1. stevesey

    202 C240 Diff Oil Change, Breather, Weeping Seals?

    Just changed the Oil in my diff - put 200ml more in than came out. Fair amount weeping from seals so removed and cleaned breather (100K miles on car). Needed a special tool to remove breather - old 11/16 spanner with a 30 degree bend just before the head :) this means you can get it in and...
  2. Z

    New here so this is my C200 (202) (56k go and make a cuppa tea)

    hi , am new here . Im 17 and bought a merc c200 espirit model . do have some ideas what i want to do to it as in modding it . i have previousli had a mitsubishi colt and a punto sporting. wanted something RWD and quicker without being too fast. anyway here is the pics . I got her for £1200...
  3. Alps

    202 bootlid mods and upgrades

    I thought id start a thread somewhere on this as there very little info around the forums on upgrading and modding the 202 bootlid to a facelift one. The reason for doing it was that I have rust on my bootlid (lock area) and at some point I will need to repair, which will mean respray. story...
  4. Sonny Burnett

    202 Boys And Girls

    Show ya 202's off :bannana:
  5. Sonny Burnett

    Gear Knob for 202

    hi looking for a gear knob with star and trim name on top of the knob (elegance ,sport , ect) any colour prefrably black or tan thanks
  6. gina2201

    202 Headlamp protectors

    First set I've seen for the w202, looked good on another car that had them, not sure about a c class.....? Someone might like them....;) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Headlamp-Protectors-for-Mercedes-C-Class-W202_W0QQitemZ290132104117QQihZ019QQcategoryZ9885QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. andrewcliffe

    202 - What grille do I have?

    What grille do I have on my 1999 C43? Is it original or aftermarket? Having just had a closer look it was made in Feb 99 according to the markings on the back, has the Mercedes star moulded into the plastic and 202 888 03 23 moulded into it. Closer looking it appears that the one of the...
  8. N

    Coil Springs W 202

    Hi All I am going to replace my front and rear suspension coil springs and I have had a price from Euro Car Parts £27.89 for the fronts and £28.48 for the rears. My question is I do not want to put on inferior springs and quite honestly this is a very good price,has anybody dealt with this...
  9. P

    For Sale - 202 C-Class Tempomat Switch

    GENUINE NEW MERCEDES-BENZ 202 C-CLASS TEMPOMAT SWITCH PART NO.202 540 1044 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120098324181
  10. High-Lo

    Frenchy's 202

    What fantastic and impressive 202 shots. Well done! have a nana :bannana:
  11. D

    Alternative to Comand with Linguatronic in older Mercs 202 210 124 129 etc!

    For those who like OE looking equipment I have just installed a Becker Cascade into my R129 SL. This is available from Pixmania at a good price. As Mercedes used Becker as an OE supplier the functions on the Becker are similar to a Mercedes comand unit with linguatronic functionality, indeed...
  12. R

    WALD 202 Bodykit...again

    Well, I tried to sell this bodykit about 18months or so ago, possibly longer. I ended up agreeing to sell it to a friend of a friend and, to cut a long story short, he never paid up after saying for months he'd "get the money". So, its been sat in my shed for some time now, the spiders being...
  13. M

    W 202 Near side rear electric window inoperative

    My nearside rear window no longer works and I have removed the door card and checked wiring on the multi-plug that fits into the regulator module and all looks ok with 12V at the plug. Have removed the electronic module from the regulator but as they are left/right handed cannot use the other...
  14. 230K

    Wanted 202 or 210 Drivers Mirror Frame

    Hi A Friend of mine requires a 202 or 210 mirror frame for the drivers side. Just needs the frame but complete unit would do too. Ordinary non folding non blinking will do. Thanks in anticipation, 230K
  15. F

    Frenchy's 202....

    Hi, For my first post on this Forum, i'd post some pics of my baby. Some members already know me from others Dutch, German, or US forums. Specialy Shude, Koolvin, Graham, MBenzNL or MikeC200 ;-) Here we go: Mods : 18" E Class AvantGarde rims (225/40) Lowered (- 6 cm) spring pads #1 front #2...
  16. jay73

    202 bits

    just had a returned bodyshop order they ordered facelift instead of pre !! LOL.. Basically it was a front end smash so I've got bumper parts, headlight etc.. To suit 97 on got a bumper painted in 744 (brilliant silver) By professional MB bodyshop (don't laugh they're MB & Porsche approved...
  17. High-Lo

    Pluggers is this your old 202?

    eBay Linky
  18. aka$h

    202 estate black leather

  19. aka$h

    KLP's 202 cloth seats 00.1p

    only got a few hours left, 1p............. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10398&item=4628001930
  20. L

    202 Drivers Door Trim If Anybody Needs

    First post so hi 2 everyone. Got an outside door trim listed on ebay just now.If it doesnt sell i will give it away to anybody on this forum for the price of postage. Only listed it on ebay so it doesnt go in the bin. Replaced a door and it was on the replacement door. My car is a sport model...
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