1. V

    Vauxhall Astra p0500 p0105

    Morning everyone :) Sorry I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but can someone help me with above fault codes please. I read somewhere that one is for speed sensor and other one is for throttle body, so i was thinking if i get speed sensor replaced and clean throttle body would...
  2. coupe deville

    Goodbye Astra, hello Octavia

    My company car, leased MY10 Astra estate1.7tdi ecoflex life aircon, has departed, and been replaced with an Octavia estate 1.6tdi SE. Oh no I'm a Skoda driver :wallbash: But wait, the seat is comfy and better shaped than the old car, the air con is powerful, 4 leccy windows instead of just 2...
  3. T

    Looking at going from an astra to a C-Class

    Hi everyone, new here. thought id ask for a bit of advice really! i currently own a 52 plate vauxhall astra sxi. ive been driving astras since 2008 but feel its time for a change. im looking at a 56 plate C-Class C180 Kompressor 1.8 (and also considering a 56 plate 5 door 318 too.) I cant...
  4. BillyW124

    55 reg Astra 1.9 CDTI SRI Grey/Silver

    My next door neighbour is selling his Vauxhall. if anyone is interested i can get more details.
  5. M

    W reg Astra 1.4 petrol cutting out

    Remote diagnostics required. Just had a phone call; someone's 1.4 Astra was running fine so engine warmed up and then it runs rough and then cuts out at 1000rpm. Since then trying to restart the engine is no use. It fires but will not settle and still cuts out above 1000 RPM. ANy pointers...
  6. Dryce

    New Astra

    I had the 'joy' of driving a current model Astra yesterday. I liked the previous model Astra having had 1.8 autos on various occasions. It was my favourite amongst the Focus/Megane/Corrola of that generation. This was a 1.6 auto. It felt comfortable and well built until out on the open road...
  7. M

    help - Vauxhall astra washer/sprayer not working

    Girlfriends mother has just turned up and her washer jets are not working. Bottle is full and the pipe is connected to both sprayers. When I activate the sprayer the pump is trying to function but sounds as if its running dry. Any idea whats going on or does anyone happen :rolleyes: to have a...
  8. Gucci

    NEW A-Class - or is it an Astra?

    Auto Express running with these new images thought to be the A-Class replacement. Conventional hatchback to challenge 1-series and A3. Styling courtesy of Vauxhall.
  9. alanuk400

    2001 astra Location: limavady mountain

    Just found this on Gumtree :eek: 2001 astra 1 limavady mountain Belfast used cars Alan
  10. P

    Idiot in a silver Astra estate on the M6

    Complete and utter moron in 57 plate astra estate.. what the f*** were you doing undertaking, cutting ppl up and then giving ppl the finger! You are scum! rant over!
  11. S

    Astra Van Clk 230K

    Hi, I have an Astra Van 1.7td on an R reg. And a Clk230 Kompressor Elegance Auto coupe on a T reg. The clk was driven daily but came off the road due to a failed MAF sensor, a few other bits and bobs and also getting 9 points on my license. I now drive daily the van, and the clk is up on...
  12. S

    Astra VXR ULTRA MEGA Detail

    I think you need to sit down with a cuppa or 5 for this one: You may recall that the same poster did a "£5k" detail on his brand new astra VxR some time ago. Well, he's bought a new one, and this time he's truly made my eyes melt at...
  13. D

    EWAnet ASTRA (technical)

    If you are running or installing EWAnet do not allow JAVA to update to version 1.6. I found I could not run ASTRA from the server and after a lot of time I found it necessary to remove all the JAVA runtime versions, reboot and install the version on the DVD. Then turn updates off on the JAVA...
  14. smiddyboy1

    Vauxhall Astra AMG??

    Looks like this guy liked the AMG wheels so much he decided to put them onto his Vauxhall Astra coupe!
  15. Gucci

    New C interior v Astra Sport...YES ASTRA!!!

    So there I was pottering around the Canary Wharf Motor Expo. Had a chance to see the new C. Quite like the outside (apart from the Citroen Xsara lights). But as seems to be the case, the plastic interior is NOT a special place to be. On the other hand, I jumped into the Vauxhall Astra Sport...
  16. Carrotchomper

    Polished to perfection. It's a bloody Astra...

    Chaps/esses, I found this via various links from a Volvo forum I frequent occasionally (Far better class of poster here :p ). Essentially it is an item on a "detailing" website. Think excessively **** polishing.... The...
  17. nothantsw124

    Astra Sport hatch 1.9 cdti 150

    Hi All Didin really have any choice i have just been given a business needs car and couldnt really use the W124 300e for the sort of mileage my company are expecting , i have only had my 300 for 5 months and she has been perferct for commuting , but looks like i will have to pass her on , with...
  18. V

    cls 55 amg vs astra vxr

    Unfortunately I'm the guy in the vxr, and dont own a merc (yet!). Was about xmas time when I popped to the super market one evening. The Merc was in front of me, and we just took it nice and steady down to a set of traffic lights. There were two lanes of traffic going straight over the...
  19. Bobby Dazzler

    Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo, Leather, Europa, 35k, FVSH

    I've finally made the difficult decision to replace the Astra ...with a C32 AMG!! :bannana: So I need to find another loving home for my pride and joy... I've put together a PDF for printing/emailing: Email me at [email protected]...
  20. pammy

    new SLK - beats an Astra in a bump

    :eek: read this.... SLK wins getting so closer to wanting one!!!!!
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