1. merc180k

    Good Value Breakdown Cover

    :rolleyes: Hi All, My wife has breakdown cover with RAC due to expire in a week and despite the hounding she is getting from them to renew I have managed to convince her to hang off for a little bit longer and shop around. Currently being offered breakdown (roadside) and home start only for...
  2. Gucci

    Which breakdown service?

    My AA policy is up for renewal next month. Home relay etc, joint policy for £166. I reckon that's a tad steep. I use the car occasionally, so work wouldn't be affected. What do you think? RAC, AA, Green Flag?
  3. S

    breakdown insurance

    Hi, My w203 230K is 3yrs old in 1 month, normally I would change at this time but the car has been so reliable and still drives at 45k as if it were new, so I have decided to keep it. I have just been provided with an unsolicited quote from Mercedes Breakdown Insurance for 12 months cover at...
  4. Y

    Breakdown coverage

    Hi All, I am new to MB Club. My new C220 CDI is 03 reg. Somebody told me that all the MB car get breakdown coverage from MB. Is that correct or do i have to take Breakdown coverage from AA or RAC? Cheers and Many Thanks,
  5. imadoofus

    Breakdown Cover

    My annual trans-European breakdown cover expires soon, so I thought I'd talk to the RAC (who now do my UK cover). They quoted me £99 per annum, plus another £100 as all the cars I'd be taking abroad are over 11 years old. Then it turns out that are on their list of Affiliated...
  6. T

    Mechanical breakdown warranty reminder

    Just recieved the reminder for the mechanical breakdown warranty, Tier 1. Price £848 for twelve months and have 2 days to comply. Car is a 52 2003 slk 320. 28,000 miles, 'A' service due in 5,000 miles. Has anyone ever had a claim on this, is it straight forward, as there seems to be a lot...
  7. glojo

    Mobilio breakdown

    We have very recently had occasion to use the mobilio service and as a result of this I have just received a questionnaire. I was extremely impressed with most aspects of the service, but before returning the form I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has anything constructive they would...
  8. D

    breakdown recovery

    Hi all, My mb E270 cdi is out of warranty, and mb mobil does not cover comprehensive recovery (accident). i would like to take up another breakdown service, where me and my wife are both covered, where i also have another car which can be covered as well. any suggestions plz??:confused: P.S...
  9. W

    The AA - Breakdown Repair Cover

    Has anyone ever looked into this, as a member i received the usual flyers through the door and decided to take a closer look. See the following link Anyone?
  10. G

    European Breakdown cover

    Does anyone have any good links or numbers to get cheap european breakdown cover ? Ive got a 1998 CLK and as its over 6 years old places like the RAC are quoting £90 for 2 weeks cover ! The cheapest ive found so far is directline for £49 but even that feels steep ! Any help appreciated. Kind...
  11. T

    Mechanical Breakdown C220 CDI

    :confused: HELP :confused: Took Delivery of a brand new C220 CDI Sport Edition last week - had for 1x week - clocked just over 1,000 miles and - Brokedown. Is anyone aware of: V-Belt failure caused by 3x nuts not tight on Power Steering Pump Pulley Wheel? Roadside Engineer - advised...
  12. david55amg

    w208 320 sudden breakdown

    has anyone hear of this? Last sunday I tried starting my car when, halfway through turning the engine over, it just stopped and threw up " batt/alternator--visit workshop" after that, NO engagement of starter motor happened. Cutting to chase, after recovering to specialist, they identified the...
  13. Barryh

    breakdown cover

    If you have mobilo life,is it necessary to have breakdown cover like AA or RAc as well ?
  14. Jukie

    What breakdown cover?

    I'm currently with the AA, due for renewal in September @ £45 per annum for roadside repair or a tow home or to the nearest garage. To include home start bumps the price up to somewhere near £125. Can anyone recommend similar cover at a cheaper price with a reliable company? Just need...
  15. GordonTarling

    Continental Breakdown Cover

    Planning our family holiday right now, which will involve around 3000 miles of driving on the continent over two weeks. My normal AA membership doesn't cover me for breakdowns over there so, in view of the fact that the car should be covered by Mobilio, do I really need to buy additional cover...
  16. A

    Warranty/ Mechanical Breakdown insurance

    I would welcome any comments on experiences with warranty companies. I'm planning to purchase a policy for my 1998 SL320, which has had no problems in the year I've had it, but feel I need some peace of mind, in case of a big bill. Quotes, so far: Warranty Direct: £537; max for each claim...
  17. V

    Breakdown service 'breaks down' ?

    I was reading that the newly relaunched breakdown service for UK cars is having 'a few problems' or 'total collapse' depending on who is doing the writing. Any recent experience or is it teething troubles...?
  18. P

    Breakdown - Mobilo-life is crap !!!

    Car suddenly 'died' on me today and would'nt start again. Bummer. Sounded very much like a lack of Diesel but gauge showed just under 1/4 tank. Phoned Mobilo-Life and asked for assistance. Advised them it 'may' have run out of fuel but gauge said otherwise. Anyway, got my mate from work...
  19. Koolvin

    Breakdown cover...

    I have just Joined the AA now that I have a non MB spec setup! If my car was normally aspirated ie no turbo then I wouldn't have bothered!!! :bannana: How many of you guys have Breakdown cover?
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