1. television

    Face lift 202 rear bumper

    A friend of mine has this on Ebay 3 hours left and £50 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230238542101&_trksid=p3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling
  2. T

    202 wheels

    I am looking for a set of nice alloys with good tyres for my 202 est 2000, obviously keeping my eye on fleabay, any offers much appriciated. JT
  3. D

    What website can I get the wood trim for my 202? (c230)??

    I want carbon fiber but The trim peice around my radio cracked. Its a 1997 and I just peeled it all of planning for a new one. Is there a place that sells Trim kits? Thanks!
  4. stevesey

    202 Saloon Roof Bars

    Need a set for the summer (to collect son from Uni and Holiday).
  5. G

    202 C Class ball joint changing

    Gent’s I need to swap out the lower ball joints on my 202 C Class, last weekend I had the wheel off to suss out what was involved and the way the ball joint is bolted on seems to me as though other bits need to be removed to actually get if off, just undoing the two nuts would free it, but it...
  6. K

    202 Headlight beam adjust switch

    Has anyone changed the headlight beam adjustment wheel before,as I have been told that the pipes on the back are heat shrunk on,is this right.
  7. stevesey

    Wierd fuel gauge behaviour (202)

    Not an issue really just an observation (a very sad/**** observation). I've been working on customer site for the past couple of weeks and this week the 80 mile round trip has aligned itself with the notches on the petrol gauge e.g Monday - gauge on full all the time (as they do) Tuesday -...
  8. stevesey

    202 Bbq

    See here - well it made me laugh On that note has anyone else heard the "Immerse the propeller in refined tar" translation of an aircraft manual - no prizes for getting what it actually means.
  9. stevesey

    202 Broken Spring (or not??)

    Posted a while back about a slight knocking from the rear on gentle bumps. Anyway problem has been getting worse and I have noticed that the suspension is down on the corner where the noise seems to come from (diagonally opposite corner is up slightly compared with the others as well - to be...
  10. stevesey

    Damm - missed 4 202 Sport wheels

    Not desperate for them, so wasn't a high priority while at work and I forgot. Two spare ones to DIY refurb and cycle around as the tyres wear would have been good. Also I could have probably got a friend to collect them for me - so even with only one photo to go on £31 looks like a bargain punt...
  11. T

    202 auto oil change.

    Hi, I am a new member and find the forums very usefull...Reading about the gearbox oil change I decided to have mine changed,the garage who I have used for many years agreed at 62000 miles it should be done and obtained the genuine Merc parts.They have done quite a few of these vehicles but I...
  12. C

    WTB: 202 Front Indicators - Amber

    Hey guys, Looking for some amber front indicators for the 202 chassis. Trying to deal with breakers in the UK, but wanted to see if anybody had some lying around for a fellow 202 owner across the pond. I appreciate it! Post would be to Suffolk. Got relatives visiting the US later this month...
  13. stevesey

    202 Suspension Clunk?

    Hi My C240 has acquired a suspension clunk since christmas. Occurs at 20-30mph on uneven roads - single bumps/pot holes don't normally set it off. Perception is that the clunk comes from the rear and I was thinking along the line of anti-roll bar bushes. I noticed this morning that taking a...
  14. S

    head light glass w 202 c class

    hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR:bannana: does anybody know how to replace the glass headlight to a c class w 202 ? i have contacted GSF they sell them for £33+vat which i think is fair.:) but is it a job ai can do ?:confused: kind regards in advance mick
  15. Sonny Burnett

    Wanted 202 Bose Amp/speakers

  16. Nik_Endeavour

    Full bonnet lining Pt No-A 202 680 00 25

    I am after a "Full bonnet lining Pt No-A 202 680 00 25". The brakers around Swindon have no Mercs and the dealer is more expensive than I thought.
  17. Alps

    202 Facelift bootlid FREE

    firstly... COLLECTION ONLY... from colchester! have a facelift 202 c-class bootlid in blue, in ok condition, has some work done near the lock hole area, also needs smoothing and filling properly where some spoiler holes were at the top, a few minor sratches here and there thro storage, but...
  18. G

    Advice on leaking differential on C class 202

    Gents, Whilst replacing the rear shocks on my c class (202) CDI220 this weekend I noticed oil around the rear differential. Sods law is that the end plate from where it seems to be coming is half obscured by a cross member or something like that, does anybody know how easy it would be to...
  19. stevesey

    202 Steering Squeek

    I gained a steering squeek on my way to work the other day, a sort of rubbery squeek that is just there throughout the wheel rotation but most noticeable at the start of movement or if you rock the wheel from side to side. Jacked the car up when I got home - squeek is still there with the...
  20. andy_cyp

    I got put out of business by a 202

    :mad: http://www.malverngazette.co.uk/news/malvnewsroundup/display.var.1754236.0.car_crashes_into_butchers_shop.php I own the fish shop next door, was very lucky no one was seriously hurt.
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