1. K

    Vibration When Braking

    Having just done 2000mls with no fault with the motor at all apart from a glow plug light on (which happened the day i left for holiday)for 2 minutes after cold start.......... on the last leg home from Amien in France this vibration started when applying brakes after 55mph. The night before...
  2. M

    w211 Braking shimmy at slow speed

    Hi All, Having an issue with my w211 saloon, e270cdi 177k. When braking from high speed, it slows down with out any issues. Its only when going from 30-25mph to zero, is when the car whole shimmys OR weird slow shake before coming to a halt. Last mot identified a n/s/r carrier bush...
  3. J

    Creaking when braking ?

    Thought it was The front suspension, as mainly notice it when coming up the drive but seems to be rear brakes, its a 2008 CLS, no SBC so its not that. Any ideas ?
  4. S

    C200K nearly stalls when braking

    Hi, My 53 plate C200k Automatic nearly stalls when coming to a stand still. Sometimes if i accelerate from stop and brake immediately the engine appears to hunt and oscillate for a few seconds gradually decreasing. There is also a slight vibration at tick over now when in drive but not in...
  5. Cliveost

    W203 strange noise/sensation when braking

    Hi hope someone can help. I have a 2003 w203 sport coupe 220cdi auto and when I'm braking from reasonable speed I get a sensation like a vibration on the n/s front as if my discs are very thin and you can feel the vented ribs. The car itself doesn't vibrate nor the steering wheel however...
  6. R

    Five garages and no one knows what is wrong.

    The AA, my regular garage, a Merc specialist, a brake specialist and a Merc engineer have all looked at my car and agree there is a real issue, but none know what it is. The latest idea is that it is a gearbox issue. Does anyone on here have an idea or how I can diagnose the issue? The...
  7. sparkynw

    Sudden braking!!?

    I took the cla for a short spirited drive at lunch today and it did something new?? I thought I let it warm for around 6 miles and water was well up to normal, I had a safe bit of road so nailed it in 2nd in manual and as it got up to 6kish a large red simbol appeared briefly in the centre of...
  8. S

    W203 vibration when braking

    Just bought a 2005 W203 270 CDI in mint condition The car pulled to the left a little bit on braking but no judder but there was a knock every now and again so changed one front lower wishbone. As soon as I picked it up from the garage I noticed a judder when braking at speed. The garage said...
  9. lisa110rry

    Help a lady whose steering wheel judders on braking?

    Hi folks, I must confess this problem is not with the little green SLK, but rather with my elderly, but not as elderly as the SLK, Honda CR-V. When I'm driving at, say, 50mph or above, if I need to brake more than very slowly, my steering wheel judders. She's going in for her service and MOT...
  10. M

    W211/ 7g Tronic - Downshifting & Braking Effect- Reluctance Rings ABS

    I thought i would start a new thread to see if anyone has cured this problem with the ABS reluctance rings. My 7g gearbox was serviced and software updated a few weeks ago so its not that. When driving around town, if i take my foot off to coast and slow down, i get a light braking effect...
  11. Fudger

    E63 auto braking system, clarification!

    Chaps, just for clarification, my car is a 2015 E63 with no options and therefore, no distronic. I assume therefore that my brakes will never auto apply unless in a circumstance whereby a) My red triangle warning light is on and b) I, having first touched the brake pedal, the computer then...
  12. Kevlaar

    High pitch squeal from n/s front, disappears under braking

    Hi all, Recently purchased my W211 04 E Class, and it has just developed a "squealing" when driving between 0-25mph which disappears when braking. I've done a little bit of research and a couple people have suggested that it could either be the retainer spring out of place and ever so...
  13. DSM10000

    Creaking sound when braking / releasing brake pedal at low speed

    I have not driven the MB a great deal in the last few weeks but had noticed a creaking type of noise when applying the brake pedal gently at low speed and again on releasing it and this is now getting louder. It is a very noticeable sound in the cabin but nothing can be heard outside with the...
  14. JoeyM88

    Bang noise when braking

    Hi all When i brake there is a knocking noise coming from the left hand side. It only knocks once and varies in loudness from a quit knock to a louder one that can be heard outside the car. It doesn't necessarily get worse or better with speed or force of braking. Can anyone suggest what it...
  15. Doodle

    Twitch through pedal under braking

    I've recently started to get a slight twitch back through the pedal on the 129, almost like a burp or hiccup from the hydraulic system. It's usually under light or moderate braking, but doesn't happen every time. The brakes seem to work perfectly well, although I notice the braking force...
  16. A

    BAS ESP Problem - one wheel brakes hard

    Hi - Im having a problem and looking for help if possible. I have a 2000 ML270, it has recently started aggressively braking the drivers side front wheel as I am traveling a low speeds (this is without me using the brakes and traveling in a straight line). Its clearly not safe to drive so I have...
  17. B

    S320 W220 Braking Efficiency?

    Recently purchased an S320 have previously posted a thread relating to the Airmatic which may now have been solved? this one relates to what felt like inefficient breaks on the test drive which I put down to having just had new front Discs and Pads fitted? the vehicle had since been driven by...
  18. C

    W202 cuts out under braking

    Hi, my 1999 W202 Petrol Auto Elegance has a serious issue. Sometimes when you touch the brake the engine will cut out and the dash lights flash rapidly about three times. You have to roll to a stop and then re-start it, which it does without a problem. We have changed crankshaft sensor, fuel...
  19. M

    ML Dave: Unwanted braking!!!!!

    Hi everybody, HHEELLLPPPP! I have a 2002 ML320 (V6 petrol) that went into the garage for a burst brake pipe, there was nothing wrong with the car prior to this. The garage fitted a new pipe bunged an MOT on it and told me to pick it up, all fine and dandy. Then the mechanic went out in it, about...
  20. uumode

    Autonomous braking?

    Has anyone had their autonomous braking kick in? I seem to get VERY near cars and always have to intervene as I don't think it will actually brake. If it does kick in it's going to be very very late and very very hard with lots of ABS.
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