1. D

    A bit if help on insurance please , big problems

    Hi all,this is a bit long winded so please bare with me , basically I had a passat , which served me well , then this year I have had two accidents,One in May,which involved a foreign lorry driver changing lanes and crunching my girlfriends car which I was driving at the time,and writing it off...
  2. PhilT

    Big Thanks To Acid @ MSL Performance & Jerry @ Eurocharged

    As above big thanks for all the work & keeping me updated with out of hours phone calls/txts & emails over the past few weeks. As my car was brand new they did not have a file for my car due to Mercedes updating the software so they had to wait for a file before creating me a map. Anyone...
  3. L

    2005 E55 41k miles MB Warranty BIG spec

    For sale :( Will get better/more pics when the detailers send them. Cheers Used Mercedes E CLASS (211) E55 AMG ... for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1804491)
  4. B

    320cdi big problums

    HI to all have tried Electronics Forom but no joy ABS BAS ECP lights on new brake switch £12 lights still on local indy put star on front wheel sensor fault new wheel sensor £150 lights went out for 10 miles back on again key out of ignition ABS electrics still running so pulled ABS relay then...
  5. P

    W124 - 2 big problems!... Engine not breathing/fueling problem & Transmission

    OK, so on my drive to work this afternoon, my engine started to choke, cut-out twice and generally would not respond to throttle... I was very close to work at this point, so instead of pull over and carry on my journey some other way, I slung her into Neutral to keep the revs up... I then did...
  6. R

    Acid and MSL, Big thanks

    Not been here for a while, but felt the need to log in to thank Acid and MSL for his help with my troubled car recently, not even parts or work related to him or MSL or that he supplied, all by others, car has multiple problems, all being attended too, but Acid stepped forward and really helped...
  7. C

    MSL Birmingham - big thumbs up!

    I was originally booked in for the Eurocharged Day at MSL in July, but could not attend due to my car still being repaired after some vandalism. So today I went to MSL for an ECU remap and pulley upgrade, a TCU upgrade, a secondary heat exchanger and a Johnson CM30 pump on my SL55. Despite...
  8. Timster

    W210 - W211 = Big differences

    Hi Folks. As per my thread yesterday I've been doing my research as to which car to buy next. Talk to me about your opinions on the differences between the 210 and the 211. Is there a huge difference in feel and comfort? I know the 210 is a bit bigger boot space, but not much in it...
  9. P

    the big badge on the front

    its crap ,why do mercedes insist on putting that monstrosity on well engineered cars :fail
  10. Howard

    Big thanks to

    Thanks to Mark and Richard at for helping me out with my malfunctioning Bluetooth kit today. A problem that had been driving me bonkers for weeks was sorted today very quickly ! Top guys :thumb:
  11. dundeepeh

    Saturdays big clean

    Took off wheels,washed and scrubbed,then coated with G-techniq C5. Washed car with chemical guys wash and wax. Polished car with auto-glym SRP, then gave it another coat of auto-glym extra gloss protection.
  12. Murff

    Big Thanks!!!

    Just thought I'd say a big thanks to everyone on here, once again saved myself a fortune. Changed all the glow plugs on my W211costing me £70 for parts. Mercedes wanted £600!!!!
  13. B

    Big day

    Here is the family bus all glammed up for my sister's wedding today - my debut as a chauffeur! A great day and so happy for the couple. Definite advantage having an estate as the wedding limo as it also hauled substantial amounts of champagne to the reception afterwards!
  14. marc.l

    Big yard, work shop clearence

    My patents are moving and between us have accumulated way to much stuff , so for sale ..... 1) large wood work machine , under and over planer , thickneser, saw etc . Very heavy and not used for a couple of years . ££ it weighs in at 1.75 ton , so scrap value !!! 2) morticer , never been used...
  15. swannymere

    How big is... in relation to your postcode?

    Saw this for Glastonbury Festival and thought it might be of interest, the Kumbh Mela Ganges festival is mental. How big is?
  16. A

    Big thanks to Andy @ PCD

    Well done Andy, for the health check on the car and repair of the Parktronic system. :rock:
  17. marc.l

    Big service

    While in helping my parents clear out the house I have the chance ( to relive the boredom 4 nights a week) have decided to service the car my self . This is the only car ive ever owned and paid a garage to service it . So I'm doing....... Engine oil and filter Transmission oil and filter...
  18. developer

    Insurance - the little man stuffs it to the big man

    Well, little woman actually. My good lady took on the combined powerhouses of Royal Sun Alliance and AA Insurance, after a friend of hers had a claim turned down. Long story short - the friend was burgled and didn't have a 5 lever lock as specified by the policy, BUT, had told the insurance...
  19. R

    Big clean day!

    Well a lovely sunny day and so I've started the big clean. Started at 8am and so 1 1/2 hours so far. Outside now clean but not started detailing yet!
  20. ACID

    W124 Cabrio Big Single Turbo

    Hi, it's not Acid but his little brother Sarim I thought I would share my new project with you guys. I am in the process of partially restoring a E220 w124 Cabrio 1993 and since it was a 220, it didn't have enough power for me so I am getting rid of the old engine and replacing it with a non...
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