1. stevesey

    202 front suspension travel when doing springs

    Swapped my front spring pads for #1s today. Did the passenger side first, disconnected roll bar and shock, but top arm was still preventing enough travel to get the compressed spring out, so split the top ball joint and carried on. On the driver side, the once I had disconnected the shock...
  2. stevesey

    202 Puddle lights (wired to?)

    Anyone know where the correct place to wire these to is? The door controller, the centre light? I could just find the wire coming back from the door switch, but I'd like to know where the proper place is. Could someone with WIS have a look for me? TIA
  3. Alps

    HOW TO - 202 C-Class OEM Xenon Install

    Just getting round to tidy up the pics I have and came across these so I thought Id do a quick write up. They have been in and working for the last 4 years, so apologies if Its not complete. Firstly you need the light units, complete with the lens and relector. These are both different to the...
  4. Alps

    Headrest screens 202

    Thought id share my hard work installing headrest screens in my C36. was toying with the idea for ages and i finally did it! bought some BN s-class headrests cheap on fleabay, bought some Alpine TME-M780 screens, and hacked away for a few weekends. enjoy! screen close up both screens...
  5. BlackC55

    Braided stainless steel brake hoses for the 202

    I have just had made, some braided brake hoses for my 202. They are made by Goodridge and of the highest quality. They used to do them for the 202 but there was some problem with them so they stopped production. I can now offer them via PCS either supplied or supplied and fitted. The kit is...
  6. T

    202 mats

    set of w202 mats wanted must be genuine...07760218666. Why is it I can never reply to ads!!! hence my mobile
  7. Howard

    MAS ( Genuine ) for 2.3L 202's , 170's , 210's or 208's

  8. T

    202 pads

    Still having problems with sqeeking rear pads on 202 t200 Est 2000,I am quite prepared to buy new pads etc but want to make sure they are correct ...The ones fitted seem to have to much movement within the caliper,does anyone out there have a set of the correct pads for this vehicle? If so could...
  9. T

    202 est rear pads

    2000 202 estate 2 litre. Removed rear wheels to check rear pads as they had started to squeek. Lots of life left in them have only done 8000 miles and were fitted by a specialist but they seem far to loose in the calipers sideways movement the part number is ATE 90R/01112/022 this appears to...
  10. BlackC55

    Clear 202 headlamps

    Not to sure as yet. What is the panels verdict?
  11. stevesey

    Barry 202

    Here. How much for BIN! High miles too! (I think we may have seen this some before)
  12. T

    Wanted wheels for 202

    Set of nice alloy wheels and tyres 16" wanted for 2000 202 est,corrosion etc not required! cash purchase 07760218666 Jim
  13. L

    202 wont program throttle valve

    Hi Bit strange this, I have a april 97 202 chassis 2020202f running hfm injection, the engine will start and run perfect but just will not rev up at all just missfires at approx 1500rpm, found the throttle valve not programmed tried to program it but it just wont program at all, so far it has...
  14. chrispy

    Euro Projector Light Replacement For Standard 202 Lights

    Ok, i'm gonna get slated summat terrible here but i've bought a set of the euro projector lights (UK based ones) to replace mine where some asshole decided to reverse his Chelsea tractor into my 202 and smash a f**&%$g headlight and then proceeded to drive off before I broke his neck. Is there...
  15. T

    202 oil change

    A silly question! I have a 202 2litre estate year 2000,due for oil change I intend to do this myself but am not too sure on the oil specs.I have available some Q8 Formula Advanced 10/40 spec mb 229/1..miles are 65000 will this oil be ok? Jim
  16. stevesey

    202 Fuel Filter change + bracket tidy up

    Went out to do the fuel filter on my C240 this afternoon, I knew the mounting bracket had a lot of surface rust so was planning to slop waxoyl around; however realised it's quite easy to strip the whole mounting from the car, so got it all off and had a session of wire brushing (cordless drill)...
  17. B

    I cant find a 202 carbon dash trim kit.

    ive found quite a few to be honest but i cant find one with the part under the centre vents that has the switchs in for the rear headrests and esr etc, has anyone else had this problem.
  18. B

    Speaker size in 202

    just a quick question, does anyone know off hand what the speakers sizes are in a 202.
  19. B

    New to the 202, anyone help me with how few things work.

    Hi all, my first MB and as super as the car is i didnt get any manuals with it when i got it so theres a few things im unsure of. Its a 98 2ltr auto 202 and i cant work out how the cruise control works, if anyone knows and can briefly explain that would be excellent, and the other thing i cant...
  20. stevesey

    202 facelift drivers side front mud flap

    Mine came off yesterday :-( My fault I had noticed it wasn't right and pushed it back into the clip with the idea of investigating this weekend. Only these on ebay at present - was after ones with the logo rather than the dots like these have. Thought it worth asking here.
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