1. K

    S Class w221 320cdi 2006 possible Turbo Actuator Issue

    Hi, I wonder whether anyone has had any issues with a failing turbo actuator. The symptoms of my car are:- Smoke bellowing out exhaust on heavy excel-oration Slight engine judder when warm Notibly runs better when cold Feeling like the car handbreak is slightly on ie car feeling held back...
  2. E

    throttle valve actuator seals leaking oil.

    Engine oil cooler in our ML250 (reg 2015) was found leaking oil. When the car was brought to the dealership additional problem was diagnosed. Namely "... and also found the throttle valve actuator seals also leaking oil" I am not a mechanic, but what oil should be doing near throttle valve /...
  3. M

    P0244 error Code Turbo actuator.

    P0244 error Code: Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid A Circuit Range/Performance Had this error coming and going on my 320 ML CDI for a long time, finally it went into limp mode and it looked like the turbo had had it. Took it to Mercedes in Angers France and was quoted around €4500 for a...
  4. M

    06 E320cdi (v6) turbo actuator help

    Hi all my e320 has the usualy jurky issue thats usualy fixed by replacing the turbo actuator, MAF and swirl flaps I know there all relatively simple fixes and im in the process of ordering all the parts. I understand you cant buy new actuators, so refurbishment is the next option...
  5. N

    W211 turbo actuator limp mode

    Hi. Just looking for some advice before I get taken to the cleaners. I have an E320 cdi sport w211 2008. 65k on the clock. Serviced regularly. About 3 months ago I hit a pothole that smash my left front alloy but no other obvious damage. Within a couple of weeks I started to get limp mode...
  6. L

    CLK 320 Turbo Actuator 6nw008412 where to buy?

    Got the car plugged in and showed the following errors: So I did a bit of research and got my turbo actuator out. Connections were "semi" loose so we got the connections re-soldered. Car is still under-powered and is sometimes going into a limp (no dash lights) The actuator rods are...
  7. C

    Turbo or actuator

    Can anyone help??? 2004 C200 CDI was working fine, then turbo cut out after about 2 miles. same thing happened every day for a couple of weeks, turbo worked fine when engine was cold but as soon as it got a couple of miles down the road, no turbo. About a month ago turbo stopped working...
  8. E

    Turbo actuator and egr fault e320 CDI w211

    Hi all, my Merc e320cdi w211 is now in limp mode! I noticed a few months ago that if I accelerated hard then the car would go into limp mode! This wouldn't always happen but may 3-4 times out of 10! If I turned the engine off then it would all resume back to normal with no issues.Anyway this has...
  9. bini-q

    e 320 cdi turbo problem

    hi, i recently purchased a 56 plate E320 CDI 3.0 v6. i love the car now couple of weeks after i bought it i noticed that sometimes the car loses power basically every-time i use kick down function it happens and after 4-5 minutes of driving the power comes back again. i had a mechanic check it...
  10. D

    E320cdi 2007 turbo actuator electronics

    This is my first post and this is my first MB. It’s an E320cdi face lift on a 57 plate and I have had it for 6 months (I have to say its awesome) It has done 115,000miles and came with a full main dealer service history. Unfortunately it has started to suffer with the (common from reading...
  11. 1

    W639 Door actuator pinout

    Got a non locking door actuator and need to get plate or actuator pinout to see whats going on. Anybody have info?
  12. anfieldassasin

    W203 coupe door actuator

    Hi all My wife's 2003 w203 c180k coupe passenger side door lock is doing the whole pogo/machine gun type dance/noise. Searching online leads me to believe the spring in the actuator is broken and I've ordered a new 2nd hand actuator. I read you have to drill out the rivers for the window...
  13. B

    How do I replace a fuel flap actuator on a W212

    A couple of days ago I placed a message on here requesting advice on how to sort out my fuel flap that got stuck on my W212 The emergency release didn't work so I used brute force to open the flap. I then put lots...
  14. S

    W212 Saloon Rear Nearside Door Lock Actuator

    Hi. Can anyone point me to a supplier of this part which I believe is A2047302135. It's the solenoid or door lock actuator operated via the remote key. I've emailed two MB pats Deprtments however after 4 working days I guess that they are just too busy to respond. :confused:
  15. C

    Turbo Actuator proble

    Hello My name is Milan, i have a Sprinter 311(2007) and i have problem with turbo actuator. what i have done it : replasment atcuator, mass airflow meter,intercooler pipes,inspected all wires (all is good) but: when i turn the ignition ON the actuator is working and straight away get clossed...
  16. t-dawg1

    OM642 Turbo Actuator

    Update on my intermittent kangarooing/jerking: : Well Mercedes said i could not get the actuator on its own so needed to buy a whole turbo for £1500. Went to my indie who said he knew a place who could recondition it for £350+VAT. I was not convinced coz after some research I found out how to...
  17. bh13coupe

    OM642 Turbo Actuator failed w251

    Hi Guys I have a stuttering OM642 under load, fault code (P2510-001, Y77/1 turbo actuator positioner signal fault) is pointing to the actuator failing on the turbo. My question is, can you purchase/replace the actuators or are we looking at a new turbo? If anyone has been down this route...
  18. J

    E300 TD tailgate lock actuator

    Hi,looking for drawing or info on how to replace the white plastic air driven actuator for the tailgate lock. Actuator hissing untill lock opens or closes seems to cause lag for filler flap motions. Trying to resolve headlamp levelling which is not working.
  19. V

    Turbo actuator fuse

    Hi all. 2006 vito 120 CDi. Actuator needed replacing due to broken worm drive. However new actuator doesnt move. Bought another used one and that doesnt move either. Is there a fuse for this? Thanks.
  20. P

    P2095 / P2136 Error Codes Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit High ?

    Hi Folks, I just received a generic OBD2 bluetooth scanner, the cheap ones of ebay and am running Torque on an Android phone. I started the car from cold and received the following two errors: P2095 - Powertrain B Camshaft Position Actuator Control Circuit High bank2 c P2136 -...
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