1. T

    Which breakdown cover??

    I've been paying £39.76 per month for AA breakdown, relay and parts and labour (max £500 per claim) cover for 2 cars. That adds up to £477.12 per year and £199 of that is the parts and labour cover. SWMBO's car is a Nissan Quashqi so we probably don't need the parts and labour for that one...
  2. T

    Starter breakdown

    2009 W221 S320 CDI, 26000 mls. Gentlemen, I had to be transported home last night. Symptoms : Turn the key, everything lights up ok on the dash. Turn the key to start -- nothing. No sound from the starter or solenoid and no slight dimming of the dash lights. The battery and auxiliary...
  3. S

    W211 E280cdi brake/electric issue breakdown, help please

    Hi guys, I've been a member for a while and a long time reader. It's not very often I'm stumped but this car has got me now. It's a 2005 '55' E280cdi (OM642) 7g tronic etc. Pre facelift. 192k miles Over the last few weeks I've been tinkering and repairing/replacing parts, Turbo, cleaning EGR...
  4. T

    Breakdown Cover.

    I have just been quoted £199.60 to re-join the AA, i am insured with LV car insurance. I have looked at the LV breakdown cover and the same cover is £93.00, it seems a no brainer to me, but has any one had any experience with LV breakdown cover? And who is likely to turn up. Many thanks.
  5. Optimus prime

    Breakdown cover

    Does anyone use I decent breakdown company other than Merc assistance? Currently have rac but find it expensive. My car doesn't need a service until next yr so the Merc assistance will not start until then. Just looking for a good cheap alternative until then Thanks
  6. MicB

    Pan European Breakdown Cover

    In the past I have insured with RAC on a trip by trip basis for mainland Europe but for the next twelve months I am going to be outside the UK for enough time to warrant annual cover. MrsB and I are members of the RAC for UK breakdown cover for any car, driver or passenger, so I had...
  7. Fudger

    Breakdown cover

    Guys and Gals, my son is 20 and has been driving for 3 years now. However, due to him hitting something in the road and wrecking a wheel/tyre/shock absorber that cost me £650 just before xmas :mad:, I have now taken an interest in the breakdown cover. They argued that the event, hitting an...
  8. T

    Breakdown Assistance

    Hi My breakdown cover is due for renewal, what are peoples opinion of Rescue my Car, and has anyone used these (hopefully no-one has needed to): Thanks
  9. Gollom

    Breakdown diagram Audi 20 (2.5)

    Just got one of these and it was not packed too well so one of the "mounting points" has broken. It seems to be part of a component with a mounting point at each end that simply screws on. I have seen "exploded" diagrams of units with the part number of each component - anybody have access...
  10. Spinal

    5-Star Breakdown Cover

    I'm driving to Italy, and have been told that I need 5 star breakdown cover. "You must ensure you take out five star European breakdown cover for the vehicle" Any idea what this is? All major breakdown companies seem to say they are 5-star breakdown... but I'm guessing it means something...
  11. I

    MB Tier 1 Warranty - mechanical failure - do you have to wait for the breakdown?

    Hi A specialist told me my suspension needed repair, the car is under a T1 warranty (the specialist had no expectation of making the repair so I'm fairly confident in his motives) MB said 'there is play in the suspension but it's not enough to fail an MOT (their own MOT specialists) so...
  12. johnsco

    Breakdown insurance - older car

    For some years I've insured with Churchill and have bought the add-on breakdown insurance for myself and favourite wife. Problem is that I read they cover us for breakdowns in any car under 16 years old. My E300TD will cross that threshold in January next year. I do about 20k per year...
  13. ioweddie

    Do I need seperate breakdown cover?

    I might be dumb but just had a thought! :dk: The car is a 62 reg c220 sport plus, bought new and still under warranty for almost 2 more years. if I breakdown off the Isle of Wight (where I live and where I bought the car) Who do I call, not a lot of good ringing the supplying dealer as they are...
  14. stevieb15

    Personal Breakdown Cover

    Does anyone have any experience of this service/provider GEM Motoring Assist Breakdown Cover | Motoring Advice & Road Safety Advice For the unaware, cover is personal rather than vehicle based which seems quite a good idea for those of us running older cars.
  15. The _Don

    C43 amg breakdown this morning

    Brother phones me this morning - wifes in c43 car has cut out and will not start Turns over fine but not starting Mobilo called out and all fixed now, what was wrong and how much to rectify ? Was repaired at breakdown location.
  16. flat6buster

    laziness with breakdown renewal - a warning

    Well every year we have just rolled over the RAC renewal without thinking and after 15 years the premium was £220 or so. So this year we mithered to them and said we were off elsewhere, and HEY PRESTO, they knock off £100. Don't fall into the trap I have, could've saved myself nearly a grand...
  17. travelininstyle

    Mobilo Vs Stand Alone Breakdown Cover

    Hello Guys - for years,I could be accused of been one of those people whom if anything,over insured - car-house-travel etc. I have come to renew my car insurance and it raised the inevitable question about the option of breakdown cover. My car was registered in 2009 and therefore qualifies for...
  18. alistairgd

    C180 Auto AMG Sport Plus Delivered, Returned 60 miles.

    Took delivery of my C180 AMG Sport Plus in white yesterday at 130pm. It was on a recovery truck before 9pm. Engine was cutting out (stop start was off), rough idle, then misfiring, eventually would not go anywhere. Yellow engine mangement warning light on. Roadside diagnostics, Cylinder 4...
  19. D

    Breakdown Orginisations

    Can you count on them as you could do? I can remember a time when if you were in trouble with a car they would sort it out. Now they seem to head for terms and conditions... Breakdown firm refused to pick up car in floods | This is Bristol
  20. Aerialmark

    European breakdown

    In a fortnight I will be touring Europe in my 11 year old E320 for about a month(for my 50th birthday) although it is in pretty good condition I want to take out breakdown cover . I have UK cover with the aa but they are very expensive for Europe.Can anybody recommend a good service where if the...
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