1. HorseandJockey

    Spy Shot of new Aston Martin

    Anyone know what this is? Car Tax site says Aston Martin..... It was on the M1 yesterday in Bucks
  2. markjay

    Aston Martin Lagonda - How Rare?

    Aston Martin Lagonda - How Rare? Apparently there are only 28 cars left: what are the chances of two such cars popping-up in my neighbourhood, both parked on the same street, within 200 yards of each...
  3. gunning

    Aston Martin Rpaide for sale

    2012 Aston Martin rapide for sale Mariana blue (rare and amazing colour) Sahara leather The car is like new 40,000 miles Still under AM warranty Any work we had done to it, it gets taken away in an enclosed lorry and taken to AM **** Lovett. Currently there now having a service done...
  4. carnut

    For Fans of Aston Martin

    One of the best videos I've seen recently Aston Martin marks its new turf - with tyre smoke! | IOL enjoy!
  5. bob6600

    Aston Martin name their AM-RB 001

    Aston Martin finally name their AM-RB 001... Aston Martin Valkyrie name confirmed for AM-RB 001 | Autocar
  6. A

    Any decent Aston Martin Forums?

    I'm looking online at Aston Martin forums and they seem to be pretty light weight. Does anyone know of a decent one where people actually wrench on their cars? Costs are not too dissimilar to AMG cars , yet I know plenty of AMG guys that change water pumps, rebuild suspension and tune. I find it...
  7. F

    Aston Martin Vulcan - Revs, Interior, Walk Around
  8. F

    Aston Martin DB5 & DB6 - Walk Around
  9. grober

    Aston Martin's German engine plant.

    After seeing the ASTON Martin Vulcan turbocharged V12 on Sunday's Top Gear I was prompted to find out where these engines were made. At one point there was a rumour of a tie up with AMG but apparently they are made in a special section of the Ford engine plant in Cologne. Makes sense...
  10. mat8n

    SL63 v GTC v Aston DB9 etc.....

    I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a new toy. I've had my SL for long enough and still love it, but really want a proper big engined convertible. I've wanted a Bentley GTC for as long as I can remember, but i'm also open to sensible ideas and opinions. I'd be looking around...
  11. gunning

    Any aston martin fans here?

    Went to see my father this week and he's bought himself another aston. The rapide is a beautifully made car and finding one in a good colour combo was tough! After driving it I thought it was brilliant (I was comparing it to my old cls55) It's an occasion but the exhaust valves shut...
  12. ShinyF1

    Unusual Aston Martin

    I'm guessing this is a new Lagonda?
  13. Kris1

    Spectre aston martin db10

    It isn't a eBay auction, but still a auction: Spectre Aston Martin DB10 | film | Christie's
  14. tintinmt

    Linn Aston Martin Sub-woofer

    I have 'inherited' a pair of sub-woofers that according to the labels should be in a DB9 (two DB9's to be precise). According to the internet (and perhaps predictably) they would cost you a pretty penny should your DB9 require a new one. Any thoughts on where best to sell them? Also, what...
  15. bob6600

    Aston Martin DB7 'barn find' project anyone?

    DB7 GTS on CAT D, needs some good cash spending on it though and unless you plan on keeping it, will be worth less than most as it is CAT D. Good point is it only has 39k on the clock Aston Martin DB7 GTS i6 Coupe - Price £8,995 | eBay
  16. Stratman

    Journalist condones keying of Aston Martin

    "I often feel like keying s****y cars. I particularly feel like keying high-performance cars." Do I detect a hint of the green-eyed monster? and an over zealous swear filter?
  17. uumode

    Car keying of Aston caught on dashcam

    Reported by DM, unprovoked it seems. Car keyed by passer by
  18. WDB124066

    Aston Martin Vulcan hypercar

    It just looks right! Revealed: The Aston Martin Vulcan hypercar I'll bet it sounds right too - wonder if it will be at Le Mans this year...??
  19. grober

    ASTON MARTIN the deal is off.

    Well Dr Z has made it plain that the rumoured take over of Aston Martin is a non runner. Daimler rules out Aston Martin takeover
  20. ACID

    Aston Vantage @ MSL Eurocharged

    Hey guys I know its not a Mercedes but we had a nice Vantage in, which was Eurocharged!! 4.3 Litre High flow RSC Manifolds Cat Delete H pipe X pipe Empty baffle rear box Air filters
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