1. T

    W203 C320 CDI - front antiroll bar bushes

    Quick question for our forum experts Thought I'd quickly change the antiroll bar bushes this weekend. Ordered a pair form GSF and they do not fit :wall bash: My mounting brackets have a rib that fits in the rubber groves. The ones sent by GSF "equivalent to 203 323 20 85" made by Vetech...
  2. Bill.

    Rear anti-roll bar advise

    Morning All, I have recently purchased a 2013 213 MWB Hi roof sprinter. Now as its only a 2series i have added another leaf spring to help take the weight. Whilst I was in the proof doing this I noticed that there was no rear anti-roll bar?? The van is immaculate with only 30k miles 1owner so...
  3. C

    190e 2.6 front anti-roll bar bracket - sports suspension?

    Hi everyone, Rather embarrasingly, a couple of weeks ago I managed to ground my car whilst reversing over a kerb. There was an almighty 'whack' as the front end came down on the passenger side, and I feared that I'd done some serious damage. Fortunately, on inspecting the car it would seem...
  4. esprit200

    Eibach Anti-Roll Bar Kit - CLK W209 - C W203

    Hello! For sale, a pair of Eibach uprated anti-roll bars, in good condition with matching polyurethane bushes. These were removed from a 2003 CLK 270 CDI. These are suitable for all engine variants of the W209 and W203. If there is a buyer for each, I will split the pair. £200...
  5. C

    Anti-roll bar bushes - W203

    I was planning to change the front ARB bushes on my 2004 (facelift) W203 Avantgarde sport SE estate. It has the sport pack (big brakes, slightly lowered etc) It appears that none of the usual suspects carry the replacement bushes. I rang the dealer today and was told I would have to replace the...
  6. K

    W126 & W123 front anti-roll bar ends

    Im about to embark on changing my front upper control arms on my 500SEC which can potentially lead to snapped anti-roll bar end as pictured below. As a preventitive measure Im getting some repair ends machined similar to the kits available on ebay New Mercedes Benz W123 126 Sway Torsion...
  7. M

    CLK 270 cdi w209 rear anti-roll bar bushes

    Help!! I have the squeak of death (as in i'm gonna kill myself if I cant fix it!!!) coming from the rear of the car. Took it into my local suspension place who worked out it was the drivers side rear anti roll bar bush. A liberal application of grease silenced it for a few days but it came...
  8. Peter T

    r171 front anti-roll bar

    I noticed today that the front anti-roll bar on my SLK has an extra, unused hole at each end, which looks like a drop link fixing hole. Assuming this is correct, moving the drop links to the currently unused holes would shorten the ends of the a/r bar, making it stiffer. So, my question...
  9. R

    free: x2 W168 anti-roll bar links & other bits

    New, still sealed W168 front anti-roll bar links by Febi. Made in Germany. MB part number: A168 3201189 Febi part number: 19332 Bought at the same time as OE ones, so used those. I have no space to keep spare parts, I'm afraid. Free if collected, otherwise postage at cost. Can take...
  10. S

    ML320 W163 Drop Links Missing / Not Fitted

    Hi All I have just spent a day replacing the rear coil springs on a 2000 ML320. I noticed that the anti roll bar drop links were not fitted/missing, is this common, a standard fit or should I replace them, will the handling be greatly improved? It doesnt look like thay have ever been fitted...
  11. O

    antiroll bar links and the effect on car handling?

    Hello, My links are shot, this been a while, need to replace them, but I have a wee question, the car seems to skip a bit in bumpy roads and the steering wheel feel lighter too. Like the wheels jumped off the road. I got low profile tyres, this doesn't help the bumps tho, and lately I changed...
  12. Kompressor_Dude

    WANTED: C43 Anti-Roll Bar

    As per title, C43 anti-roll bar wanted - new or good condition (not rusty!) second hand. Thanks :bannana:
  13. A

    W124 E220 Anti-roll bar

    Hi, Does anybody know what should be the torque for anti roll bar bushing mounting bolts ? After bushing replace the noise is gone when I drive trough the speedbumps with one wheel but with both wheels and when I accelerate (nose loft up) it makes crackle noise. Thanks in acvance, Algo
  14. M

    W126 sel Cracked Anti-Roll Bar!

    Help! My '89 420 SEL was in having a near side front caliper replaced about 3 weeks ago. After this, there was a strange, but quiet clonk when going over speed bumps (for example) - and what sounded like a cv joint when pulling away and turning (obviously it wasn't that!). I assumed it was a...
  15. Horrgakx

    Anti-roll bar droplinks - source?

    I changed the ARB droplinks in summer last year but the car just failed its' MOT on them. I'm a bit disappointed because I was confident that the suspension etc. was fine. Should I get another pair like this? or alternatively do any parts suppliers on here offer the same?
  16. K

    E240 Estate W210 Anti-Roll Bar?

    Hi, am brand new to the site so hopefully I am posting this in the correct section. I have just returned from the Mot test center with my 2000 E240 Elegance Estate. It failed the Mot due to "anti-roll bar missing", I was quite surprised but sure enough the bar is missing along with the drop...
  17. Horrgakx

    Thinking of buying Anti-Roll bar drop links - grease needed?

    Hi - I have a rattle from the front left which sounds like anti roll bar drop links. There's a new pair on eBay and I'm sure I could change them myself. Do I need 'copper slip' grease or similar?
  18. login_user

    Anyone fit antiroll bars in hants area?

    Gents, I've just purchased an Eibach front and rear antiroll bar kit for my CLK(w209) and i'm looking for someone to fit them for me. I'm in Basingstoke Hampshire.
  19. D

    Anti-roll bars W124 E500 and/or Sportline

    Hi, Im looking to fit some tougher anti-roll bars to my W124 - CAN ANYONE HELP? Thanks in advance.
  20. kjay

    Eibach Anti-roll bar kit fitted

    W203 coupe (2003) Having already got the Eibach lowered springs fitted, I've been quite happy with the ride. It's firm without being uncomfortable. I still felt though that 'turn-in' on bends could be sharper, so I decided to try the Anti-roll bar kit. There was a problem with the kit when it...
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