1. PaulXC

    Mercedes Assistance - Flat battery

    Rather embarrassingly I flattened the battery on the E500. I was working on the car (see here drainage channels) and while doing so I raised and lowered the roof a few times to get at the areas under the hood cover. I also had the CD installing for the digital user manual which took...
  2. A

    W205 retrofit Drivers assistance pack

    Can anyone advise if it is possible to retrofit the drivers assistance pack to a w205 C43. In particular I was looking for the Distronic ACC. Any idea of cost?
  3. S

    C230 2.5 V6 assistance

    Hi All, looking for a bit of help please with anyone that has a 2.5 V6. i changed the timing chain a few months back, and have had to do a few mods since to get timing back in place. anyway, i had to remove the power steering reservoir on the "bank 2" side on the engine, and when i did i had...
  4. N

    Advice buying a 2012 E Coupe with Driving Assistance Package

    Hello, After years of aspiring to own a Mercedes E Coupe, I'm finally looking to make the plunge and have found a 2012 model that includes the driver assistance package: Distronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Tracking. Now here's the Q: Does the Distronic Plus on 2012 models automatically...
  5. S

    Coil Spring Assistance

    My W202 C230K Sport has bad sag at rear (probably the result of towing while with previous owner). I am going to be changing the shocks on the vehicle in the near future, but the amount of sag is so much that I think it is much better to replace the springs as well. Checking with the EPC it...
  6. The _Don

    30 years free roadside assistance.

    Up to 30 years free Roadside Assistance. If your car was manufactured from October 1998 onwards, you’ll get an extra bonus every time your car is serviced at a Mercedes-Benz Retailer – free renewal of your Roadside Assistance. This continues for up to 30 years and covers you in the...
  7. P

    Mercedes roadside assistance

    I have bought a car that was serviced by Mercedes last April. Do I get the balance of the roadside assistance automatically, or do I need to phone them up and have it transferred? Thanks Paul
  8. GSEH88

    C63 Driving Assistance Package

    As the spec of my new C63S Estate is soon to be frozen I am still trying to decide whether to include the Driving Assistance Package. I normally steer clear of this level of electronic nannying but really appreciate the intelligent cruise control on my Audi in the London traffic jams. My...
  9. U

    Assistance with airmatic shock purchasing

    Hi all, This week my w220 cdi 320 (2001 my) took a dive and popped the osf shock. It's been leaking a small amount for a while but its gone for good now. Appear to be original and at 14 years and 150,000 miles, its not too bad eh, but I wonder if anyone can offer any guidance on the below...
  10. pstock

    Assistance Please

    I require the wiring diagram for the doors on a CL500 (MY2001) both passenger and drivers. Could anyone point me in the right place. Thanks in advance. Paul
  11. H

    Thoughts on Driving Assistance Package. Distronic etc

    Hi, Ordered a new E Class. Got pretty much everything with exception to the Driving Assistance Package. This contains: Distronic Plus with Pre-Safe® Brake Active Blind Spot Assist Lane-Keeping Assist PRE-SAFE® PLUS DISTRONIC PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist (DTR+Q) Enhanced Brake Assist...
  12. T

    Car Ins. + assistance.

    Further to my request to ask about AA charges, they sent me a re newel price of £145 for relay and roadside assistance. As I had to insure my car beginning of January, I asked them what they charged for roadside assistance as well as the ins. They then quoted me with car ins. plus relay...
  13. T

    Breakdown Assistance

    Hi My breakdown cover is due for renewal, what are peoples opinion of Rescue my Car, and has anyone used these (hopefully no-one has needed to): Thanks
  14. M

    I work for MB Roadside Assistance AMA

    Title says it all, if you have any questions fire away!
  15. R

    C180K W203 Audio Assistance Rqd

    Hi All Great forum you all have here. Just bought my first ever MB, an absolute joy to drive my C180K W203. A vast improvement from my old Hyundai Coupe. Looking for some assistance on how to identify what audio system I have, and what parts I need to be able to run a Parrot Asteroid Smart...
  16. C

    W124 Wheel Bolt Assistance Requested

    My 94 124 E280 Estate was delivered last night, and after fuelling, washing and generally playing with it, I decided to get the winter steels it's wearing replaced by the 15-hole alloys in the boot. However, the nice chaps at the tyre place told me that I need different wheel bolts. Sure...
  17. G

    Mobilo assistance

    Just had the motor go into limp home mode and having had to go somewhere did the round trip of 40 miles. For the first 20 miles the engine diagnostic light did not come on (although there was little power) but after leaving my appointment the light did not go off on restarting the motor for the...
  18. Fireman Dan

    Service assistance

    I have picked her up and she is in paintshop as we speak Service next week once paint is complete. Any recommendation for oil brand and weight. Many thanks How many litres will she take. Hi
  19. Tiff

    Mercedes roadside assistance

    Just off the phone and have been told I have a technical assessment/interview day next week for a job as a Mercedes roadside tech. Just wondered if anyone has any idea what I should expect? I'm a roadside tech just now and love the job, but working as a Mercedes tech would be a dream position...
  20. AlanWilliams

    Setting up an Album assistance plz

    I would like to post up some images into a created Album. I have read the FAQ that indicates via the UserCP follow the 'Pictures & Albums' link? I must be stupid!!, but I cant see the link in my UserCP :confused:
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