1. M

    W163 ML270 demister air distribution actuator and flap

    Hi Guy's, Not sure if this is teh correct place to post so please forgive me. With this moist weather I have found my ML is suffering the classic demister actuator problem (from searches on other forums it looks to be common on a number of models (including the ML, and C class). I have...
  2. T

    Electronic Actuator "Gearbox"

    Hi to all, I had a problem with the actuator on my car over a year ago and managed to fix it, there was a broken wire that needed re-soldering. When I had opened mine up I could see a lot of carbon dust from the little electric motor also the plastic worm drive would begin to wear and knew it...
  3. Z

    Mercedes E280 cdi turbo actuator g-219

    as title removed from a right off e280 cdi with 86000 on the clock. the car was running fine before the accident. part numbers garrett - 6NW008412 H-4 G-219 250866 L2 after £60 including postage.
  4. 837richardt

    W211 turbo actuator

    I guys I have found that my turbo actuator on my E320 cdi has an intermittent fault and puts car in limp mode now n then, just wondering if I bought a replacement re conditioned actuator will it work straight away or will it need to be programmed on the car??
  5. 837richardt

    Turbo actuator,

    HI does anyone know if I remove my turbo actuator on w211 320 cdi will engine still run "although in limp mode"
  6. harries2


    Plz help were is it and car runs like a bag of bolts on tick over Car is a 2003 1.8 kompressor coupe
  7. R

    Cant fill fuel

    I had recently visit the petrol station with the intention of purchasing some of Shells finest diesel. I walked up to the filler cap and tried to open it but nothing. I swiftly left the forecourt never returning. I returned home and read in my Merc handbook that there is a small round plate...
  8. M

    defrost actuator

    Hi folks. just removed the actuator that controls the air to the windscreen...pig of a job..., as it wasn't working properly, When the actuator is powered from the car, the actuator arm continuously moves through 270 degrees back and forth it does not stop. I assume that once the direction has...
  9. Z

    Clk320 cdi turbo actuator part number

    Hi guys my car is still having issues with jerking during acceleration, star is now pointing to the turbo actuator, i have found loads of these on eBay, but need some confirmation. The part number on mine is 6NW009420, however on the net this number corresponds to a 2.2 engine, any idea if...
  10. V

    Turbo Actuator Rod issue

    Hi I have a 2004 Vito ( new style Vito) which has been throwing up an engine management light. Vehicle has only done 72,000 miles. Its been on STAR and apparently the actuator rod in the turbo is only moving 50% and therefore the turbo is only boosting at 50%. Apparently I'm going to...
  11. B

    no boost. fault code air flap actuator

    Hi there. Newbie here! I have a 53 plate c180kompressor. Its been flat for the entire time I've owned it. Recently the engine light came on and it was fault code P0234 and P2033: recirculating air flap actuator. As soon as the fault clears it comes back again. I had the engine ecu tested and...
  12. Borys

    Turbo actuator

    Would love to know more guys If anyone could give some tech info for me pls? How does it work,what happens if it doesn't Thanx V6 diesel
  13. M

    Door lock latch actuator?

    I have a 2009 ML 350 and my passenger door lock stopped working. I have to lock it manually. I was wondering if its the Door lock latch actuator that need replacing. I never had the machine gun sound or effect happen to the lock so I was wondering if it was a fuse or something else.
  14. M

    Throttle Valve Actuator

    Hi All, I've just been advised by my garage that my 93 reg 500SL requires a new Throttle Valve Actuator, part number 0001415225. Obviously at close to £1,100 I like to source a second hand part. I've been looking around the web and ebay but I'm struggling. Anyone have any contacts or know of...
  15. peanuts

    ML270 Tailgate solenoid / actuator

    Hi all, Couldn't find a thread on here concerning the above :failso I ended up buying a second hand one as mine only unlocked on the remote, it wouldn't lock. On taking the old one off I discovered the plastic pin that attaches the actuator to the lock had broken, I fiited the 'new' one but...
  16. M

    Cheapest source for W126 Idle Actuator valve?

    Ive been having trouble with idle speed since I got it, finally fixed every Vacuum leak and thought my idle was solved. However Ive noticed after a long drive, the idle continues to creep up. This is a replaced but used Valve.. I tried the "spring" mod (pulling out the centre cap slightly) but...
  17. J

    C200 CDi Actuator Clicking

    HI all, when on idle the turbo actuator is constantly clicking. i have code P1407 stored but i thought that was EGR? power seems down, i have just steamed out the DPF but this code was there before. also a U0407 invalid data from glow plug module? I will try to phone BLACK55 as i am very close...
  18. N

    Looking for part w202 headrest reliese actuator??

    Maybe you have a few spares? Parts number is A202 97 004 25 My right side reliese actuator is broken my headrest doesn't fall down on the right side when I push the switch only left headrest drops like a dead dog and now I need a new one to replace it with. Went to the stealership, they...
  19. A

    Drivers door vacuum actuator

    Hi all, I wasn't sure if this was the correct section to post this question, but here goes. My 1997 C250td has a problem with central locking, all the doors lock or unlock with the electronic key button, but the drivers door will only unlock or lock with the metal key, and there is a pronounced...
  20. BillyW124

    m111 Tempomat actuator

    Does anybody know if there is an easier way to get to the tempomat cruise control actuator on a w124 M111? I believe its mounted below the intake manifolds which looks cramped to get to from the top. (infact i dont think you can even see it from the top) I'm assuming the only way around this...
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