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    Royal 320CLK power short problem

    1998 CLK320 petrol 92,000 miles. Stored for three years, battery dead, I replaced the battery along with the starter motor, and a new petrol filter. I took it for a two mile spin, ran fairly well, engine needs tuning. This is a pristine unblemished example inside and out, owned and only driven...
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    57 Plate 320CLK CDi - Engine cover and mob Phone!

    Just bought this and have an annoying little rattle when first acccelerating - thought it might be the engine cover as it doesn't want to 'clip' onto the two rear mountings (just seems to sit on top of them, not sure why??) I Have the Audio 20 system fitted to it and altho I have telephone...
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    320CLK Cab buying advice

    Hi I only joined this forum a week or so ago. I'm already after help from any experts out there. I'm looking to buy a 320 CLK Cab, probably a 2003/4/5/6 model. I know all the general car things to look for but what make & model related issues should I be looking for, when buying one? Thanks Becky
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    200 miles from full tank from 320clk

    most of my trips are extremely short less than 3 miles and im only getting 200 miles from full tank 13.6 gallons. is this right? my mums car does 420 miles to this 75 pounds i put in and shes got a 320d bmw who says diesels are not worth buying for short mileage lol.
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    what spark plugs on 320clk w reg and where from and how much?

    need to chnge my spark plugs immediatly to get to the bottom of my misfire, pls advise best place to buy? of course cost within reason. thanks.
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    Help with 320clk please

    I guys I am looking a second opinion on the possible diagnosis that I have been given on my car. It's a w208 3.2 on a W plate and since owning it about a year it has slowly got worse with its running at times which I have had enough with now! I have read many threads about this type of fault...
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    Newbie with a 320CLK

    Hi everyone, I finally decided to join your group after using the technical forums for advise since owning the car about a year. Happy new year to you all
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    What to buy instead of a 320clk cdi

    Realising after seeing a few 320cdi clk's Im going to have a wait a good while to get one at the price I want as my budget can only stretch up to £8k. I wanted the 320diesel as the V6 has great performance along with the very reasonable economy. And miles wise Id be happy with one up to...
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    98’ 320CLK Air con compressor (W208??)

    It’s leaking oily green fluid so I guess it’s a replacement. Can it wait until next summer or do I have to attend to it now? TIA Neil
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    W208 320CLK newbie question

    An ‘of the moment’ eBay bargain purchase! :D The last merc I owned was a W123 230E and strangely this feels the similar. It feels as well screwed together as my W123 although I’m told this period was poor on quality control for Mercedes. So far so good and I've racked up 500 odd miles without...
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    Broken Speedo on '02 320CLK

    My speedo has a mind of its own. It registers a speed way different than I am going. I am sure this is a physical rather than electrical problem. Some symptoms: When I brake I hear a ratchet like sound as if two cogs are touching but not meshing. When the weather is cold the speedo needle...
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    Looking at 320CLK any advice

    Hi there, new to this forum, used to have a 220 classic until the company car came along (Passatt!!! ) so swapped the Merc for a Audi convertible 2.6 E great fun in the sun and then managed to persuade my wife to let me buy a Subaru Impreza and store the Audi well the Subaru is an amazing car...
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    Fitting a radar detector to my 320CLK

    Hi Everyone I want to fit my Valentine One detector to my CLK (I hate speed cameras), but I need to know how to connect up the power.  I'm thinking of running a cable under the trim around the windsceen and down to the fusebox by the drivers door.  But how do I know which wire to tap...
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