1. E

    What fuel do you put in your c63 amgs?

    Hi. There is an 11p difference between unleaded and super unleaded in the the garages near my home which almost tempted me to use unleaded! What fuel do you use and does anyone notice any difference in performance unleaded vs super unleaded?
  2. M

    Mercedes at the Nürburgring - AMGs and a very RARE Oldtimer!

    This week I attended a track day on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. I travelled over on the Monday, leaving Tuesday free to spectate an event going on before my track day on Wednesday. Among the many, many cars seen during the trip, I spotted many a Mercedes. Snapping away, I thought I...
  3. O

    Do AMGs have different chassis numbers to non AMG versions?

    I've just been trying to read mine to see about this Valeo radiator thingy, even though my car is fine and not juddering it is a bit of a worryand was thinking about changing it for peace of mind, I've not had my V5 through yet so reading the chassis number from the MOT but it doesn't start with...
  4. N

    What AMGs are these?

    Need some help/advice on my 18" wheels currently on my E class that I am thinking of selling? I thought they were AMG III but having now looked online I am not sure they are? Anyway here is a picture of the wheel, can someone point me in the right direction to an ID? Really appreciate...
  5. 6pot

    18" AMGs on the w124

    Just got to figure out if they will fit and to be honest im off to try them on shortly. If they do fit.....should i on the w124??? im not sure:dk: i like the colour and the fact it almost matches the paint on my car!:rock: wheels are 18x9 rears and 18x8 fronts wearing...
  6. M

    Rare 6.0 V8 AMGs from Japan (R107 & W124)

    A couple of very nice, low mileage and extremely rare AMGs for you guys to enjoy :) First up, a 560SL from Garage Current: LINKY HERE It has a SOHC 6.0 AMG conversion with a quoted 320BHP. I have to admit, it looks absolutely stunning! Next, we have a 300CE 6.0 Widebody! LINK HERE The blue...
  7. sgtbob

    Will these AMGs fit ok?

    Can someone tell me if these wheels will fit my C230K (W202) 1999? 225 40 18" Front 265 40 18" Rear (10.5J) Thanks in advance. Rob.
  8. N

    C36 AMGs 4spd or 5spd auto?

    So if anyone has driven either of them and had the choice which would you go for? I've got experience of an E36 with a 5spd auto but not tried the 4spd with the same engine. Thanks :)
  9. stevesey

    17" AMGs - How this supposed to work?

    One auction for three separate wheels! Could find youself bidding for a rear 8.5 against someone who wants a front 7.5. Just an advert really.
  10. BTB 500

    Bye bye Ceginus / Evo II / Mille Miglia, hello AMGs

    Just replaced the 17" Ceginus (AKA Evo II, AKA Mille Miglia) wheels with staggered AMG 18" 2-piece. Been out for a drive this evening ... no harshness issues at all (phew), possibly the ADS masks any slight difference between 17" and 18"? Downside is it would probably look better lowered...
  11. P

    Lovely pair of AMGs

    Vorsteiner ( ) has started making tune up body parts for MBs. Hope their intention filters down the rest of the range .... :cool:
  12. M

    MB warranties and AMGs

    After phoning around it would appear that MB have stopped providing Service warranties on AMG vehicles since around 4 months ago. This may have already been covered on this forum but I think that it doesn't say much for MB. I can only assume that it has been costing them too much to honour these...
  13. ibrar

    19"s AMGs

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if its possible to get 19" AMGs for my '00 C250? I currently have 18"s but they seem too small. (Anybody have any other preferable choices? If so attach a pic!) Also any other upgrades I could add to me car? Here is a pic, but its not the best!
  14. The Dent Guy

    SLR video + F1 McLaren 'v' DTM and AMGs

    Found these interesting videos whilst browsing the McLaren website.... McLaren SLR with Alonso driving.... Comparison of current McLaren F1 car against DTM and AMG MBs at Silverstone...
  15. C

    Additional Insurance on AMGs

    When I insured my E220 cab for the first time in July I mentioned that the vehicle had been fitted with AMG wheels - these are 15" and so not radically different in appearance from the standard 8-hole ones. Direct Line my insurers increased the premium by another £100 - which is a lot when...
  16. janner

    Two E36 AMGs at same garage Okay so one is a W210 but even that looks cheap. Have we seen the W124 before? Wheels need a refurb and no interior shots but looks quite nice.
  17. L

    Newbie looking for advice on AMGs

    Hello MB owners! Im thinking of buying a secondhand C43 AMG estate or an E55 AMG estate in the next few months. I currently drive a 320 BHP Volvo T5 estate but have owned a few mercs years ago, a 190D 2.5, W124 220TE and a W123 200. Anyway what issues do i need to look out for? How much do...
  18. dougal74

    What are these AMGs called?

    Thanks to the advice from Howard, Andy K, aka$h and others :bannana: I have plumped for these: - They were OEM on the 190E, are on the .pdf chart for the C124 and should not firm up the ride too much...and no one seems to want 16" so they were affordable! Does anyone know what they...
  19. janner

    How much are 17" AMGs worth?

    I've been offered a set of genuine AMG wheels. 17" x 7.5 et35. Look a bit like these. They are not perfect by any means with some kerbing but nothing major. The chap wants £300. Good deal or not?
  20. N

    Will 17" AMGs fit my C Class?

    I've been looking for a few weeks for some alloys to my 1998 C Class estate. I have an opportunity to purchase some genuine 5 spoke AMG Style I wheels with 2 x 225 x 452R17 and 2 x 245 x 402R17 tyres. I presume the wheels will be 7.5J fronts and 8.5J rears. The wheels have come from a CLK...
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