1. N

    iOS app update

    Since updating to latest iOS version I keep getting a pop up message stating that "this app needs to be updated and will not work in future iOS versions" My question is an update planned?
  2. T

    mercedes me app and adaptor

    Has anyone tried installing the mercedes me app on their phone and also the adaptor on their car? apparently its free from mercedes, the obd adaptor is constantly plugged into the obd port. what do you guys think of it?
  3. H

    Mercedes Me App - Some data missing

    I'm a new owner of a E220d Premium and have all the non-extra fee services enabled. On my app, I have "- -" against Brake Linings Brake Fluid Coolant Washer Fluid All other data is working (after a couple of back end tweeks by the app support team). Any other drivers have this info...
  4. W

    Speed camera app

    Hi, Does anyone know of a speed camera app that switches itself on whenever it connects to Bluetooth? Whenever I get in my car, the phone automatically hooks up and I wondered whether it was possible for a speed camera app to do the same, rather than it having to be switched on every time. I...
  5. brucemillar

    IOS 10 and the Forum App

    The Forum App is not working with IOS 10. I can read posts but cannot reply. It crashes within seconds of opening a reply.
  6. MercedesDriver

    Which OBD2 android app?

    Are there any android apps you would recommend for pairing with ELK327 vgate bluetooth code reader? App should be able to support both Mercedes and Volvo, if it's possible at all. Thanks.
  7. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter C63 - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the C63. Its to interface tothe torque pro / drmerc mobile apps please? Anyone using these in their c63's? Thanks
  8. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the torque pro apps / drmerc mobile apps please? l Thanks
  9. trillion

    BEST FREE car check app or website?

    I'm currently using two apps for checking cars for FREE "totalcarcheck" and the "Autotrader" totalcarcheck does old MOT history and tells you if its stolen(the government should really do this) and if you pretend to advertise a car on the Autotrader app it tells you if its been written off.;)...
  10. uumode

    Geo ring fencing alerts after MB connect me app upgrades

    I found that after MB refreshed their connect me app, My geo ring fencing alert emails have stopped. Anyone else find they are not getting the alert emails when car exits or enters the specified geo fence?
  11. brucemillar

    ELM 327 OBDII iphone 5s app

    Folks I have been offered an ELM 327 wifi dongle. I want to use this on my iPhone 5s. Problem is my phone cannot see the ELM in Wireless. The ELM has a solid red light when plugged into the car with the ignition on and engine off or on. A GOOGLE suggests that the issue maybe the iPhone...
  12. ash59fifty-uk

    'Bardis Teleporter' smartphone app

    Creator of this app could be a genius... Facebook page~ Apple AppStore~ Bardis by Appiy Ltd Basically, you're out with mates at the pub. Or wherever you shouldn't really be, and the missus rings your phone. You open the...
  13. Herishi

    iOS app feedback

    Admin please move to the feedback and testing forum, Hi I only seem to be able to post in the general discussion category from my iPhone. When I try in other categories I get the attached, it asks me to choose a prefix but gives no option of selecting or typing one. Also sometimes (as has...
  14. fab1975

    No remote pre-entry climate control activation via Mercedes Me app?

    Hi guys, Do you know if the "pre-entry climate control" can be activated remotely on the C300h (or even the E300h) via the Mercedes Me app? That option had been advertised by both the MB salesman who sold me the car and a MB press release called "Remote activation of heating and ventilation...
  15. Palfrem

    Pedometer app for Windows phone

    Morning chaps, Can anyone recommend a decent pedometer app for a Nokia Lumia phone please? There was a Microsoft app on the phone when I bought it but MS have abandoned it. Many thanks
  16. guydewdney

    any app / ebay search website developers about?

    got an idea for a function that we have needed / required several times now, yet doesnt appear to exist. Im sure we are not the only ones. an analogy: you want a car, 2003 to 2006 year. but autotrader makes you search for 2003, or 2004, etc and its listed as 2003, '03, 12 years old, a 53...
  17. aquanaut

    Interesting story / App

    Find out what your MOT DOESN'T tell you: How one woman's costly car problems inspired her to help others discover their car's real history | Daily Mail Online
  18. Horrgakx

    Mercedes Me app

    The dealer has now activated the system, I've had an email, and on the Portal I can activate services. However all the services say is "Activating...". Do I need to connect the car to my iPhone's personal hotspot and do anything?
  19. Markjames

    Android app help

    Had them but clip app on my LG G4 mobile, it was stored on an sd card but unfortunately this packed up and I lost the app. Now when I go into google play to re-download the app as soon as I press install I get a box up saying google play has stopped working. When I press ok on this box the...
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    What's your latest, greatest app?

    A recent thread prompted me to ask, what's your latest, greatest app? The first app I can remember being truly impressed by, is still the one which blows my socks off: Word Lens, which is now integrated into Google Translate, quite literally translates text in real time using your...
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