1. G

    W219 CLS500 Bi-Xenon swiveling lights (Adjust for European driving)

    Hello guys, I have been trying to find the switch on my 2005 W219 CLS to convert to symmetrical beam pattern. But I cannot locate it, does anyone have a picture or something to know what to look for? My car has the Bi-Xenon swiveling dipped beam lights When I had my CL500 the lever was quite...
  2. clk320x

    Can you adjust CLK Xenon from RHD to LHD

    Is it possible to change the beam from RHD spec to LHD spec on a 209 with Xenon's? I read somewhere there is a lever somewhere but it was a pretty **** explanation Cheers
  3. M

    W163 washer nozzles

    I've a 54 plate ML270CDI. I've been trying to source washer nozzles for the windscreen as they seem blocked or badly adjusted. There are three of them and they are a weird style - flat with no pin-adjustable 'ball bearings' common with other models. I'm able to remove them and I've cleaned...
  4. T

    w204 estate hand brake adjust

    hi all i need to adjust my hand brake on my w204 estate , the pedal no longer pops up when released , i used to have a w203 estate and the adjustment was under the rear seats easy , but i cant seem to find it on the w204 thanks tony
  5. uumode

    Does your MB adjust for BST?

    I've yet to step into my garage, but I'm hoping the clock would have jumped forward an hour
  6. L

    R230 Roof adjust/boot alignment

    HI all, I have a 2003 SL500 recently inherited from my late father. I have a concern over the water coming into the boot area (common i know). I have noticed the boot lid does not sit flush with the o/s rear quarter panel by C Pillar when the roof is in the up position but when the roof is...
  7. S

    How to adjust headlamps?

    2003 CL600 W215 I had the lights altered from rhd to lhd by the MB franchise/Indie here in SW France. He told me that I wouldn't get the rh kick-up, which doesn't bother me and the beam is relatively flat, so looks like he has simply got rid of the lh kick-up. Trouble is, now the dip...
  8. S

    Throttle Cable Adjust

    Hi all, Was having a look at my throttle cable today after reading a few posts, I'm presuming it's the small cable on the passenger side close to the bulkhead? Anyway it's seems quite slack, so I was wondering how tight/taute it should be? How do you adjust it, by the black nut? I have tried...
  9. PhilT

    Driving To Europe, How To Adjust Headlights On C63 AMG

    Does anyone know how to adjust the headlights for driving abroad? I don't want to put the stickers on the headlights and I know you can adjust them on most cars these days.
  10. brens-e200

    adjust mixture setting on 1990 230E query

    hi i want to check adjust the mixture settings on my 1990 230E using a gunson exhaust gas analyzer and was wondering what is the correct reading for this engine. a recent NCT ( MOT) shows a co reading of 0.13% at 800rpm thanks in-advance brendan
  11. jeremy156

    W221 - How do I adjust headlight beam for continental driving?

    On my W211 E-class there was a lever within the Xenon headlamp housing that pulled the shutter to an angle that provided a flat headlamp beam rather than a being raised to the left - thereby making it suitable for continental driving. I've just started driving a W221 S-class but I'm...
  12. D

    how to adjust the light intensity of the board (W169)

    MB A150, (W169) built 2005: Does anyone know how to adjust the light intensity of the board. I guess you have to be smart, not strong ... but I did not I get it.
  13. S

    How do you exactly adjust mixture with the 3mm key?

    I'm just about to try making my adjustment a bit leaner, as after replacing a lot of parts, i have noticed it's still running a bit rich - but am concerned about pushing the key in too far, which i understand is like falling into the abys. How far DOWN do i have to push to SAFELY engage the...
  14. SilverSaloon

    adjust exhaust w124

    hi ever since i fitted a new centre and rear box on my 1994 E300D W124, the rear backbox is too far to the passenger side so it rubs the bodywork occasionally. at the moment i am pulling it more over to the drivers side with a ratchet strap on the exhaust hanger which helps, but its not...
  15. G

    W203 Partial Electric Seat Tilt Adjuster

    Hi newbie here but I've been here for over a year thanks to google, great informative site I will say. Now I need to ask something I can't seem to find so hello everyone. On my 53 plate w203 220CDi Estate drivers seat I have the star wheel to adjust the upward tilt of the seat, I can adjust...
  16. Dug

    Seat adjust buttons!

    Hi Chaps I have a CLK with adjust buttons between the front seats which should adjust for comfort, I cannot hear or feel the seat doing anything ! should I ! or is it just very subtle?
  17. T

    clock adjust

    Does anyone know how to adjust the clock in my dash of a 2008 CLK :(280. I read in the manual that you adjust it through the command system. I have done this and it is stored the correct time but when I then check the clock in the dash it is still an hour out. Any ideas
  18. Bobsta

    Possible to adjust Xenon levels on C-class / C63?

    Hi folks, Sorry for posting in the General forum but I could do with an answer on this ASAP. My '09 C63 is in for its MOT right now. The testers are saying the light beam is slightly too high to pass and needs adjusting down. They claim they can do this for £11.95. I was under the...
  19. F

    How do I adjust the dash clock - 2008 CLS 320cdi

    Can't find this in the manual. My clock is 1hr fast. Have the comand as I have a vague recollection someone said it may be adjusted there?? Thanks in advance
  20. V12

    HOW TO Open stuck glovebox and adjust. W220

    I bought my car with the glovebox stuck shut and know this to be a relatively common problem as the cars get older. Searching the forum didn't turn up any results and the document on WIS was totally useless. My Glovebox was also all loose and just didn't line up with the lines of the dash...
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