1. M.A.94

    Bigger wheels tyre preasure

    I changed the wheels on my W210 pretty soon after I got the car, but I've always been in doubt as to what the tyre presure should be since I've gone for bigger wheels. The car originally came with 16" Mercedes Fidis alloys (cant remember the tyre size). I now have Staggered 18" AMG...
  2. P

    Check Engine Coolant? Bigger Problem!

    I'm new to the forum as I've very recently purchased a CLK 270. Loving the car but I've come across something a little concerning and this forum looked like the best place to query it! The other day I had a malfunction notice asking me to check the engine coolant. When I lifted the bonnet, I...
  3. Swift1092

    Bigger wheels problem?

    Can anybody help me, i have an e55 amg (03) with standard 18x9 wheels thinking of upgrading to a 19x9.5 will this affect my active suspension or give me any fault issues?
  4. M

    New to bigger Merc, just got 09 CL500

    Hi All, Recently got rid of our RS4 and before that 911, needed something i could enjoy driving and fit the kids in the rear without complaining....(should leave them at home i know) !! Anyway, purchased a lovely CL500 from a merc dealer in manchester, 09 plate, 40k on clock, one owner...
  5. bassbenz1

    Bigger alternator

    Hi all what is the biggest alternator i can fit on my 2006 e class estate Its a 3 litre V6 version N where i could get 1 from either new or 2nd hand Many thanks
  6. A

    Brakes on a ML164 can I fit bigger discs?

    Hello After a service and a judder that I thought was a wheel weight its my disc on a brake that's warped? I think the current ones are 330mm can I fit 350mm ones They appear to me actually cheaper than 330 ones and I assume slightly better? or I can opt for drilled / grooved aftermarket...
  7. Lxb3

    Potholes bigger than the Isle of Wight

    This is why you shouldn't believe everything (sometimes, ANYTHING) that you read in the papers... Nation's potholes are bigger than the Isle of Wight | Metro News Now, I saw the original news release from this, from the PR company for LV (who own Britannia Rescue). The chump got his maths...
  8. astamir

    Bigger pulleys

    Hi guys does anyone knows what the bigger pulley gives to a car? Thanks
  9. sinewave

    Do I need a bigger Car?

  10. carat 3.6

    My engines bigger than yours.

    Time for something different. As some of you will know, I work with commercial vehicles as well as cars. Yesterday a local independent bus operator sent me one of their newer vehicles, for a few routine jobs. Now, most large buses have an engine of around 6.5 litres with a turbo, not this...
  11. E

    Bigger tyres on standard Vito wheels?

    Hi, This is my first time on here so here goes. I've got a 2004 Vito 639 115 cdi with the standard steel wheels and standard 205/65/16 tyres. I would like to fatten up the wheels in the arches a bit to improve the looks but can't afford alloys. I've got three questions if anyone can help...
  12. L

    Bigger brakes?

    having just remapped my 203, i'm thinking i should really get some new brakes, they needed doing anyways. so what would people suggest? i'm not a boyracer anymore tbh, and just want the car to stop when i need it to, albeit quickly so do i stick with oem brakes?
  13. Druk

    Bigger tyres vs gear ratios

    I'm currently running 205-55-16s (632mm dia) and am considering changing to 225-55-16s (654mm dia). Tyre calculator says this will give a 3.5% increase in diameter. My math is crap but I reckon the wheel will travel an extra 70mm per revolution...
  14. bh13coupe

    w124 coupe bigger tyre size question

    Guys I currently have the standard 15" 8 hole alloys on my coupe wearing 205/60/15. I am thinking of going up to 16" x 7.5 et41 8 hole alloys (want to keep the std look). These are for a w210 and not the 16x8 500e alloys. My question is can the coupe accomodate the bigger tyre size of...
  15. Martin clk

    Bigger rims

    I've currently got factory fitted 16's on my w208 and have an opportunity to do a swap for quite a nice pair of genione merc 18's (225/40/18) I'd like to know how the ride would differ and if it would have a dramatic effect to the cars appearance. i don't want it to look like it's on stilts...
  16. scumbag

    F1 Scandal takes a bigger twist

    Sounds like Bernie insisted someone crashed to get a red car on the Podium. Oh Ok, just made that up, but someone on t'internet will see it and it will become folklore by end of next week. No doubt Max can have a few more public dirty washing episodes before he finally shuffles off to...
  17. The Boss

    why does it get bigger and bigger?

    Ok.. heres some Food for thought.. As every model gets replaced by a new one, over the last 20 years, the interiors ad exteriors are getting bigger and bigger... the interior at a faster rate than the exteriors due to better packaging etc etc... But we all have pretty much stayed the same...
  18. kjay

    bigger wheels / low profiles - again!!

    There's been lots of threads on this subject. Going to bigger wheels with lower profile tyres will reduce the ride quality due to the smaller height of the sidewall. No arguments from me on that one. But, here's a question..... Suppose, you go to a larger diameter wheel but keep the same...
  19. Rasputin

    The Bigger they are........Minied they fall..

    Chevy-tahoe-messes-with-texas-mini-cooper-pays-price:eek: Never underestimate the power of a Mini....:devil: I liked some of the posts below the pictures...:D
  20. rlowy

    How do you get bigger pictures?

    All my pictures seem to be small in size, how do you all get them bigger in the gallery? Richard
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