1. aquanaut

    Awesome C63 Black replica.........

    :eek: Mercedes AMG C63 BLACK EDITION rare replica. | eBay :doh:
  2. The Boss

    awesome work on my 212 by Tony Fowkes Automobiles

    Alright folks So a quick write up on recent works to my 212 recently, was lightly shunted to the rear of my car and put it through 3rd party insurance. Have used Andy here before but it had been a while since we last met and i knew i would want to use him the damage was light, but he managed...
  3. Scott_F

    Awesome Re-Mapped Zillion BHP Weistec Thingy..... ain't. Due to the demise my of faithful daily driver I needed something in a hurry and consider myself extremely fortunate to have bagged this beauty: The price was not inconsiderable (I'm talking well into three figures here) but quality costs. And since I know...
  4. Palfrem


    Land Rover Used Vehicle Locator Maybe it's the quality of the pictures, but it looks very pink to me...
  5. S

    First Mercedes ever... Awesome

    Just joined, Bought my first Merc ever E class 280 CDi Avantgarde in black.... is there any other colour? A few questions: Is there a USB socket? Car is 2008 type 211. Can I stream from ipod via BT to car? If not what is cheapest method of getting full ipod integration? Thanks SJH
  6. B

    An awesome Weistec supercharged CLK63 Black Series build from Fluid Motor Union

    From Silence to Violence - An awesome Weistec supercharged CLK63 Black Series build from Fluid Motor Union
  7. whitenemesis

    Beautiful and Terrifyingly Awesome

  8. @MARK

    Awesome Dash Cam Footage

    Awesome Dash Cam Footage [Strong Language] What not to do when there is a police car directly behind you plus the truck drivers commentary will ensure this will go down in Youtube history. BTW The language on this video is VERY strong M5dL4DPm-DE
  9. Harrythedog

    Awesome Nature

    Newcastle, Thursday tea-time
  10. The Boss

    Salon Privé - 2011 showcase looks awesome

    Gents.. went over to Syon House today, and what a shock i was in for. There was I intending on doing some wedding planning, and instead, i was confronted by over 50 of what i regard as the rarest, most expensive cars on the planet. New Aventadors, New Gallardos, New Bentley Mulsanne, Multiple...
  11. 300CE

    Fiat 126 yamaha 1000cc xeup /R1 engine awesome power

    Fiat 126 yamaha 1000cc xeup /R1 engine awesome power | eBay UK
  12. S

    Awesome vid

    Mindblowing Video Mapping: Countdown to Prague's Astronomical Clock. [VIDEO]
  13. Haris

    15" Zender Turbos: Awesome retro wheels

    Width: 7J All round PCD: 5x112 ET: 22 Here we have some 15x7 Zender Turbos, fairly rare and probably one of the coolest retro wheels! They are sandblasted ready to be painted! £250ovno
  14. M

    Awesome - Brabus Vanish one-off car

    Guys, Check this out..fantastic paint job and 800 bhp!! One thing concerns me though..looks like the front windscreen is tinted as well...if this car was in the UK..the MOT would be fun :thumb::bannana: Luxist Enjoy...
  15. crockers

    Submarine Racing - some awesome Pictures

    Here's some Pictures of the 2010 International Submarine racing......
  16. whitenemesis

    What an Awesome colour

    Would love this colour.. On this car, my lifetime favourite
  17. M

    How Awesome is the 190E

    Hi All, How awesome is the 190e??? my dads one has been parked up at my house now (in the garden at the back near an overgrown bush) for like 3 1/2 years now, just brought it out to my dads house yesterday (towed it there) then i stuck a jump pack on it, and low an behold it fired up first...
  18. M

    An awesome Ironside E Cab!

    Charles Ironside currently has an N-reg E320 Cabriolet for sale with an astonishing 1 owner and 5,800 miles on the clock! :eek: He's attempting to sell it for an equally astonishing £39,950! YES FORTY GRAND! :eek: :eek: No electric seats or heated seats either. It's still an amazing example...
  19. Timster

    W124 Replaced Spheres, Awesome!

    Hi There. After six months of hitting head on the roof every time I went over a bump, I finally replaced the spheres today - What a difference, the car is now perfectly smooth again, a joy to be in. Delay was in getting a replacement pipe from the pump. Old one was leaking, new one was...
  20. tpwuk

    Awesome value!
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