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  1. Alex

    How does A/C work?

    In terms of CAN signals. Did MB ever publish this information? Trying to find out what controls the swashplate angle in the compressor. Long shot but you don't ask, you don't get.
  2. B

    How to replace A/C compressor on R230 SL

    Hi, The compressor on my SL has started to whine and I have managed to obtain a replacement. My question is, is this a job that I could do myself, or is it one that is best left to my local garage ? I am fairly competent on mechanical things. Bob
  3. B

    flashing rear a/c

    I have seen this problem listed on here but the problem was not solved??, I have ML270cdi, the rear a/c flashes red when i try activate the rear windows(they dont work with rear switch or front switch) putting the child lock on the flashing stops but rear windows still do not work .on locking...
  4. F

    w210 a/c re gas

    Hi from Australia I've just purchased a 1998 w210 e300 turbo diesel that was imported from the UK in 2007. I can't find much diy on this cars a/c It has the manual wheels for temp adjustment in the console. Its not blowing cold air but the compressor engages The clutch on the compressor...
  5. T

    07 Vito A/C / steering wheel swap /

    Hi all Newbie here. About to acquire a compact !W639 '07 111 and have a few questions.. As far as the interior goes, the air con has packed up. Is this likely to be seals on condenser? An expensive job..? Also, I thought about adding parking sensors and a W203 (or similar) multi function...
  6. A

    W124 E300 TD, 165k full history, 7 seats, leather, A/C

  7. P

    A/C light query 350SL.

    Hi All, I have a Merc 350 SL 2004. When the light on the A/C switch is on does this mean that the A/C is on or off? Also are the plastic strips on either side of the rear window removable? Pete
  8. W

    problem with a/c unit

    have s class 320 2005.a/c blowing hot all the time cant control temperature any ideas?
  9. J

    w203 Climate Control no A/C can't find errors

    Hi - This is my first post. I just bought a 2004 Mercedes c230 - with the manual climate control system. The A/C won't blow cold and I need help getting the error codes, and resetting the system. I have tried: REST + Defrost (buttons, holding down) this only produces two digit number on...
  10. C

    W126 560SEL A/C Compressor

    Hi Anybody know where I can get a 560SEL compressor at a decent price, new or 2nd hand...? I have been quoted £299 +VAT for a new one....there are some on EBay, not sure of the quality of them though? Cheers
  11. O

    w201 190e 2.0 A/C Installation

    Hi guys, I have 91 mercedes 190e 2.0 automatic without a/c and planning to add aircon feature to my benz. I've bought -almost- complete set of a/c parts including engine cables, evop, compressor and dash related switches etc. I have only one thing missing which is cable harness for...
  12. J

    2011 W218 CLS A/C not blowing cold

    Hi, Noticed that the A/C is not blowing cold in my CLS W218 with the analog A/C panel. The red A/C light comes on and off when pushing the button as normal and no warning messages are displayed. Simply said, all seems well, except the air does not get colder than the outside air. When...
  13. L

    A/C on or off ?

    Hi, New to Mercedes owned various BM's for the past 10 years however got myself a 2005 CLK 240 convertible in December and really pleased with it upto now. Only thing I can't work out is if my air con is on or off :dk: the button on the dashboard says A/C Off with a red light, now is the a/c...
  14. T

    W140 A/C Problem - Compressor RUNS ONCE

    Hello, I hope some of you clever people can help me out?. I recently purchased a W140 1998 S500. Slowly, I am trying to sort out the various issues on the 150,000 miler. One of the main problems is the A/C not working. The Vehicle from what I can gather has been stood for some time...
  15. I

    A/C issue - low fan speed.

    Hello everyone, Firstly, i want to apologize for my not so good english. :rolleyes: I am a proud owner of one classic beauty - W124 1990 200 E model. From about a month I have strange problem with fan speed of my climate control. So the problem is expressed in: When i start the car...
  16. Nightdriver

    A/c shuts down after buzzing noise but noise continues. Heater booster pump?

    It's seems my heater blower A/C problem is getting worse the ac now randomly shuts down all together. And will restart when it wants. The buzzing noise seems to be coming from the engine compartment not from the blower heater fan. A heater booster pump is now the suspected culprit as the noise...
  17. E

    For all with smelly a/c

    I had a damp/musky stench coming from the vents, tried everything i could think of but couldn't get rid of the smell, it got to the point i didn't enjoy driving the car. After trying the method in the picture i can honestly say the smell has gone, this method worked well for me & i hope it works...
  18. T

    Advice on A/C

    I have just bought an immaculate 1 owner 1995 Mercedes C220. The only downside is lack of A/C. Does any member know if it is a complicated job to fit a second hand unit from a scrap car and is it within the limits of a the normal do it yourselfer. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    A/C Issue

    Hi all, My car: W208 CLK Cab. My A/C seems to be running very weak of late and to be fair I've not used it for a month or so since I've opted to have the hood down. Yesterday I noticed it was barely cold but perhaps just working. Looking on here I found out how to do some diags on...
  20. Y

    2009 E-Class E350 CDI COUPE (W207) A/C

    Hi Does anyone know the quantity of A/C refrigerant this model takes ??...... I've just got the car & I always get the A/C systems serviced as soon as I get a new car so i know all is well , any advice would be much appreciated ! Cheers Mark
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