does...
  4. McGreggor

    202 Bose Speakers

    I've got a set of 202 Bose speakers for sale, can anyone tell me how much they're worth roughly? The are from my C43 which had the bose speaker upgrade from the factory. Also, is there any amp in the car somewhere? 2 subs on the rear shelf 2 rear door speakers 2 front speakers 2 Tweaters...
  5. c13tay

    my early 202

  6. Doodle

    Sony Ericsson car kit & 202 phone console

    On the basis that the purchase and install of the new car kit goes well this afternoon, my current rig will shortly be available. It's a Sony Ericsson HCA-20, with the HCC-30 cable suitable for K700's etc, and the HCH-30 adjustable car cradle. It also comes with an MB telephone console...
  7. Iyse

    202 bodykit

    Can anyone explain to me how to detach the sideskirts to a facelift 202, as I am in the final stages of purchasing a Rieger kit thereby wondering how easy they are to remove. Also, I believe the rear has an extra part at the bottom which must taken off to attach the rear splitter. Again, if...
  8. andy_cyp

    202 c class

    Is this a good buy, auction ends in less than a a day, 2.900 advise please tia Andy
  9. G

    C Class (202) wheel arch trim??

    I’ve seen a couple of C classes (202) recently that had plastic wheel arch trims fitted (don’t worry not the chrome style ones!!)– the two models I saw them on were the sport versions, does anybody know if these are a genuine Mercedes part or are they an after market add on? – if an after market...
  10. C43AMG

    Face Lift 202???

    Hi, As a new member,and new to the W202 model.Can you tell me what year the facelift started.The C43AMG i have just bought is a 2000.The reason i ask is in the section HOW TO DO IT a lot is mentioned about Pre facelift.As you can see i have 560SEC and a S55L,i have never been involved with...
  11. H

    c class 202 cluster failure

    hi all my fathers 1996 w202 cluster has devloped a fault, clock not working various bulbs out, dealer says it's dead and wants £850 to replace :mad: anybody know where we can get it repaired? if we swap it for a second hand unit i assume, it needs to be coded as well as the mileage...
  12. G

    C Class (202), Rust and Mobilo

    I’ve got an April 2000 Cdi220 C Class (202) which has several small spidery patches (the only description I can think of) centralised around tiny rust spots on the bonnet\roof\wings – I’ve also recently noticed rust appearing on the inner lips of the wheel arches. The car hasn’t been serviced...
  13. Thmsshaun

    Hardcore 202! Not for the faint hearted

    Just been getting some more ideas for the car lol. :devil: Dont panic I dont need carting off in a straight jacket just yet. I do like the rear light clusters. The bonnet and headlights. Think it gives a newer look. Other than that :rolleyes: View at own risk :eek:
  14. alesantana

    202, 250 Td Vibration When Engaging Drive

    PLEASE HELP: W202, 250 Td Vibration When Engaging Drive PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!!! W202, 250 TD Estate 1999. Automatic. When the car is cold I get a vibration :mad: (Front-right) as soon as drive is engaged, that disappear as the car starts moving. I don´t get the vibration when engaging...
  15. guydewdney

    Wanted - 202 C220CDi sport? Avant?

    For a mate:- C220CDi W202 saloon, auto, leather. Not a classic - pref a sport. High mileage not a problem. £10K max. Anyone seen one? (leather is a must) Guy
  16. S

    2000 C240 Sport Auto For Sale (202)

    Reluctantly, I offer you my C240 Sport Saloon for sale with 87k genuine miles. FMBSH apart from last 2 services which are Andy Gayle. MOT 'til mid August, tax 'til Oct. Finished in Obsidian Black (Metallic) Unmarked Cloth Interior Black/Blue with Carbon Fibre fascia details...
  17. shazAMG

    The 202 Project 56k warning...

    I'll let the pictures speak for them selves, Mods to come... Exhaust (Double Barrel) Tints Carbon effect Door Pillars (on order) Lock caps (on order)
  18. B

    Tunnel Mat for 202

    Recently went to MB to purchase matt. Managed to get set of four but was told that there isn't a 202 tunnel matt. Read somewhere in the forum that someone managed to get a tunnel matt for 20 quid. Interested to get one was the tunnel is getting dirtier ever second. My interior is beige thus u...
  19. T

    Wanted C-class 202 Esprit wheelcap!

    Just need 1 wheelcap anyone know where i could get it from and how much maindealer charge? cheers.
  20. shazAMG

    Door Pillar Questions (202, pre-facelift)

    Hello, I need to upgrade the matt black finish door pillars on my 202 (pre-facelift, 97), does anyone have the part numbers for them? I understand there are a few different types I can go for, our E class has a 'shiny' black finish to it. Has anyone tried carbon fibre stickers for them...
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