1. A

    Baby wipe

    Unscented BWipes and Dr Leather works wonders. Ben:thumb: Unreal leather interior works a treat :p
  2. Wabby

    C Class Coupe - Baby Seat

    Hi, Does anybody currently have a 2015+ C Class Coupe with a Rear Facing Baby Seat installed on ISOFIX that can put my mind at rest and show me a picture or confirm that the passenger will still be able to get into the car after the seat is put in the back? If not, looks like our lass will...
  3. D

    My cherished 2009 C320 with command and sport pack - new baby forced sale!

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  4. martyp87

    Almost have my baby back...

    It's been 7 months since I last drove my CL, combination of waiting on custom parts being fabricated and bad luck with a dyno. However, after being dropped off early January at a local Mercedes specialist she is almost ready for a trip on a flatbed back to MSL for a full remap and unleashed...
  5. Reggie-rock

    My new baby

    Thanks for all your well wishers as I have now sold my CLK convertible and decided I will stay on here as I still love Mercs but needed a change for a while. As requested pic of my new baby
  6. grumpyoldgit

    New baby Jaguar - a serious contender?

    I quite like the look of it, but it's not a Merc. Quite good performance figures though. Jaguar XE review: 2015 first drive
  7. Stephen Quinn

    Baby Seat

    I'm looking for a duo fix baby seat for a Mercedes CLS350.
  8. C

    My new baby

    Some shots of todays clean :) with my new CLS 500
  9. bennybelmont

    My new baby!

    Finally got round to adding some pics will get more once had full valet!
  10. tonyc280

    8 out of 10 baby seats

    :failApparently according to the AA 8 out of 10 baby seats are fitted wrongly or loosely. These figures are to me amazing as your children should be paramount if you have them in the car with you.:fail
  11. trapperjohn

    Spiders. Lots of baby ones.

    Nature takes its course in our garden.
  12. moonloops

    Baby named after car she was born in..

    BBC News - Baby girl named after car following back-seat birth I so wish she was born in a Citroen Berlingo Multispace or a Subaru Impreza STI instead! :D
  13. A

    New baby - so I got an E class estate

    Hello, My family has just gone up from two to three and we found our old car didn't have a big enough boot for everything, so we've got a 2008 E320 CDI estate. It's amazing, so comfortable to drive! My first Mercedes, and I doubt it'll be my last We changed from a 2007 Range Rover...
  14. L

    Baby seat in 2002 SLK?

    Just wondered if anyone had any experience of putting a forward facing child seat in a 2002 SLK? Cheers Luke
  15. M

    Names ain't just for tombstones, baby...

    Having settled my bill at Hughes this morning, I took a brief wander round the showroom and found myself - not for the first time - sitting in an R172. I'm still in two minds about whether to upgrade, what with my now 8-year-old R171 starting to rack up extra bills outside of standard servicing...
  16. M

    MB baby seats...

    Hi all, I'm new on here and looking for some advice. We are expecting our first child and will be buying the MB baby seat due to the airbag/transponder issue. What I am struggling to find out is if the baby seat is compatible with any pushchairs? ie can it be taken out of the car and clipped...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    GLG - Baby G?

    A possible launch in mid-2015. While a lot of people are wondering (not us) why Mercedes-Benz is still making the G-Class, it seems that the German company plans on launching a smaller version of the G-wagen to rival the forthcoming replacement for the Land Rover Defender. Most likely it will...
  18. R

    My Baby Is Up For Sale :(

    Hey Everyone, just to let you all know, my baby is up for sale now. Very reluctant to sell and am uber :( but i think its time for her to go to a better home. I...
  19. R

    Dingo baby case resolved...

    ... BBC News - Coroner rules dingo killed baby Azaria Chamberlain
  20. L

    C-Class baby car seat (no-isofix)???

    Bought a c-class 2007 c180k saloon (2001-2007 model) yesterday and went to mothercare to buy a baby car seat only to realise that it does not have isofix. big mistake on my part to assume newest cars all have it as standard. Major headache especially when 2 maxi-cosi and 1 britax car seats...
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