1. Rowanlaw

    Badly Cut Finger on Sw213

    Embarrassing moment yesterday when I was delivering some boxes to a friend. He badly cut his finger picking up a box from from the boot of my new e-class estate(S213). Beware,the boot catch (see attached) has a seriously sharp edge!
  2. alano

    Help !!! One alloy pot holed and the other badly buckled

    Hope some one can help !!! Or give advice !!! I have a w208 clk 2.3 on the 2002 plate While coming down to altontowers for the weekend, leaving the park early because we were like drowned rats. I left Altons and just before the small bridge I went through a puddle Alloy buggered tyre burst...
  3. S

    W107 - Idling Badly

    Hi there! I own a 1972 350SL (W107) which used to run beautifully, however I managed to overheat her due to a fluid leak. Luckily, the engine didn't seize and after a few months at the mechanic she was running smoothly again. Except for one thing: once the engine gets warm it idles very...
  4. 1

    my 1992 190e carat du chat, starts badly.

    hi I have 2 1992 mercs in great condition(no rust on or under either) a 190e carat du chat' and a 200t estate both have same 2 litre engine etc and both have same problem....when starting they fire on the button but run lumpy almost as if running on 2 cyl's,both normally pick up fine as soon...
  5. C

    Scrubbing outer edge of tyres! Badly!

    Hi all! My 05' C270 is running 'Sport Contact 3's' and has been four wheel laser aligned. It scrubs the outer edges and seems to do it alternately they never seem to do it evenly with each other. The outer edges are almost bold, where as the Central tread has plenty of mm's of tread! I've had to...
  6. Gh3382

    easily cleared badly blocked drain channels

    The area around the wipers on my car was holding water and the drain hole near the passenger side door on the wiper panel was well blocked. I used a wire coathanger and bent the end over after straitening it out so there was no sharp edges. a few gentle pushes saw a gush of water come our on...
  7. BAD300

    87' 300E - Need help badly with wiring

    OK guys, really need help with engine bay wiring. As some would know, my car has had LPG installed by previous owner who did a terrible job. Now, concerning the wiring. My 300e is RHD so, battery is on left side of car, which is our passenger side! All harnesses have been butchered! No ECU, no...
  8. C

    300SE idling badly

    I last posted on the 5th of this month concerning my W126. I had to keep the engine revved until it reached near to its operating temperature, then it would stabilise and allow me to move away. I replaced both the dizzy cap and rotor arm (with genuine bosch parts) as per the advice from Mazza...
  9. M

    w123 diesel wanted.. Badly.

    mornin people. Well, Ive sold me scoobs (290 bhp -0-60 in bout 5.2 secs) to a very disgruntled chap but now have the cash for a w123 240d that I have to have. Are they really THAT slow though? As slow as what? I'm currently running round town in 2001 1.2 Punto (60 bhp -0-60 in 13 secs.)...
  10. orangeboy

    How Badly Was Quality And Durability Affected When Chrysler Took Over?

    I´ve got a 2005 E320 Avantgarde, and I´m just wondering if all components quality was reduced when Chrysler took over? I mean the reason for rust in post 2004 models was the takeover, but does that apply to every component? You hear stories of the older Mercs going on forever and ever, but...
  11. WLeg

    Errrrrr I did badly !

    Swedish Armed Forces - Recruitment 2009
  12. Howard

    Another badly modded SLK

    Look at the front of the car ..... :crazy: looks like a stoned gerbil chewing a peanut .... ' The Engine was tuned recently by an F1 mechanic who wound the super charger up a bit more to boost the performance also, although i am informed it shouldnt affect the fuel consumption, and i have...
  13. SilverSaloon

    W221 Command Cheap On Ebay (badly Listed)

    Came across this badly listed cheap comand unit on ebay: may go cheap as he has listed it rather badly!
  14. milker1mbc

    C230K stutters badly when pushed

    My new toy, c230 sport estate Komp, has a bad habit of stuttering badly when the gas pedal is pressed firmly. I don't just mean the carpet denting foot slammed to the floor type firmly either. When driven gently and with gradually increasing pedal pressure its fine and responsive, but very...
  15. P

    Brand new spare alloy wheel scratched badly

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a spare 18" AMG alloy wheel to replace the dull 16" steel spare wheel in the boot compartment of my w203. However I have just noticed that my brand spanking new wheel is now completely ruined...! It has suffered bad scratches all over the area of contact with the...
  16. P

    Inside of front driver side tyre wearing badly

    In fact, last time I took it to the garage the tyre was well shredded. Took it to Nationwide and they said one of the suspension joints had some play in it so they changed it. I assumed they did the tracking after this. Trouble is my current tyre is wearing the same way. Its only the...
  17. Q

    w202 running badly

    I've got a problem with my c200. Following changing the Air Mass Meter (twice - yuk), the car is not running smoothly. It's behaving like the fuel is contaminated but I don't think it's that. After I changed the first Air Mass Meter the car was fine for about 3 weeks & then got worse. With the...
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