1. T

    ML270 Swirl Flap Actuator Motor

    Hi All, Firstly, sorry that my first post has to be a "I need something" post. I recently bought an ML270 CDI and the inlet swirl flaps turned out to be shot ( no wonder he wanted rid of it quick :doh: ). This forum was essential in determining the problem. I have made the repairs myself but...
  2. M

    E270 Turbo Actuator - Electronic

    Help please ! Can anyone tell me what component sends the signal to the electronic actuator because my turbo is overboosting.
  3. S


    Does anyone have an old injector pump like this? Iam looking for the actuator from one.
  4. Q

    Broken stepper motor actuator - fixed!

    What a fun job that was, although it isn't too bad and certainly suitable for competent diy job. The part (2 in a bag) was £14 from MB A few tips can be made available if anyone interested in stopping the annoying noises on start up. Oh and yes it was the easy one! :D
  5. daniemj

    R&I W163 A/C Rear Flap actuator Motor?

    Hallo Anyone has pictures and advise on how to replace & install the aircon rear flap actuator motor on a 2002 ML RHD? :confused: I have advise but it is for a LHD ML. On the RHD model, there is a park brake in the way which is going to make life very difficult for me. :dk: Thank you
  6. D

    AC actuator on W203 any ideas?

    Hello all, I have a thinkerling noise coming from behind the dash when the Auto AC is turned on. I think its an actuator that needs replacing but I don't know how to do it. Anyone any ideas or the part numbers I need for new ones. Many thanks in advance. DME
  7. P

    if the turbo actuator is stucking some times..

    I have read few posts about overboost>limp mode. And this shows like turbo actuator is stucking from smth, or its to old , so i have 1 stupid question, could i spray somethink like wd40 to the vacuum line to actuator? or how could i fix it ? Now i start to realize where could the problem be...
  8. jpskiller

    W124 Door Lock Actuator

    My drivers door lock actuator works intermittently, when I disconnect the power lead to it you can pull it up and push it down easily, yet when power connected it is very stiff to move up/down, so couple of questions : 1) could I repair this and if so how? or 2) replace it, I've spotted one on...
  9. Spinal

    Neural Impulse Actuator

    Has anyone had a chance to play with the "OCZ NIA / Neural Impulse Actuator" ? It's due for release soon, and I'm very tempted to pre-order one (at about £100 they aren't too expensive) especially if the hype it to be believed! That said, I'm a bit suspicious on how well it works, and I'm...
  10. C

    pressure actuator (differential pressure regulator)

    hi i have a 124 300e there seems to be a fuel leak on the pressure actuator the stealer's tell that the o rings need replacing as any one had replace the o rings on this part and is it just o rings or is there a gasket, is it just a matter of removing two screws or will the actuator fall...
  11. K

    Air Flap Actuator for clk Kompressor w208

    Hi Ive had intermittent probs with the kompressor, the tech reset the ecu last week and it was all fine. The cold snap was the beginning for the kompressor to stop working. Sent the car in, the codes read that it is the recirculating air flap actuator as the problem. Mercedes are quoting...
  12. C

    rotary idle actuator

    hi all i have a 1991 300e that stalls when i stop at junctions etc it only happens when the engine is up to temperature it idles at about 750 rpm in park but drops down to 500 rpm when in gear i removed the idle actuator and found that the valve does not fully shut is this correct...
  13. K

    Idle Speed Control 'Actuator'

    Guys, I need some more info on this Idle Speed Control Actuator - this is the term my mech gave me. My car has the erratic idling problem and one of the potential sources could be this unit which apparently contains lots of other components which may be at fault. What is this part, is there a...
  14. bloodmoon

    1990 300CE-24 Throttle Actuator - How Much?

    My car is currently extremely poorly, and after consulting a local Bosch expert/Mercedes mechanic, he is almost 100% sure that the problem lies with the throttle actuator. He also hinted that a throttle actuator would be extremely expensive to replace... After having a read around, I believe...
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