1. uumode

    C43 AMG beats two C63s AMGs in drag race?

    C43 AMG in this drag race beats two C63s AMG in this video
  2. T

    Do AMGs have their own number?

    Do AMGs have their own number? By that I mean are they actually AMG cars or still Mercedes? Reason I ask is I came across an AMG 124 for sale and the price is quite good. I'm sure the new AMGs being actually now owned by Mercedes are Mercedes. But back in the 90's? They were an independent...
  3. Dizwen

    will C63 AMGs go the same way as 911 996?

    More of a used car market watch question really. Porsche sold bucket loads of 996 911. So many that the values dropped to the point that they became "cheap" and you could pick them up for 8-9k at one point. I know prices have started to rise but all the same... So, with the C63 being sold in...
  4. nickjonesn4

    white AMGs

    what's the obsession with White cars - makes any car look like a rental someone explain please, I'm baffled.
  5. G

    insurance for modified c63 amgs

    What companies are u guys using for covering modifications ie remap and exhaust
  6. S

    A meeting of AMGs :D

    I have a pretty short run to work everyday. Today on the way I got behind an E65 'S'. He gunned it on the dual carriageways but I managed to keep up ;) Then we came to the traffic lights and there was a CLS63 I have seen parked at work. Me outside lane, CLS63 in middle and E65 on inside lane...
  7. P

    CLS AMGs for magazine photoshoot

    Hi there, Mercedes Enthusiast magazine are looking for a C219 CLS 55 AMG and a C218 CLS 63 AMG to shoot for a big feature on Wednesday 30th July. The photoshoot will last around 3/4 hours and is likely to be in the Beds/Bucks/Herts/Essex/Northants area. If you have either model and would like...
  8. developer

    So You Think Your AMGs Are Quick Off The Mark

    ChrisA Lee JimG Give it up...
  9. bpsorrel

    Buying used AMGs

    Interesting Autocar feature about buying older AMGs. Soooo tempting.. :D Mercedes-Benz AMG used buying guide and gallery | Autocar
  10. J

    E55 AMGs on eBay

    One of the better ones on eBay at the moment... If it's still available next week I might call in for a look. Others...
  11. The _Don

    AWD for next C63

    4wd amgs for the uk Next C-Class AMG will be first to add 4Matic option for UK buyers
  12. A

    Who maps AMGs in then UK?

    Who's the preferred choice for mapping the engine and box for the AMGs?
  13. N

    BREAKING '96 W202 C200 Sport. Black leather, C36 bodykit, 17" AMGs, moonroof, Schätz

    1996 C200 Sport manual with an overheated, v. sick engine. Black leather manual seats in v. good nick + matching doorcards C36 AMG bodykit Schätz boot spoiler with integrated third brake light. 17" AMG monoblocks 4 x 225 45 17 94W Autoguard tyres with less than 100 miles AMG tipped (at...
  14. chester

    19inch AMGs

    right got the 19s on my car and when i bought it at the dealer i noticed one had a very tiny bit of kerb damage and so they got the wheel sorted no problem. Couple of days back I clipped something which has caused a similar amount of damage. My local dealer seems to think these are diamond cut...
  15. BenzedUP

    Amg 55 & 32

  16. J

    Amgs from black to silver..

    well after listening to forum members i got myself a cheap set of 18" angs and refurbed them myself, took me 2 days to get the polished lip done..ha.. anyways after putting new tyres on and fitting them to the car i think everyone was right.. the silver looks much better and suits the colour...
  17. S

    3x AMGs needed for Fifth Gear TV show on Discovery Channel

    Hi All I hope someone can help. I’m writing from Fifth Gear - TV show on Discovery Channel. We are currently producing series 23 of the show and each episode we will be filming a used car guide detailing 3 cars you can pick up for an affordable price . For one particular episode...
  18. Conquistador

    Blue-ish window tinting, S500 / S600 / AMGs etc...

    Can anybody tell me whether this is a standard or aftermarket tint on this '63? I'm looking at various companies online and their galleries of work they've carried out tinting windows as I'm looking to get mine done, but was wondering if a darker tint has just been slapped on these...
  19. Dizwen

    Do real AMGs punish AMG badged up cars?

    I was driving home the other day and as I approached a crossroads in my home town and a c-class w203 coupe pulled out from the right and caused me to brake, not hard, but enough to make me think "what a to$er" As I got closer to the boot of the car I saw C220 AMG on the boot lid. it had...
  20. M

    Rare Youngtimer AMGs & Sportline steering upgrade for my 124 Coupe

    PART 1: A RARE AMG OR TWO Below is where I tell you about picking up my Coupe from my Indy. But first, I thought I would share something I thought you would all appreciate. I little while ago an R120 SL600 AMG was discussed in the "Spotted on Ebay" section. It was an aqua-green-blue kind of...
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