1. Adamccc

    Had a blow out...

    Bloody typical, buy a new set of MPSS and then get a blow out at work whilst my tyres sit at home 160 miles away! Bent over to the sound of £272.99 for a tyre to get me home - if anyone wants a practically new Bridgestone that's covered less than 200 miles (19/285/19), it's here: Bridgestone...
  2. M

    SL 350 R230 Centre vents blow cold air constantly

    Hi Folks, My wifes Sl350 r230 blows constant cold air from the dash centre vents, Tried all manner of settings etc to no avail, the open close wheels do not make any difference either, this is a real pain in winter as the car takes ages to heat up inside with the additional cold air...
  3. C

    C350cdi 2010 v6 Not Starting, Constant fuse 23 blow.

    Hi All, I have a problem, where my car is not starting there was no codes on the computer we tried to connect seems we cannot get that far in. Fuse 23 is blown, and every-time I put a new fuse in it blows straight away. fuse chart tell me it is 'engine electronics' but nothing more than...
  4. M

    Air Never Blow Out From Centre Louvre

    Hi guys, I request your help on my 1994 W202. It has been a while that when I turned on the heat or the a/c, the air never blew out of the centre louvre at the dashboard, but it blew out from the sides and also to the windshiled. Could it be the flap been stuck or the faulty climate control?
  5. A

    blow out on tyre

    Hi I had a blow out of my tyre on my way driving back from cornwall yesterday in my sl55 amg. Can anyone tell me if this was caused by a wheel spin I did earlier in the day. If so what other damage can wheel spins burn outs cause? Please take time to post as concerned as jepordising my safety...
  6. J

    E350 CDI engine blow up

    I drive ( or at least did drive ) an E350 cdi Coupe Sport auto. It's only just over 4 months old and I was very happy with it indeed. That was until very recently. I had noticed the symptoms described by others of odd smells from the DPF's but ignored it as 'normal' My real problem came with...
  7. ming

    Blow out at speed SL500

    At speed blow out car as steady as a rock Usual?
  8. Palfrem

    Under-inflation causes blow outs?

    Anyone got any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) to support the theory I had expounded to me recently that a blow out "is almost certainly due to running the car with under inflated tyres"? How under inflated would it need to be? Thoughts chaps?
  9. ringway

    Before I blow the place up! Wiring advice please.

    The two old fluorescent tubes on my garage have finally died. Can't buy the tubes any more, so I've bought a couple of modern twin units which I hope won't use that much more power. I've never been that confident with electrickery so I need an answer to the (I hope) straightforward question...
  10. Danny DeVito

    ECU's If they BLOW Are they BLOWN ?

    Example :- I cross jump leads and blow the bejaysus out of my ECU. Will it do anything ? Will it still do limp mode ? Will it be readable using diagnostics ? If it's not answering to star will it do limp ? If the Tech using STAR says 'ur ecu is blown !' will the car do safe mode ? I am...
  11. A

    Buggering blow out! C55 recommendations?

    Just had the OSF snip itself on the rim from running flat (think the valve may have gone earlier, by SWMBO drove on with "a funny pull to the right!). :devil: Fortunately there wasn't a huge amount left on the fronts, so not quite such a slap in the face, but could have done without the...
  12. D

    suck, squeeze bang blow

    While searching for an animation I once found on this topic for another thread (didn't find it) I found this instread YouTube - Top Gear News 15x07 Put a smile on my face so thought I'd post it Plus there is a MB t'shirt in it so it's kind of appropriate :D
  13. Satch

    Another Pensions blow

    Over lunch I was bemoaning how many of those still lucky enough to be in a defined benefit (i.e. Final Salary) pension scheme (which include those higher earners in the Public Sector BTW) may to forced to exit the scheme on pure economic grounds next April. Met with puzzled faces and "that...
  14. gazza9911

    slow heater blow

    Hi Has anyone got any ideas - I've got a clk 320 (51 Plate) the heater blower is very weak from all vents (fan increases speed with control, but no air), the air con is poor too - it doesn't get very cold and i need to open windows when the weather in warm. cheers :confused: G
  15. Ted

    How NOT to blow up a building

    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Turkey demolition goes wrong
  16. P

    has anybody fittet bov = blow off valve in turbodiesel?

    Hello anyone has fitted that on the car for that fancy litle pshh noise ? :) any info on that would be appreciated.
  17. L

    W202 - Vents dont blow anything

    Only noticed this the other day.. the centre vent and the passenger vent dont blow out any air at all when I put the fans on.. Any ideas?
  18. Barryh

    tyre blow out on E280cdi

    Returning back to Glasgow from Bristol last weekend I had a blow out at 90mph on M6.I only knew about it when I looked in the mirror and saw smoke coming from rear.Space saver put on and limped back home.Passing a camera van on overhead bridge at Lockerbie.Thankfully only doing 55 at this time...
  19. Benzowner

    Blow Out????? & help

    Driving last evening, slow speed and had a rear wheel blow out, big hole in the tyre and the tyre left the rim on the inside edge. So, all I needed to do was change the wheel and put the spare on. I could not release the circular disc covering the jack point, snapped a key, chewed up the plastic...
  20. grober

    Blow Up Dolls sales set to Rocket

    Following the introduction of Britain's first "car sharing" lane will the sales of Blow Up Dolls rocket as it did in Holland.;) In the US this car share scheme was such a disaster they had to change the designated lanes to multiple occupancy or TOLL:eek: :eek: lanes, since nobody was using...
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