1. Palfrem

    Big engines are more economical?

    Smallest cars 'worse for fuel economy' - Telegraph Well, well, well. What a revelation. Even more I guess when passengers, etc. are factored in. So does that mean the CO2 figures will be wrong as well?
  2. martyp87

    First big bill from MB...

    Well, dropped my car into the dealers for a Service B as it was due in a few hundred miles according to the computer. Didn't ask the price at the time just booked her in and dropped off on Sunday - expected it to be expensive though. Today I got the phone call, booked in for a Service B...
  3. C

    W219 Big Gremlins

    By next week my car will have had the below big components installed new within a year. Can I expect anything else on the same scale or am I allowed to enjoy it now? -ECU (Electrohydraulic Unit) Tranny related -SBC I understand airmatic can be funny, but likely no where near as...
  4. V

    My BIG road trip

    Currently day 6 and now sitting over looking the sea on the Black Sea coast in Turkey in the little town of Amasra Day one....UK down to a little town on the German/Austrian Border called Bergen 700ish miles Day day in Bergen, Southern Germany (beautiful) Day Three....Southern...
  5. Marcel-Anthony

    A Big Thanks to KillerHERTZ

    Had the pleasure of meeting KillerHERTZ over the weekend. He kindly let me have his old Exhaust from his Clk to help me replace my old rusty on on mine. I also got to have a good look at his fantastic CLS AMG. What a great looking car. So thanks Karl, you have saved me a load of money...
  6. T

    Big white smoke?

    Hi I was driving my car quite hard when suddenly a big white smoke came from the back. The smoke was so big that I blurred other cars behind me. I checked underneath the car and I could see some oil along the exhaust pipe. Any ideas would really help. Thanks :)
  7. E

    Big sandy balls

    Pickup truck floors it up a sand dune. [VIDEO] :eek:
  8. Gollom

    Say hello to our Motorhome - Big Gertie

    Finally found one that suited needs but within budget! Big Gertie is named in honour of SuzyCute's stoma (Little Gertie) :) In very good condition for the year (1981) It's a Talbot Autosleeper Talisman GL 2.5 diesel. Engine pretty industrial has to be said - does not even have power steering...
  9. mirras

    Too big for a Z4 , now looking for CLK

    I've had a hankering for a Sunday car ever since I sold my SL, which was the car I most regret selling. I looked at BMW Z4s and sat in a few older ones and quite liked them.... until I tried to get in and out with the roof up !!! So, as I'm too tall and fat to fit a Z4, after briefly...
  10. C

    Big Brake Kit

    For Sale - Price £800.00 This kit was fitted to my Mercedes CLK55 AMG W208. This kit will probably fit other Mercedes models but I can't confirm which models. This kit offers immense braking power and is a huge upgrade over the standard brakes. The kit consists of Wilwood 6pot callipers &...
  11. TJR

    Big Thank You to Rebellion

    Just a quick post to say thank you to Matt at Rebellion for "Eurocharging" my c63 yesterday. Nice bloke with a clear passion for making cars go faster :thumb: The car now feels far more eager to be let loose and acceleration over 4000 RPM in 3rd and 4th is lovely. The exhaust was popping and...
  12. simon1966

    Big Thanks to Paul & Andy

    I thought it was about time I posted on here and thanked Andy & Paul at EC for the work they have done for me over the last couple of months. Their hard graft and insightful approach is just what I needed after many frustrating and wasteful visits to MB with a couple of ongoing issues I had on...
  13. C

    Big thanks to Acid and Immy and the team at MSL & Torque Flow

    Had my SL55 back at MSL this week. New Mercedes brake discs and pads all round New air filters New plugs Custom exhaust incl. X pipe Awesome service and good food as always :D Met a couple of the forum guys there too.... good to see you chaps! Acid even rung me up to make sure I...
  14. J

    Back in an amg (plus big thanks to Acid from MSL)

    As some of you know I had my e55 amg written off a week or two ago by being rear ended! After arguing with the insurance (original offer was £5500) for the car, I got a payout I was happy ish with. Today I went and viewed a black 2004 e55 amg, was happy with the car but as it wasn't far...
  15. ash55amg

    Big power CLS 55

    Hi could anyone point me in the best direction for a big power upgrade on my cls 55. In the past I have used DMS for my Porsche turbos and a Ferrari. I'm in Cheshire but don't mind travelling for the right place. Thanks in advance guys.
  16. S

    W208 Air con BIG CON

    I have paid Kwik Fit £300 to repair my air con, it is still not working! They charged it first, £50,still not working. Took it back, their MASTER TECHNICIAN checked it and said a hose was faulty. He replaced it and charged it again,£250, still not working!They say they cannot sort it or refund...
  17. B

    The Big Question

    Is it possible to replace the totally rubbish SatNav system with one that works and can mate up to the command screen ? I would rather use the Garmin that I dumped after three months of head banging frustration than the Mercedes Nav system. It annoys me to get the trusty TomTom out when my W211...
  18. developer

    Google Earth Shows Where The Big Nobs Live

    And the residents are none too happy, it seems... Particularly Mr Smith: "I live right at the end", he ejaculated...:D
  19. W4E300

    A big "Thank You" from all North Circular users......

    'd like to offer a hearty "Thank You" to the driver of this BMW who decided to cause a huge hold up on the NCR at Staples Corner this morning, with his novel approach to parking. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  20. Satch

    Little thing make a big difference to Braodband Speed

    Over the past week my internet speed has been dropping, until last Friday it was 1-1.25Mb on an alleged 60Mb feed. My dear friends at NTL, with unusual haste, sent an "engineer" out yesterday. He fiddled around a bit, went off to the box housing the cable end, came back fiddled some more and...
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