1. C Class Al

    A big hello im new to the MB family.

    Hi everyone just purchased my first MB its a C180 Komp Elegance 2005 model with just 50,000mls and full MB service history. Really enjoy the drive to and from work now not so much of a chore now. Here's some pic's I took of it whilst I waited for my daughter to finish work, and one of my truck...
  2. thedruid

    a BIG thank you

    I just wanted to thank the person who posted the cure to my drivers seat squeak. I cant remember where I saw the post but basically my seat was behaving like a child's toy when the car was driving over a bump of any description and driving me mad. The cure was to " unwind " the knob at the...
  3. X

    c200k first big bill!

    Well had to have the w203 into the indy. 3 broken rocker arms, top of 3 valves damaged, new lifters, exhaust cam damaged and sump off and oil pump stripped to find the bearings off the rocker arms that were damaged. Grand total of £1500 out my pocket. Cheesed off aint the word. These m271...
  4. T

    Big service history

    Hoping someone can help me here, Bought my 2012 M/B E220 estate from a local garage about 4wks ago, in the sales advert it said the car had Full Mercedes Benz Dealer service history but now to my amazement I've found out after visiting my local MB dealership for a service printout that MB UK...
  5. A

    E220 W211 CDI - Lowered - Big plans!

    Hey guys, Got my W211 around a week ago.. 126k on clock Lowered all round 19" Carlsson Wheels with stretched rubber. Pic What you think? Plans - Air Ride - 20" wheels - Drive it to death! :)
  6. ACID

    MSL Performance Big April SALE !!!!!!!!

    As it has almost been 1 year since we have had a our Dyno Installed we have decided to have some offers J This will Last Only till the End Of April 2015 .........................................Normal.......................Offer Price M156 Dyno +...
  7. Billy albert

    Another MSL visit for me :) big smiles

    Thanks again for another great day. Took our other car e91 BMW 330d tourer in for dpf removal, power map and dyno. Big smiles as the car performs how it should now producing 290 bhp and 669 nm of torque. Massive increase in power and torque. Great lunch too as always. I will use acid and...
  8. steven2015

    Big vibration - Scared lol - help please

    Hi, I have a 1992 W124 and I have a problem while braking at very high speed. When I am driving about 100 mph, the car vibrates when I apply the brakes. I heard that this might be due to warped brake discs. Would appreciate to know your opinion. Thanks :thumb:
  9. Mat B

    W211 big brake kit - options

    Hi all I need to change from the standard e55 amg setup to something more adequate now. Ive been given a lot of helpful advice from Alx and roughly know what route I should be going down and who to use. But wondered if anyone has any experience or recommendations please. Many thanks
  10. O

    220cdi big turbo problems

    the car is a 2005 c220cdi manual it has the electronic actuator this does not appear to be working correctly I have an old turbo with the actuator on would it be possible just to swap the actuator over.the rod seems to be slightly different length to the other one.assuming I change the rod...
  11. D

    mercedes w123 230 te low mileage with big price to match
  12. bob6600

    Big Truck + Black Ice = Oh Dear

  13. C36fan

    Big thanks to mobilo

    This morning my van refused to start after been parked since last Tuesday. I called mobilo to assist me and they turned up replaced the battery straight away and carried the necessary tests to make sure everything was in good working order . My van is a 62 plate with 70 odd thousand miles on the...
  14. Peter103

    Big Wheels, what's the point?

    Are there any advantages in having 19inch wheels over 18's, or is it purely aesthetic? Seems to me they give a harder ride, tend to transmit more road noise, and are more expensive to replace, I've got 19's on my coupe but still don't get it, who knows?:confused:
  15. Benplym

    Going MAD Need HELP BIG TIME Connecting iphone 6 to w164 ml

    This has been asked sooooo many times I'm sure but I havnt found any constructive answers. I have a 2007 ml280 edition s (crap one), it had the stupid "Nokia" lead in the arm rest and that's it! I understand that the ONLY way to connect my iphone 6 is to spend a million pounds on a bluetooth...
  16. Ricky16

    The big bhp boys.

    Know there's a few on here ( lee and developer) from what I can gather. My question is this what's your end game with your cars I'm standard as we speak but constantly looking around for how I can make my car something like no other is there stuff you have done and thought I've not benefitted...
  17. R

    Are HRE wheels big in the UK?

    Are HRE wheels big in the UK? They are pretty sought after wheels here in the states if you can afford them. I'm curious to see how they fair on the other side of the world.
  18. B

    w211 big brake upgrade

    Hi I have a mercedes w211 320cdi and I am after upgrade my brakes what will fit ie amg
  19. mickday

    E55 BIG project!

    2004 W211 E55 spotted on eBay 2004 MERCEDES E55K AMG AUTO SILVER, 82000 MILES, URECORDED, COMPLETE | eBay Looks like a very steep price to me considering the amount of work involved in repairs!
  20. smillion

    Big day tomorrow , 1965 Mustang !

    Tomorrow I am going to Southampton, with an old friend, dressed as jake and Elwood form the blues brothers, to collect a 1965 Mustang V8 coupe from the port. Keep your fingers crossed that it is the car pictured in the eBay ad I saw 7 weeks ago; that it really is road worthy; that it stays dry...
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