1. Druk

    Europe Breakdown cover

    Any recommendations for full 'get you and the car home' insurance please. Not the roadside assist covered by my standard insurance but the full works 'no strings attached' affair. Doing a search reveals all sorts costing from £50 to over £200. But which one is really worth having...
  2. ringway

    Mercedes Breakdown Assistance.

    My Vito hadn't been used for a few weeks over the Christmas period. My experience of large Mercedes diesel engines is that they can be a little stuffy if not used for a while (esp in the winter). On Saturday, I started the Vito and set off only to find the 'Engine Management Light' was on...
  3. Spinal

    European Breakdown Cover

    Can someone share their experiences with european breakdown cover providers? I'm consdering AA, RAC, GreenFlag and EuropAssist... Never needed it... but the car I'm going in is the ford, and I'm not 100% sure about it :p Any ideas? M.
  4. R

    AutoAid Breakdown Service :-)

    Hi all. we bought an s210 for the Mrs a few months ago, and as it isnt covered by mobilo, i thought we should call on the AA, RAC etc... i had heard of auto aid on this forum... and as AA's top product is also top whack ;), Auto Aid seemed very reasonable for 38£ to cover me and my wife in...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Breakdown cover

    So, I find myself sorting out insurance for my classic BMW at exactly the same time my old insurance cover for my W124 from Adrian Flux expired, as they were twice as expensive as last year. The classic car policy is painless, just lots of discussion about the modifications. However, the one...
  6. J

    Breakdown cover

    Work related required breakdown cover as mandatory. Had one in 1981 with AA, it was such a push off and money wasting, never had one since then. What your recommendation with the most cost effective?
  7. Gucci

    Which breakdown service?

    Got to thinking about renewing my breakdown cover. The only time I ever used a service was back in 1999 for a Vauxhall Cavaliar flat battery in high street and in 2005 for a faulty alarm on a Z3... both with the AA So, difficult to know who to go with. I'm with Green Flag, but no idea what...
  8. W

    cheap euro breakdown insurance

    Going to France at the end of next week and need to get some breakdown insurance. I usually get Eurorescue which costs £35 for up to 17 days (very reasonable I think). But this year my car has reached 10 years old and there will be an age related additional premium of £30. Does anybody know...
  9. Mike Walker

    European Breakdown cover

    Driving to South of France in June and researching the above. Anyone have experiences - good/bad - who did you use? All advice welcomed.:)
  10. W

    Long journey, advice and opinions needed to save mental breakdown

    Hi all I drive a 2001 W210 320CDI Estate, bought in Hungary as I live in Hungary and decided to give the car its first tour trip back to the UK to see what it can do, especially on die Autobahnen :rock: However this plan was scuppered whilst as I was almost through Austria Engine...
  11. yachtman

    AUDI?? dealer? tows breakdown vehicle with new unregistered vehicle

    I was leaving the M6 this evening @ j13 having been following a slow beaver tail brake down vehicle. when I got in front,it was being towed, by the vehicle below!!! note the black webbing strap hooked to the o/s tow eye, & towed vehicle in the lower mirror. "Oh yes sir we have done those...
  12. tromppost

    european car breakdown cover

    How would you go for AA at £75 or Green flag at £50? That is for 20 days cover.
  13. bpsorrel

    First new E Class breakdown seen!

    Sadly, driving down the M1 yesterday, just passed J8, I saw a brand new dark grey E350 on the hard shoulder with it's very p***d off looking owner on the phone sitting on the bank. Good start eh! Also, went to my local wild animal park's "Zoo Nights" last night and pulling into the car park...
  14. The Boss

    Who has never had a mechanical breakdown

    Who has never had a mechanical break down in their car... not really directed to those who have owned the car for a short time.
  15. del320

    AA breakdown cover!

    Heh Heh Heh Another Rover bites the dust.
  16. Piff

    Breakdown Insurance - Europe

    I'm off to France & Spain in a few weeks time. Car is just over 3 years old and no longer has manufacturers breakdown cover. As I probably will not keep the car too much longer (and I don't feel any great need for breakdown cover on this particular car in the UK) I'm reluctant to take out an...
  17. S

    CLK W208 breakdown kit...

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a breakdown kit for my CLK W208. I'm not sure what it's called but it's a blue wrap which contains a spanner, screwdriver, fuse extractor, tow loop etc. I read somewhere on here that a ceratin user can get cheaper parts than a MB dealership? Any help would be...
  18. A

    Breakdown Warranty

    Hello All, Just a quicky.... has anyone ever tried break down cover from Customer Protect company....
  19. D

    Breakdown company?

    Hi all, Just recently bought breakdown cover with my insurer Admiral. Got the documents in, and noticed that Im only allowed to make 4 claims in the year, only 2 from Home. I dont really like this restriction so thinking of cancelling it within the 14 days, can anyone recommend a breakdown...
  20. kikkthecat

    My first Mercedes breakdown.

    I suppose it had to happen one day but I'm used to W124 reliability. My Viano failed to start last night about 7:00pm, turned the key and nothing happened. All the dash lights came on , all the lights wipers and heaters work but turn to start and nothing, no noise at all. Called mobilo who...
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