1. 91dm

    W163 ML270 BAS ESP, ETS & ABS Lights, C1100 Fault

    Hello, Hopefully someone might be able to help me on this. My ML developed a fault last week, BAS ESP, ETS and ABS lights came on followed shortly by the EPC light. It's an 04 ML270, 170k miles. New battery few months ago, no other faults before this. After a quick search on the...
  2. M

    W211 ABS EPS defective fixed, but still malfunction

    Hi all, my S211/W211 E240 -2004 started to show these in autumn, on and off: ABS, EPS defective, Service brakes. Later became constant. On top of that Brake wear in Winter time. Autel MD802 showed P0500A, left rear speed sensor/wiring fault. Changed it, noticed a damaged ABS/ reluctor...
  3. C

    abs activating intermitantly

    Hi all I bought a 2002 ml270 just before Xmas , I decided to get the oil and filter done at Mercedes so took it down last week , they said whilst its in its down for a recall for the cruise control , after leaving and going home I noticed when coming to a stop especially when turning the abs...
  4. S

    Restraint Sys Malfunction, ABS Run Flat, Cruise Control & SPEEDTRONIC inoperative

    Hello, I'm a New member and Just got a problem with my AMG c220 cdi sport Blue-efficiency 2012 When i turn on the Car below error display on my dash * Restraint sys malfunction consult workshop * Abs inoperative * Active bonnet malfunction * Run flat indicator inoperative * Cruise...
  5. T

    W220 ABS ESP Fault Visit Workshop

    Hi I have a sort of simple question to ask for assistant for please but guess best to start from beginning. I had a ball joint that needed replacing on the front off side suspension (lower outer). I took everything apart making sure the speed sensor was protected and tried to ensure the...
  6. 9

    R129 ABS light

    My car is a 1995 SL500 with ASR. After driving for about 10 miles the ABS light comes on and stays on. A few minutes prior to it coming on I felt a single slight kick from the pedal while braking gently. Using a home-made blink code reader has given me fault code no. 8 i.e. solenoid valve...
  7. M

    W639 Viano Instrument Cluster gone crazy!

    Hi all! My 2006 W639 Viano LWB 2.2CDi with 62k kms on the clock has got its instrument cluster/speedometer spooked somehow. So last week I sent the Viano for some minor detailing work (compound polish, seal and wax) as its been a while since it was last detailed. The van was just as usual...
  8. ivandraganov

    Abs warning,Esp not avail

    ABS and ESP warnings triggered while fast cornering.Any clue what might be the cause?
  9. M

    W211/ 7g Tronic - Downshifting & Braking Effect- Reluctance Rings ABS

    I thought i would start a new thread to see if anyone has cured this problem with the ABS reluctance rings. My 7g gearbox was serviced and software updated a few weeks ago so its not that. When driving around town, if i take my foot off to coast and slow down, i get a light braking effect...
  10. A

    E320 CDI W211 Hard Steering wheel and ABS esp inoperative

    Hi Im new to this forum hoping for some help. Recently purchased a e320 cdi 2006 elegance model. The steering wheel is hard but still functions. Also i have following malfunctions ABS/ESP inoperative Run flat tyre inoperative Brake wear and couple of light ones which im...

    W463 G Wagon - ABS warning light when starting from cold

    Hi all, Weird thing happening to me every time I start my 1992 W463 GWagon lately. Firstly it shudders to a start and needs a good few pushes of the gas pedal to turn the engine. But the weird bit for me is that once the car does start, it revs very low at idle for about 10-15 seconds and...
  12. D

    W123 ABS light issue

    Hi there, Does any one know the correct action for the ABS light. Mine was on constantly until I changed the voltage regulator on the alternator. It now goes off when the engine is started and has failed its MOT on it. As I recall the light is supposed to go off after the a period of time...
  13. bikesforme

    Abs , Bas/esp light

    I brought my a208 with these lights on. I put my code reader on and i got a couple of fault codes that came up, can not remember the codes but it was to do with speed sensor. Went to check speed sensors and clean them, first one i took off looked little worn so replaced it. The car gearbox did...
  14. A

    98 clk230k bas asr abs issue

    Hoping for some help on this one. Recently changed the Kenwood aftermarket stereo for an update bluetooth pioneer single din system. On starting the car the BAS ASR and ABS warning lamps did not go off as normal - might be a coincidence ??? :mad: Having read some older threads I replaced the...
  15. D

    w124 300e 1991 cutting out abs light on

    hi guys i bought a lovely 300e w124 few months ago, all of sudden the abs light comes and goes, and yesterday she cut out when coming to a stop at the lights, the following day tried to start it did turn over but within a second she would cut out, left it for a few days and shes back to...
  16. bikesforme

    Turning abs,bas/esp lights off

    Replaced a faultly wheel sensor, and i have took the engine managment light and fault codes off with my code reader, but they have not cleared theses abs, bas/esp fault lights. Strange thing is when you start the car these lights come up and 3 malfunctions show on the dash. When u turn car off...
  17. S

    W163 - ML400CDI ABS sensor problems

    Hi Has anyone had problems fitting cheap (ish!) aftermarket ABS sensors to an ML? Thanks!
  18. ngenius1

    C43 ABS pump needed

    As title. If you have one or know where i can get one asap, would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. S

    2 Failed ABS Sensors.

    Hi Everyone, First post! I have an X164, and my wife a W164 - similar age. Both cars, independently have had a failed ABS sensor in the last week. Both recovered by Mercedes to different dealerships, and I had to pay for the sensor on the X164, but Mercedes paid for the sensor on the...
  20. R129mine

    R129 - ASR & ABS light on

    Hi This weekend I was driving in Belgium on the motorway in torrential ran when all of a sudden both the ASR & ABS lights came on simultaneously while driving at about 80mph. I slowed down a bit and after 5 miles stopped by a service station and stopped engine. When I started the engine...
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