1. G

    ABS fault

    Hi, wonder if anybody has had this problem before. My 2002 W220 S430 had an ABS warning indication on the dash, didn't worry to much about it and started by taking the wheels off to check integrity of sensors etc and give it a good clean. The ABS warning disappeared but when taking off from...
  2. abecketts

    Abs bas light flashing

    Driving along the m27 last night in my w210 and the abs/bas warning light starts flashing of and on rapidly. Oh feck say I but it only happens above 60mph which perplexed me, would that be a abs speed sensor thingy on one of the wheels playing up? Off to the garage I go.
  3. V

    Seat Emulator SRS ABS ESP !

    The faults on my W210 keep growing. I have had a problem with my Air Bag since purchase (centre console orange light says airbag off all the time, SRS on dash comes on sometimes where ignition switched on but not always). Had my vehicle plugged into star and fault with passenger seat occupier...
  4. A

    W211. E320 Cdi ABS & ESP Warning

    Hello all. Having recently acquired a 2003 E320cdi I have an abs problem that I am having difficulty solving. After owning it 3 weeks the dreaded ABS & ESP warning came on. I have limited knowledge but borrow my friends scanner which gave me the fault C143A speed sensor rear right check...
  5. C

    ML ABS wireing

    Can any body please advise or supply me with the wiring diagram of the ABS system on the 2004 W163 / ml270
  6. A

    W204 ABS ESP Warning lights

    Hi there, W204 C200 Just cruising along this afternoon and suddenly the ABS ESP not functioning warning lights come up on info panel, any ideas why this would be? Brake pads, maybe? Anyone had the same problem?
  7. Twistedmind

    ABS,ESP, BAS Fault

    Hi all I have the following faults on the dash ABS,ESP, BAS Fault I found the fault was shown as Drivers Speed sensor. Changed that from ECP and cleared the fault using a icarsoft i980 tool Fault now comes on instantly when the car moves, it took a while before. What else could it...
  8. L

    Yet Another ESP, ABS, limp home thread

    Sorry folks yet another ESP, ABS, no speedo, limp home thread but with a twist. Just picked up a lovely (and cheap) C240 2001. This is my 3rd Merc in recent years and I'm fine with reading codes and replacing sensors but this one is giving me a bit of a headache. I have an excellent...
  9. P

    W140 coupe abs ring

    Simple question, has anyone replaced just the ring rather than the entire driveshaft? If so where did you find the ring? Thanks folks Phil
  10. B

    S211 e270 cdi abs & esp defective

    Hi all Purchased the above as a bit of a gamble. Starts fine, goes into drive but stays in 1 gear. Fault codes point to both rear abs sensors which I've ordered new ones for. How common is it for both to go at the same time? Could it be the ruluctor rings on the driveshaft? Thanks...
  11. B

    Abs ring s211 e270cdi

    Hi all Any guides on removing driveshafts to replace magnetic abs rings? Thanks
  12. moodubs

    W163 abs lights (brushes)

    Hi thanks for looking at my post, and more importantly thanks to all you people out there for posting the below link C1401 ABS/ETS/BAS lights come on randomly - Mercedes-Benz Forum my question is does anyone in the uk know where I can purchase the correct copper spec brushes please...
  13. M

    1999 E300 3.0 Turbo Diesel ABS ASR Light only when headlights switched on

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and i'm experiencing a problem whereby I switch my headlights on and I get a dash light ABS ASR. If I switch to full beam the speedo stops working and maybe i'm being paranoid but the steering seemed that bit heavier too. I even noticed this evening that the gear...
  14. J

    W209 clk 220 NSF ABS sensor

    As title please if anyone has one
  15. T

    R107 SL ABS Light not going on at all

    Hi, I'm looking at buying an SL420(R107). When I turned the ignition on I noticed that the ABS light did not come on at all. I believe it should come on to to indicate that it is functioning properly and then go off once the engine is started. I would have expected that the ABS light stay on...
  16. S

    ABS and BAS/ESP warning lights

    Driving home this evening the ABS and BAS/ESP warning lights came on together, and remain on after restarting. Any ideas please? Vehicle is SLK230 R170 @ 87,000 miles, regularly serviced and a daily runner.
  17. 2

    W211 ESP,ABS SBC Faults & Battery

    Im new here so first off hello :thumb: I am having issues with my 03 W211 320CDI (199,620miles) I will list them each but maybe some are caused by the same issue? 1. ABS Not working 2. ESP Not working 3. SBC hold Not working 4. Brake service - All fine replacements front and back with in the...
  18. L

    w202 c280 Abs light on.HELP...

    Hi Guys please can someone help me out. I got abs light and traction control light on permanently from moment you start car. Checked brake switch that's fine,cruise control works fine as well. Only thing not working is abs and traction control. Had local garage plug car in on reader and said...
  19. A

    W203 ABS sensor and code clearing

    I think I have a problem with one of the ABS/Speed sensors. ESP inoperative and cruise control not working. If I replace the sensors will I still need to get the fault erased or will this happen automatically?
  20. M

    500 SEC ABS ASR fault

    Hi guys I've spent a few hours looking in the threads and cannot find a solution. so here goes I had a mechanic fit a set of lowering spring to my 500 sec , before it drove without fault no warning light at all. When he was trying to remove one of the rear springs he caught the rear...
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